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003682 M1882, French Grenade w/ Original Wooden Fuze w/ Brass Pull Wire

French M1882 Grenade with original wooden fuze with brass pull Wire. Classic type used at the opening of WW1. Rare. $225.00

003680 WW1 French Petard Racket Grenade w/ Body, fuze-block & Handle, Rare

WW1 French Petard Racket Grenade with body, fuze-block and handle. VG Cond. Rare Expedient grenade of the 1st World War. $225.00


Franco-Prussian War, French Mess Kit, 1872 Dated, Very Scarce

Franco-Prussian War French Mess Kit set and dated 1872. Very Scarce. Nice cond. $145.00


WW1 French "Red Cross" Field Dressings

WW1 French "Red Cross" Bandages and/or field Dressings.  Each, $49.00


WW1 French Mess Tins

WW1 French Mess tins. Each,  $49.00


French Army Indo-China Jungle Hats, Original

Original French Army Indo-china Jungle Hat with chin strap. Excellent find for early Vietnam War headgear. Mint unissued Condition. $60.00

002680 WW2 French Armoured Forces Helmet

WW2 French Armored Force Helmet with padded front with Liner and chin strap. Exc+ Condition. Rare $225.00

002173 French Army Russet Leather Y-Straps

French Army Russet Leather Y straps with attachment hooks as used with waist belt and triangular slide and cartridge pouches. Excellent serviceable condition. Great find for the WW1 and WW2 French Collector. $20.00

002132 M1897 French 75mm Leather Optical Sight Case

WW1 M1897 French 75mm Optical Leather Sight Case that mounted on the rear of the shield of the Cannon. Nice Condition. Scarce to find on the loose. $125.00

001445 WW1 French Combo Mess Kit, Cooking Pot, Bowl
French WW1 combination Mess Kit, cooking pot and bowl. Very Good Condition. $39.00
001142 WW1 French Tank Corps Sleeve patch
WW1 French Tank Corps Sleeve Patch with embroidered FT-17 two man 6 ton tank. These patches also worn by members of the US 2nd Motor Maintenance Regiment that serviced the French tanks. Excellent Condition, Original. $32.00
001080 WW1 Movie Prop French Adrian Helmet, Silent Film Era
WW1 Movie Prop French Adrian Helmet. Handmade for the silent night movies before these helmets were available on the market. Circa 1917 or so. Interesting. Came from old LA prop house years ago! $35.00
001061 French 8mm Lebel Rifle Ammo, 8 Round Packet
French 8 round packet of 8mm Lebel Rifle Ammo. Very Good Condition, $10.00
000905 "Lafayette Escadrille Pilot Biographies", by Dennis Gordon
Lafayette Escadrille Pilot Biographies by Dennis Gordon. 271 pages with index and photos. Superbly written biographies of all 38 members of these elite WW1 Pilots. Informative and most interesting. Highly recommended. Out of print. $35.00 
000629 French Army Motorcycle Rider's Leather Waist Belt

French Army Motorcycle Driver's leather Waist Belt. Excellent Condition. Great item to use and display with your motorcycles. Same type issued in WW1 and WW2 to Military Motorcycle drivers. $39.00

000525 French 8mm Hotchkiss MG Stripper Clip

French Army Hotchkiss Machinegun 8mm Lebel Caliber Stripper Clip, Excellent Condition. $20.00

000396 M1915 Fragmentation Hand Grenade, Inert

M1915 French Fragmentation hand grenade with Fuze. No cap. Very Good Condition, Scarce. $150.00

000395 M1915 Fragmentation Hand Grenade w/ Fuze Cap, Inert

M1915 French Fragmentation hand grenade with Fuze and Brass Cap. Very Good Condition, Rare, $190.00

000391 WW1 French Tube Grenade, Inert

WW1 French Tube Grenade. Shows age. Good Condition. $100.00

000319 WW1 French Red Leather North African Bandolier

WW1 French North African Army Spahis Red Leather  5-Pocket Lebel Bandoleer with integral Bayonet Frog. Excellent Condition, $100.00

000235 French Army Leather Belt w/ Buckle

French Army Leather Belt with two prong belt buckle. Very Good Condition. $15.00

000189 WW1 French Lebel Ammo Pouch

WW1 French Black Leather Lebel Ammo Pouch, Scarce $75.00

000187 French Army Leather Rifle Sling

French Army Leather rifle Sling, Very Good Condition. $15.00

000186 French Army Suspenders

French Army Leather Suspenders. Used with cartridge boxes, belt slide, etc. Very Good Condition. $42.00