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WW2 Japanese Arisaka Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Straight Guard

Japanese Arisaka Bayonet with straight Guard and scabbard. Fair condition. original. $85.00


Japanese Type 30 Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Hooked Guard

Japanese Type 30 Bayonet with Scabbard. Fair condition. Original. $85.00


French or Belgian Short Artillery/Infantry Sword w/ Sheath

European French or Belgium Short Artillery Sword with Scabbard. Beautiful with full brass guard and handle and brass mounted scabbard. Excellent Condition Throughout. circa 1900 or so. Bargain. $250.00


M1889 Belgian Export Bayonet w/ Brass Mounted Leather Scabbard

Belgian made M1889 Bayonet, unmarked, export to Uruguay. Scarce. Complete with Scabbard. $75.00


WW1 M1895 Dutch Hembrug Artillery Carbine Bayonet w/ Integral Leather Frog & Scabbard

Scarce WW1 M1895 Dutch Hembrug rifle or Carbine Bayonet with the leather scabbard with belt frog. VF overall condition. All original. Scarce. $150.00

002098 M1938 Long German Dress Bayonet w/ Scabbard
M1938 German Dress Bayonet with Scabbard. Missing Frog Stud. VF/Exc condition. $100.00
001844 Polish WZ-24 Bayonet w/ Nazi Issue Scabbard

Polish WZ-24 Bayonet. Nazi re-issue with E.uf. Horster1940 dated German Scabbard. Blade marked w/ W.P. and the Polish Eagle, Perkun manufactured. Blade bears serial number 250377 w/  letter code in a hexagon. Good condition overall, Scarce. $175.00

001836 Austrian M1867 Sword Bayonet w/ Scabbard, Unit Marked
Austrian M1867 Sword Bayonet and Scabbard. Unit marked on Guard. Very good overall condition. $275.00 
001801 WW2 German Bayonet Frog

WW2 German Pattern Leather Bayonet Frog. Excellent Condition, No markings. $25.00 each

001799 WW2 Japanese Bayonet Scabbard

WW2 Japanese Bayonet Scabbard as used with all Japanese Bayonets as issued with the Type 38 and Type 99 rifles. Very Good Condition. $75.00 Each

001796 SKS Folding Bayonet

SKS Folding Bayonet. Mint Condition. Great find to complete your rifle or bayonet collection. $20.00

000637 Foreign Leather Bayonet Frog

Foreign unidentified leather Bayonet Frog. Believe Czech. Used, Nice Condition. $10.00

000368 WW2 Canadian Bayonet Frog, for 1907 Bayonet, etc.

WW2 Canadian Belt frog for Pattern 1907 Bayonet, Etc. Excellent Condition. $20.00

000294 WW2 British Spike Bayonet w/ Scabbard

WW2 British Spike Bayonet with Scabbard for Enfield No. 4, Very Good Condition. Each, $10.00

000127 WW2 British Web Bayonet Frog

WW2 British Web Bayonet Frog. In as Issued Very Good Condition. $10.00

000124 WW2 British Machete Bolo Scabbard

WW2 British Machete Bolo Scabbard. Very Good Condition. $39.00

000123 WW2 British Triangular Machete Scabbard

WW2 British Triangular Machete Scabbard. Very Good Condition. $39.00