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Item Number Item Name
When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.
003857 US Army Ridgeway Cap, Korean War

Korean War US Army Ridgeway Cap. Size 7. Getting hard to find. $39.00

003806 Vietnam War, US Special Forces LRRP Rations, Sealed

Vietnam US Special Forces Long Range Patrol Rations. Still sealed. Each $45.00

003666 M1949 US Army Wrist Compass w/ Hinged Cover & Web Wrist Strap

US Army M1949 Wrist compass with hinged cover and web wrist strap. Dated 1952. Nice Korean War era Survival item. $39.00

003649 US Army, Vietnam War Jungle Jacket, 1969 Dated, Un-Issued

Original US Army Vietnam War Size XL-Regular Jungle Jacket. 1969 dated. Mint unissued condition. $69.00


Vietnam War, 1965 Dated US Low Speed Parachute, Complete

Vietnam War 1965 Dated US Low Speed Parachute. Very Good condition. Needs to be professionally repacked. Easily done. Appears 100% complete. 150.00


US Vietnam War, 1971 Dated, Whistle w/ Neck Cord

US Vietnam War Whistle with Neck Cord. Dated 1971. Exc. $22.50


B-1 Unit Field Ration, Crackers/Cocoa/Jam ~ Korean War Dated

Korean War B-1 Unit Field Ration. Sealed with key. Contains Crackers, cocoa, jam. Great filler piece for WW2 display. $29.00


Vietnam Era, USMC Woman's Uniform Set, Size 10

VN Era USMC Woman Uniform set. Size 10. consists of Jacket, skirt, pants, and two blouses. All Exc cond. The set, $95.00


US Army Survival Kit, Special Forces Souvenir, Iraq & Afghanistan

US Army Survival Kit. Still sealed with all contents in like new condition:  Side A contains:  Saw; Snare wire; Candle, Plastic Bag, Survival Blanket, Fish Kit. Side B contains: Pocket Knife, signal Mirror, Whistle, Compass, Smoke Chaser, Fire Starter, Plastic Bag, Water Bag, Matches. Like new. Dated 8-92. Came from Special Forces Soldier that service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Never opened. $159.00


US Vietnam War Short Parachute Camo Boonie Hat Asian Made

US Vietnam War Advisor Period 1965-1968 Short Boonie Hat, Small Asian size 6 made from Camo Parachute material. Rear brim is turned up, as the Soldier wore it. Nice overall clean condition. $50.00


Vietnam War, US Army Issue, 500-Count Carton of Imprinted M16 Magazine Protective Bags

Vietnam War US Army 500 piece Carton of M16 magazine plastic protective bags as issued with the M16 Rifles in Vietnam to protect the magazines from dirt, mud, etc. Carton dated 2/70 for February 1970.  Mint.  The entire Carton with contents, $45.00


US Vietnam War Wash Basin Stand w/ Nylon Case

Vietnam War US Wash Basin Stand with Nylon Case. Dated 1973. Exc condition. $39.00


Vietnam Era "Church Key" Olympia Beer Can Opener

Vietnam Era Olympia Beer Opener. Called the Church key by Vietnam War GIs. Bargain. Great personal item for the GI display.  Each, $3.50


US Vietnam War Army Damp Weather Matches

Vietnam War US Army Damp Weather Matches, Exc, per packet, $3.50


Vietnam War US Reversible Orange/OD Boonie Hat, Scarce

Vietnam War Reversible Boonie Hat.   Issued to Pilots, etc. Unissued condition. Scarce. $75.00


US Army Korean War Major's Wool Overcoat w/ Liner, 1953 Dated, Size 44XL, in Taupe Shade 79

Korean War US Army Major's 1953 dated wool overcoat with liner. Size 44XL. Taupe Shade 79. Excellent condition. $60.00


Vietnam War US Officer's Felt Cap w/ Scrambled Eggs on Bill, Size 7

Vietnam War Officer's Felt Cap with Scrambled Eggs on the bill. Made by Bancroft. Size 7. Exc+ Condition. $85.00


US Military Issue, Fast Rise metallurgical Sounding Balloon

US Military Fast Rise metallurgical Sounding Balloon, Excellent overall condition. $25.00


M1 War-Gamers' Aggressor's Helmet, for use with M1 Liner

M1 Helmet for War-gamers' Aggressor's for M1 Liner. Very Scarce. Missing from most M1 Helmet collections. Very good condition. $49.00


Unissued, US Vietnam War, US Army Body Bag

Unissued Vietnam War US Army Body Bag. Important display piece in Vietnam War collection to remember those that so valiantly served and did not come back alive!  Made of heavy rubberized Canvas. Rare. $225.00


1968 Dated, US Vietnam War, ERDL Pattern Camo Jungle Hat

Vietnam War US ERDL Pattern Camo Jungle Hat. Dated 1968. Size 6 3/4. Mint $34.50


Vietnam War US Cotton Utility Cap, OG-107, Size 7, Mint

Vietnam War Cotton Utility Cap OG-107. Mint condition. Size 7. Each $20.00


US Vietnam War Air Force Officer's Silvered Eagle Cap Device

Vietnam War US Air Force Officer's Silvered Eagle Cap Device. $9.50

002731 US Plastic Mess Hall Cup, Vietnam War Era

US Plastic Mess Hall Cup as used during the Vietnam War in Mess Halls. Excellent. $29.00

002727 US Army Issue, M1938 Wire Cutter NOS

US Army M1938 Wire Cutter in the original box of issue. Scarce Korean War Dated 1951. Mint. $75.00

002725 US Army Plastic Food Tray, Vietnam War Era

US Army Plastic Food Tray for Mess Hall. Dated 1953. These were still being used in the mess Halls during the Vietnam War period., $29.00.

002698 Early USAF, Brigadier General's Flag, Dated 1949

Brigadier General's USAF Flag. Dated 1949. 3X4 feet with yellow fringed trim, and Government Tag. 100% original and Excellent Condition. $149.00

002616 90th FLY TNG Squadron Shoulder Patch

90th FLY TNG Sq. Patch.  Excellent condition... $40.00

002252 US Army Entrenching Shovel w/ Triangular Handle w/ Nylon Case, Rare, Vietnam War Dated

Vietnam War US Army Entrenching shovel with the Triangular Handle with Nylon Carrying case. Excellent Condition. Vietnam War dated. Rare. $95.00

002251 US OD Web Carrying Straps for Poncho, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Web Carrying Straps for Poncho. OD Web. Excellent Condition. $15.00

002250 Vietnam War, Original Reversible Camouflage Helmet Cover

Vietnam War Original  Camouflage Reversible Helmet Cover. USED condition. Original. $32.50

002243 US Army Leather Boot Dressing, Vesicant Gas Protection, Vietnam War Dated

Vietnam War US Army leather Boot Dressing with vesicant for gas protection. Mint. Vietnam War dated. $8.00

002240 US Army Aerial Liaison Marker Panel, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army Aerial Liaison marker Panel. Used for marking Drop Zones for equipment, food, ammo, etc in Vietnam. Mint in the labeled paper wrapper. Panel is nylon and red/orange in color. Mint $25.00

002229 US Issued M1950 Gasoline One Burner Stove w/ Can, Vietnam War

Vietnam War, US Issued Model 1950 Gasoline one Burner Stove with can. Excellent Condition. $45.00

002223 Vietnam War US S/Sgt Rank Brassard

Vietnam War US S/Sgt Rank Brassard as issued to Basic Trainees. Excellent Condition. $15.00

002222 Vietnam War US Sgt. Rank Brassard

Vietnam War US Sgt. Rank Brassard as issued to Basic Trainees. Excellent Condition. $15.00

002221 Vietnam War US Corporal Rank Brassard

Vietnam War US Corporal Rank on Brassard as issued during training to "Basic Trainees" and in nice condition. $12.50

002217 Vietnam War M16 Rifle, Plastic Muzzle Cover

Vietnam War M16 Rifle Plastic Muzzle Cover to protect rifle from mud in the jungles and rice paddies of 'Nam. Mint Condition. $10.00

002214 US M17, OD, Gas Mask Carrying Bag, Vietnam War

Vietnam War M17 Gas Mask OD Carrying Bag. Very Good Condition. $15.00

002210 1956 Folding Shovel w/ Pick, Vietnam War Pattern

Vietnam War Pattern 1956 folding Shovel with Pick. Very Good Condition. $95.00

002206 US Army Combat Butt Pack, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army Combat Butt Pack. Very Good Condition. $20.00

002203 Cast Metal Handle for use w/ Yukon Stoves, 1951 Dated

1951 Dated Cast Metal handles for use with Yukon Stoves. Excellent Condition. $5.00

002195 US Army 40mm Grenade Vest, Used w/ M79 Grenade Launcher, etc, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army 40mm Grenade Vest as used with the M79 Grenade Launcher, XM148 and the M203 systems. Excellent Condition. $75.00

002191 US 1969 Dated, 1st Issue Nylon Canteen Case w/ Plastic Snaps, Vietnam War

Vietnam War 1969 dated first issue US Nylon Canteen case with Plastic Snaps. Mint original unissued Condition. $30.00

002190 M16 Rifle Nylon Carrying Case for Cleaning Supplies, Vietnam War

Vietnam War M16 Rifle Nylon Carrying case for Cleaning Supplies. Excellent Condition. $15.00

002187 M86 Apers Mine 2-Pocket Pouch, Vietnam War

Vietnam War Nylon M86 Apers Mine 2 Pocket Pouch. Mint Condition. $32.00

002186 RARE, Vietnam War Riot Control Gas Mask w/ Carrier, Tunnel Rats Issued Item

Rare Vietnam War Riot Control Gas Mask with carrier in sealed belt pouch. These were issued to the famed Tunnel Rats in Vietnam. Scarce. Mask XM28E4. Unissued. Vietnam War Dated. $100.00

002185 US Army Web Equipment Belt w/ Snaps for M14 Magazine Pockets, Vietnam War, Scarce

Vietnam War US Army Web Equipment belt with snaps for securing the single M14 Magazine Pockets. Very Good Condition. Scarce. $75.00

002184 US Army Parachutist Aluminum Reserve Pack Rip Handle

US Army Parachutist Aluminum metal rip handle for Reserve Pack, Excellent Condition. $20.00 Rip Handle is shown for comparison next to Items 002182 & 002183, sold separately.

002183 Vietnam Era, US Reserve Chute Pack, Metal Rip Handle

Vietnam War era Metal Rip Handle for US Parachutist Reserve chute Pack, Excellent Condition. $20.00 Rip Handle is shown for comparison next to Items 002182 & 002184, sold separately.

002180 US M16 Bipod Belt Case, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Belt Case for M16 Bipod, Excellent Condition. $20.00

002179 US M16 Bipod, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US M16 Bipod. Excellent Condition. $25.00

Shown w/ Item #002180, being the corresponding Belt Case, sold separately.

002177 US Issue Pull Out Panel for Parachute Pack, No. 25-58-69-14, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army Pull Out Panel for Parachute pack. No. 25-58-69-14. Excellent Condition. Great find for one assembling the Vietnam war parachutist equipment. $20.00

002172 US Issue Web Straps for Use w/ Cargo, 1-inch x 13-feet

 US Army  Web Straps for use with cargo. Size 1" by 13 feet. Unissued Condition. $10.00

002169 US Plastic Canteen w/ Lid, Vietnam War

US Vietnam War dated Plastic Canteen with lid. Picture is representative of average condition. Excellent Condition, our choice. $20.00

002162 US Army OD Canvas Shelter Half, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army OD Canvas Shelter Half. Nice Condition. $20.00

002154 Vietnam War, US Army Issued Roll of Razor Wire

Original US Army Vietnam War OD plastic roll of  Razor Wire. Original master  carton is dated 1969. Unissued condition. Very wicked type of concertina type wire to prevent the NVA and VC from infiltrating bunkers and camps. Very Scarce to find. $95.00

002133 US Vietnam War Jungle Boots, Size 12N, Unissued

US Vietnam War Size 12N Jungle Boots. Spike Protective Sole. Unissued, Pair $75.00

002118 USAF Officer's Silvered Cap Eagle on Card, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Air Force Officer's Silvered Eagle Cap Device on Card, Excellent Condition. $20.00
002109 Vietnam War, Protective Face Grill for Jump Helmet
Vietnam War Protective Grill from Jump helmet used for Parachuting into trees to protect face. Mint Condition. Rare issue piece of Survival Equipment.
002073 1968 Dated Suspenders, Vietnam War
Vietnam War 1968 Dated Suspenders. Mint Condition. The pair, $12.50
002071 US Army 1968 Contract, Insect Sprayer
Vietnam War US Army 1968 contract dated Insect Sprayer. A must for the Jungle Camp Display $42.00
001980 Infantryman's Radio Set, for Affixing to M1 Helmet, Vietnam War

Vietnam War Infantryman's Radio set that affixed to the side of the M1 Steel Helmet and consists of both the Transmitter and Receiver. Very Good Condition. Rare. $225.00

001946 US Issue Chapstick for Hot Climate, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US issue Chapstick for Hot Climate. In Excellent condition, will make a nice addition to the personal items collection. per tube, $5.00

001790 Vietnam War, US Army issue ARVN Rucksack

Vietnam War US Army issue ARVN Rucksack. Mint unissued Condition. Classic Vietnam War item. Complete with all straps and fresh out of the US Army crate, $95.00

001763 Nylon H-Type Equipment Suspenders, US Issue, Vietnam War Dated
Vietnam War dated US Nylon H-Type Infantryman's Equipment Suspenders. Excellent Condition. $25.00  
001762 Vietnam War Period Nylon Parachute Harness, Type NS3-R
Vietnam War Period Nylon Parachute Harness. Regular, Type NS3-R. Excellent Condition. $100.00  
001761 US Army Set of 4 Orange Tent Pegs, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army set of four Orange metal Tent Pegs for use with shelter Half. The set, $10.00  
001743 US Chocolate Nut Roll Ration, Sealed, Vietnam
Vietnam War US Chocolate Nut Roll Ration Tin, Sealed. $5.00  
001735 US Folding Tent Pole Adaptor for Shelter Half, Mtn. Tent, Vietnam
Vietnam US Folding Tent Pole Adaptor for use Shelter Half, Mtn Tent, etc. Mint Condition. $12.50
001734 US Army Harness Buckle for  1-1/2 Inch Strap
US Army Harness Buckle for 1 1/2 inch strap. Excellent Condition. Each $5.00  
001733 US Sleeping Bag/Poncho Carrying Harness Straps, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Sleeping Bag/Poncho Carrying Harness Straps. Mint Condition. $12.50  
001090 Vietnam War US Army Green Cotton Towel, Rare
Vietnam US Army Green cotton Towel. Widely carried by US personnel to remove sweat from their brow. Mint condition, rare $25.00
001089 Vietnam War US Army Brown Cotton Towel
Vietnam US Army Brown Cotton towel. Widely Carried by personnel to wipe sweat from brow! Mint Condition, $20.00
001085 Vietnam War, US Tropical Camo Jungle Boonie Hat
Vietnam US Tropical Camo Jungle Boonie Hat. Size 6 5/8. Mint Condition. $35.00
001084 Vietnam War, US OD Jungle Boonie Hat w/ Mosquito Veil
Vietnam US OD Jungle Boonie Hat with Mosquito Veil. Size 6 3/4. Mint Condition, $30.00
001083 Original, US Vietnam War, Jungle Boots
  Original Vietnam War Jungle Boots. Mint condition with laces. Size 10XW. $75.00
001081 Vietnam War, USAF Cowboy Type Boonie Hat w/ Mosquito Veil
Vietnam War USAF Cowboy Type Boonie Hat with mosquito veil in crown. Like new Condition. original. $42.50
001074 Post-WW2 Clutch backs for US Enlisted & Officer's Insignia
Post WW2 Clutch-backs for use with US Enlisted and Officer's Collar insignia. Excellent Condition, Lot of 10 pieces, $12.00
001063 US Army Drill Instructor's Campaign Hat, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army Drill Instructors Campaign Hat. Small Size. Great for display $39.00
001048 Pineapple Jam Ration Tin, Sealed, Vietnam War
Vietnam War Ration tin, Pineapple Jam. Excellent Condition... $3.00
001045 US Army Issue Sunglasses w/ Case, MIL-S-475D, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army issue Sun Glasses in Case. MIL-S-475D. Mint Condition... $25.00
001022 Vietnam War US Army Goggles, for Tank Crews, Etc.
Vietnam War US Army Goggles, worn by tank Crew members, etc. New Old Stock in box of issue. $45.00
001021 US Cotton OD107 Fatigue Cap, Size 6-7/8, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Cotton OD107 Fatigue Cap. Size 6 7/8. Unissued, $10.00
001020 US Army Cotton Drawers/Boxer Shorts, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army Cotton Drawers/Boxer shorts. Mint cond. One size, adjusts up to size. $12.00
001009 US Army 3-Piece Wood Tent Pole, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army three piece wood tent pole, Excellent Condition. Set, $10.00
000995 US Army Canteen Cap, Later Issue
US Army Canteen Cap for Late issue Canteen. Excellent Condition. $5.00
000908 "United States Airborne Forces 1940 to 1986", by Leroy Thompson
United States Airborne Forces 1940 to 1986 by Leroy Thompson. 228 pages. heavily photo illustrated. $15.00
000903 "Winsome Warriors", by Alywn Coates
Winsome Warriors by Alywn Coates. A light hearted selection of military Uniforms since the 17th Century Photographed on Playboy bunnies! $20.00
000902 "Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the US Army 1946 t0 1989", by Richard W. Smith
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the US Army 1946 to 1989 by Richard W. Smith. Photo illustrations of all patches and extensive text on them. Superb reference for the patch collector. 62 pages. $24.00
000860 HGU-7/P US Flying Helmet, Vietnam
Vietnam US Flying Helmet HGU-7/P. Excellent Condition. $75.00
000857 US Army Barbed Wire Handler's Gloves, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army Barbed Wire Handler's Gloves. Mint Condition. The pair...$35.00
000851 US Army Vietnam War, Unassigned Branch Collar Discs
Vietnam War US Army Unassigned Branch Collar Discs. original issue card of these discs as shown. $15.00
000839 Field Manual FM-23 82, 106mm Recoilless Rifle M40A1, Vietnam War
Vietnam Field Manual FM-23 82, 106mm Recoilless Rifle M40A1. A must for the collector who has or is interested in this weapon. Excellent Condition... $10.00
000835 US Army Combat Engineers Demolition Charge Computing Tape
Vietnam War US Army Combat Engineer Demolition Charge Computing Tape. Excellent Condition... $25.00
000834 MX-991/U, US Army Flashlight, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army Flashlight. MX-991/U. Excellent Condition. $25.00
000832 M79 40mm Empty Cases, Vietnam War
Vietnam War M79 40mm Empty Cases. Excellent Condition, Each $9.00
000831 M79 40mm Ammo Stowage Carriers, for Bandoleers, Vietnam
Vietnam War M79 40mm Ammo Stowage Carriers for Bandoleers. Excellent Condition... $4.00 each
000794 Vietnam War M16 Cal .223 Cleaning Patches, 100 Sealed Packet
Vietnam War original sealed packet of 100 cleaning Patches for M16 caliber .223 rifle.  Mint Condition...$5.00
000780 US Army P38 Can Opener, in Original Packet

US Army P38 Can Opener in original packet. Mint Condition... $8.50
000772 US Army Issue CORK for Canteen Lid
US Army CORK for the Canteen Lid. Unissued Condition. Each $3.00
000690 Insect Repellant, Clear Plastic Bottle, Vietnam War Issue, 1966 Dated
Vietnam War 1966 dated clear plastic bottle with label and inspect repellant. Mint Condition. Classic piece for use on the M1 Helmet Band. $20.00
000682 Bore Cleaner, Green Bottle, Dated 1969, Vietnam War Issue
Vietnam War Green Bottle of Bore Cleaner. Dated 1969. A must for the Vietnam display or shooter. Great for display with M16, M14, M1911A1, etc. $10.00
000671 Vietnam War Issue, US Army Damp Climate/Jungle Matches
Vietnam War US Army Damp Climate/Jungle issue packet of Matches, Mint $3.50
000652 Vietnam War, Cotton OG-107 Utility Cap, Unissued

Vietnam War Cotton OG-107 Utility Cap. Unissued Cond. Size 6 3/4. Great to complete the early Vietnam uniform display. $15.00

000644 US Army White Web Flag Staff Harness

US Army White Web Flag Staff Harness. Great for Parades and ceremonies. Post-Vietnam Manufacture. Original. Excellent Condition, $42.00

000636 Current US Army Hood, Field Protective Gas Mask

Current US Army Hood, Field protective Gas Mask, Excellent Condition, $10.00

000633 US Army PASGT Helmet w/ liner & chinstrap

US Army PASGT Helmet with liner and chin strap. Very Good Condition. $40.00

000565 Vietnam War Gas Resistant Leather Dressing

Vietnam War Gas Resistant Leather Dressing. 4 oz can. Dated 1966. Excellent Condition. $8.00

000536 Vietnam, US Staff Sergeant Stripes

Vietnam War Staff Sergeant Stripes. Mint Condition, $5.00/pair

000534 Vietnam, OD Belt Case M65

Vietnam War OD Belt Carrying Case M65. Unissued. $10.00

000512 Vietnam, US Army OD Canvas Tool Roll
Vietnam War US Army OD oiled Canvas Tool case with ties. Size 10X20 inches. Great for use in M37 Dodge, M151 Jeep, etc. $20.00
000497 OD Cloth US M1 Helmet Cover, Mint

M1 Helmet Cover made of OD Cloth, Post WW2, US, Mint Condition, Scarce. $20.00

000485 US Fragmentation Vest, Vietnam

Vietnam War US Fragmentation Vest. OD, Medium Size, Excellent Condition. $125.00

000460 Vietnam War, U.S. Groin Protective Armor

Vietnam War US Groin Protective Fragmentation Armor. Excellent Condition. A Scarce find to go with the upper Body Armor. $100.00

000452 US Rubber Insulated Boots, Korean War Period

Korean War Period US Army Rubber Insulated Boots, Size 7EE. Mint Condition. $50.00

000448 US Model 1944 Suspenders for Cartridge Belt, 3rd Type

US Postwar 3rd Type Model 1944 Suspenders for Cartridge Belt and Pack, Very Good Condition. $15.00

000381 Elastic Strap for M1 Helmet

Vietnam War M1 Helmet elastic Strap for Helmet. Used to hold mosquito bottle, rifle oil bottle, etc. Excellent Condition. $15.00

000373 5 Quart Collapsible Special Forces Canteen

Vietnam War 5 quart Collapsible Special Force Canteen. Very Fine Condition. $44.50

000365 Sweatband for M1 Helmet Liner

Post WW2 -Vietnam War issue Sweatband for M1 Helmet Liner. Mint Condition. $29.00

000321 USMC Camo Shelter Half, Vietnam War

Vietnam War USMC Camouflaged Shelter Half. Excellent Condition, Rare, $245.00

000342 Neck Strap for M1 Helmet Liner

Vietnam War Neck Strap for M1 helmet Liner. Excellent Condition. $3.50

000316 Vietnam War, 60mm & 81mm Mortar Shoulder Pads

Vietnam War 60mm & 81mm Mortar Shoulder Pads. Green Canvas Excellent Condition, $20.00

000194 US Face Camo Stick, Light Green & Sand, Vietnam

Vietnam War US Face Camouflage Stick, Light Green & Sand color, 8/66. Excellent Condition. $8.00

000163 US Army Impregnite In Clothing Test Kit, M1

US Army Impregnite in clothing Testing Kit, M1-US Chemical Corp. $20.00

000154 M1 Helmet Chinstrap Attachment Pieces, Vietnam

Vietnam, M1 helmet metal chinstrap attachment piece for helmet bails, Excellent Condition. $3.50 each

000111 US Army Insecticide Powder, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army issue Insecticide Powder. Mint Condition. $9.00

000110 Arctic Weather Face Mask

Korean War Arctic Weather face mask to protect nose and cheeks from frost bite. $5.00

000100 US Issue Sunburn Cream

Vietnam War dated Sun Burn Cream, Mint Condition. $9.00

000092 US M1 Helmet Web Replacement Chin Strap

Vietnam War M1 helmet Web Replacement Chin strap. Mint Condition. $20.00

000087 Neck Strap for US M1 Helmet Liner

Vietnam War Neck Strap for M1 Helmet Liner. Excellent Condition. Priced per each neck strap. $10.00

000084 Paratrooper Chin Strap for M1 Helmet Liner

Vietnam War Web paratrooper Chin strap for M1 helmet Liner. Mint Condition. Priced per each chinstrap. $10.00

000052 Vietnam War, US Khaki Canvas Leggings

Vietnam War Khaki Canvas Leggings. Mint Condition with laces. Size 4. Dated 1964. The pair, $20.00

000045 US Army Private Purchase Baseball Cap

Vietnam War US Army #107 olive drab Baseball caps, with leather sweatband and with the white elastic band at rear. These were made by Derby. They have cloth covered button on the top of the crown. Factory Size 7 1/8. These are in original new old stock condition and come from the Derby contract box of issue. Mint unissued  Condition. Classic Vietnam piece of Headgear.  $32.00 ea.

000032 US Army Chieu Hoi Plastic Magazine Bag

Vietnam War US Army Chieu Hoi plastic magazine protective bag. Used to protect Colt M16 Magazines with Chieu Hoi open arms message was a massive Psy-Op's campaign aimed at persuading Viet Cong guerrillas to change allegiances. Mint Condition. One dozen for $10.00

000023 US MX991/U Flashlight

US MX991/U Flashlight made by Fulton. Vietnam War. Excellent Overall as Issued Condition. $25.00

000024 USN Marked Flashlight

Vietnam War US Navy, USN marked Flashlight. Made by Fulton. Excellent Condition. $20.00

000007 US Army Canvas Water Bucket w/ Shower Head

Vietnam War US Army Canvas Water Bucket with Shower head. Original and as new Condition. $39.50

000001 Target Release Messenger Mark 9 Mod 0
Vietnam War Target Release Messenger Mark 9 Mod 0. Measures approximately 12" diameter by 24 inches. Made of White Nylon materiel. Used for marking location of Message dropped from airplane to ground troops. Excellent Condition.  $27.50