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Vietnam War Chi-Com OD Canvas Grenade Bag, Dated 1970

Vietnam War Chicom Grenade Bag in OD Canvas. Exported to North Vietnam by China for use by VC and NVA. Excellent Condition. Dated 1970. $20.00


Vietnam War, Chi-Com Grenade Bag, Light Khaki Cloth

Vietnam War Chicom Grenade Bag in light khaki cloth. Excellent Condition. original. $32.50

003771 Foreign Revolver Holster, Russet Leather, Unidentified

Unidentified Foreign Revolver Holster. Full leather flap. Russet Leather. VG condition. Bargain. $39.95


WW2 Italian M33 Helmet w/ Painted Insignia

WW2 Italian Helmet with liner and partial chin strap. MSVN Fascist Painted Insignia. Liner dry. Solid old helmet. Italian stuff is underpriced on the market. and much harder to find. Great find to display with Carcano rifle. $150.00


WW2 Lot of Italian MVSN NCO's Sleeve Rank Insignia

Lot of Three WW2 Italian, MVSN NCO's Sleeve Rank Insignia, on Italian Green Wool. Very Fine Original Condition overall. $40.00


Order of Ouissam Alaouite, Knights Badge, As issued to Select US Officer's for Operation Torch

MOROCCO. Order of Ouissam Alaouite, Transitional knight badge, 1st type, with Solid Orange Ribbon Issued from 1913 to 1934. A very Rare seldom encountered award from French Occupied Morocco. It is the equivalent of the US Legion of Merit [for recognition of exceptional civil and military accomplishments]. Patton received the Grand Cross of this award by the Sultan of Morocco, following the Four Day battle for Casablanca, in addition several of his staff officer's received one of the lower grades, such as this example, for their Participation in Operation Torch. This example exhibits battle damage, and was among a returning US 3rd Division Veterans effects. $75.00


Vietnam War Comic Magazines

Vietnam War Comic Magazines. Each, $10.00


M1905 Argentinean Steyr Mannlicher Auto Pistol Holster, Rare

Argentine M1905 Steyr Mannlicher Auto Pistol Holster, Original, Excellent condition. Rare $100.00


M1918 Swiss Army Helmet, Complete w/ Liner & Chin Strap

Scarce M1918 Swiss Army Helmet. Very similar to our American Experimental helmet. complete with Leather liner and chin strap. Used, VG condition. $100.00

002342 WW2 Brixia Round w/o Fuze, Inert

WW2 Italian Brixia Round without fuze. Excellent Condition. $75.00

002196 WW2 Italian Sub Machine Gun Carrying Case

WW2 Italian Sub Machine Gun Carrying case. Issued for use with the various Beretta Sub Machine guns. Excellent Condition. Rare. $100.00

001932 Hungarian Rifle Ammo Pouch

Hungarian Rifle Ammo Pouch, WW2 era. Excellent condition. $10.00

001797 Spanish .43 Caliber Remington Rolling Block Ammo

Original Spanish American War 20 round box of Spanish .43 Caliber Spanish Remington Rolling Block Ammo with the brass plated lead bullets which caused festering wounds and called poison bullets by US Soldiers. The original Carton with 20 Cartridges. $45.00

001753 WW2 Swedish Husqvarna Revolver Holster
WW2 Swedish Brown leather Husqvarna Revolver Holster. Excellent Condition. $20.00
001078 WW1 Russian Revolution, 200 Orange Bank Note
WW1 Russian Revolution $200 orange bank note which would come due in 1928. Classic piece for the WW1 Russian display. $20.00
001077 WW1 Russian Revolution, 200 Green Bank Note
WW1 Russian Revolution $200 green bank note which would come due in 1927. Classic piece for the WW1 Russian display. $20.00
001046 NVA / VC Enameled Tea Pot w/ Lid, Patriotic Motif, Vietnam War
Vietnam War NVA/VC Enamel Tea Pot with Lid. Has patriotic motif. Great find for the VC display. Some enameled chips. Rare... $75.00
001040 NVA / VC Rubberized Belt w/ Star Buckle, Vietnam War
Vietnam War NVA/VC rubberized belt with star buckle. Very Good Condition. $35.00
001036 NVA / VC Rice Bandoleer, Vietnam War
Vietnam War NVA/VC Rice Bandoleer. Mint Condition. $20.00
001015 VC / NVA Marbleized Rice Bowls, Vietnam War
Vietnam War VC/NVA marbleized Rice Bowls. Used Very Good Condition. Our choice. Each $20.00
000926 Wood Plugs for Chicom Stick Grenades, NVA, VC, Vietnam War
Vietnam War NVA-VC repro wood plugs for Chicom Stick Grenades. Invariably always missing. $10.00 each
000914 West German Pistol Shoulder Holster
Post WW2 West German Pistol Shoulder Holster. Excellent Condition... $15.00
000846 NVA and VC Stick Grenade Carrier, Chi-com Made, Vietnam War
Vietnam War Chi-com made Stick Grenade Carrier as issued to NVA and VC personnel. Excellent Condition... $25.00
000820 WW2 Italian Carcano Bandoleer
WW2 Italian Carcano Grey Leather Bandoleers. Used but in nice overall condition.  Scarce. $49.50
000637 Foreign Leather Bayonet Frog

Foreign unidentified leather Bayonet Frog. Believe Czech. Used, Nice Condition. $10.00

000622 Russet Leather Foreign Pistol Holster

Foreign Pistol Holster. Dark Russet or Light Russet color. Please specify. Excellent Condition. $10.00 each

000594 Foreign Small Military Auto Pistol Holster

Foreign unidentified small military auto Pistol Holster. Excellent Condition, $10.00

000527 Chicom Mosin Nagant Rifle Sling

Chicom Mosin Nagant Rifle Sling. New Condition. $10.00

000349 Black Leather Sub Machine Gun Magazine Pouches

Unidentified European Black Leather Sub Machine gun magazine belt pouches, only fair condition, the pair, $30.00

000344 Chicom SKS Ammo Belt, Vietnam War

Vietnam War Chicom SKS Ammunition belt. Very Good Condition, $29.00

000322 Chinese AK-47 Magazine Belt

Chinese AK-47 Magazine belt. Post war but same as war time. $39.00

000012 Swiss Camouflage Tent Pole & Stake Bag

WW2 Swiss Army Camouflage Tent pole and stake bag. Great for WW2 German Re-enactors. Original. Excellent condition. $9.00