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Civil War - Spanish American War


M1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine & M1885 Springfield Carbine Cartridge Box w/ Tins., Rare

Rare M1855 Springfield Pistol Carbine and M1855 Springfield Carbine Cartridge Box with tins. Exc condition. This is a super rare accoutrement to accompany either one or both of these rare Springfield Carbines in the collection. Only the 2nd one I have had over the last 50 years. $950.00


Civil War Federal Cavalry Carbine Cartridge Box for Use w/ Spencer .52 Rim-fire Cartridges

Civil War Federal Cavalry Carbine Cartridge Box for use with  Spencer 52 Rim-fire Cartridges.  Nice original condition. Soldier removed the two simple buckles at bottom of box because he wore the box on his saber belt instead of with the cross shoulder strap. Excellent Condition.  $350.00


Indian Wars M1876, 2nd Pattern Linen Prairie Belt in Excellent Condition, w/ Watervliet Arsenal Markings & A.R. Smith Inspected, Scarce

Scarce Indian Wars M1876 2nd Pattern Linen Prairie Belt in Exc Cond. Watervliet Arsenal marked and A.R. Smith Inspected. Superb find for display with early Indian War US Springfield Rifle before adoption of the Mills woven belt in 1880. An Excellent Overall Condition Example. $795.00


M1874 Dyer Trapdoor Carbine Cartridge Pouch, US Embossed w/ Rock Island Arsenal Markings as Inspection Marks

M1874 Dyer Trapdoor Carbine Cartridge Pouch. US Embossed with Rock Island Arsenal markings as well as inspection marks. Very good overall condition $395.00


US M1874 Dyer Carbine Pouch, Classic Custer Era Cavalry Accoutrement

US M1874 Dyer Carbine Pouch. Very Good Condition. Classic Custer Era Cavalry accoutrement. $295.00

003814 US Embossed, .45-70 McKeever Cartridge Box

US Embossed .45-70 McKeever Cartridge Box. Exc cond. $125.00

003793 M1881 US Cavalry Officer's .45 Colt Single Cartridge Belt, Very Rare Mill's US Cavalry Officer's Pattern Belt

Very Rare M1881 US Cavalry officer's .45 Colt Single Cartridge belt with the leather chape with the oval buckle and the leather tong and has the woven in yellow stripes for Cavalry. This is a very rare Mill's US Cavalry officer's Belt for the US Army Single Colt .45 Revolver and/or S&W Schoefield Revolver. Fine overall condition. Just 3rd one of these we have had in the past 40+ years. Much rarer than the US Embossed Colt Single Action Holster. $1250.00

003652 M1881 Blue Web Anson Mills' .30-40 Cartridge Belt w/ US Brass Belt Plate

M1881 Blue Web Anson Mill's .30-40  Cartridge belt with original US Brass belt plate with catch and two brass slides. Great find to display with your Spanish American War Springfield Krag US Infantry rifle. Exc cond. $350.00


Model 1885 US Cavalry .45-70 "Mills" Springfield Carbine Web Prairie Belt w/ Open Frame Buckle & Leather Tongue & Saber Hook

Model 1885 US Cavalry  45-70 Springfield Carbine Mills web  Prairie Belt with the brass open frame buckle and leather tongue has been shortened by trooper. complete with Saber hook on side. Nice Condition. $495.00

002550 Spanish-American War, Tan Web, .45-70 Cartridge Belt w/ Original Contract... .45-70 Ammo in Loops

Spanish American War Tan Web .45-70 Cartridge Belt with original contract .45-70 rifle ammo in loops. Complete with both brass slides and C-closure. Excellent- Condition. No fraying or problems. beautiful. Cartridges alone worth the asking price for the set $325.00

002532 1880's Remington Lee Magazines, .45-70 Cartridges

1880s Remington Lee Magazines for .45-70 Cartridges. Show age patina. Very Good Condition. Each $95.00

002525 US Blue Web Woven .30-40 Krag Looped Cartridge Belt, Span Am War

Spanish American War US Blue Web woven 30/40 Krag  Looped Cartridge Belt and complete with C-Closure and both slides. Exc+ like new original condition. Choice. $225.00




US M1907 Mill's 9-Pocket Rimless Eagle Snap Infantry Cartridge Belt

1907 Mill's 9 pocket rimless Eagle snap Infantry Cartridge Belt. Very good original overall condition. Complete. $175.00

003876 WW1 US Used, French Chau-Chat Magazine Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

WW1 US used French Chau-Chat magazine bag with shoulder strap. Nice condition. A must for display with the M1915 French 8mm Chauchat Machine rifle and magazines. $175.00

003878 M1917 US Army Issue revolver Ammo Pouch

Model 1917 US Army issue Revolver Ammo Pouch for Colt or S&W 1917 .45 Revolvers for use with the half-moon clips of Ammo. Exc Cond. Orig. $125.00

003812 M1912, US Cavalry Leather, .45 Auto Mag Pocket, Dated 1914

M1912 US Cavalry Leather .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. Dated 1914. Exc. $125.00

003811 M1912, US Cavalry Leather, .45 Auto Mag Pocket, Dated 1913

M1912 US Cavalry Leather .45 auto Magazine Pocket. Dated 1913. Exc. $125.00

003715 US Model 1907 Rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge Belt, Unit ID'd Co. A, 168th Infantry (42 Division)

US Model 1907 Rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge belt. United marked to Co. A, 168th Infantry (The 42nd Division.)Exc+ Condition. $225.00

003714 WW1 US BAR Gunner's Belt w/ Metal Cup, Unit ID'd, Company A, 119th Infantry (30th Division), 3-18 Dated

WW1 US BAR Gunner's Belt with Metal cup. Unit marked to Company A, 119th Infantry (This is the 30th US Division) and dated 3-18. Exc+ Condition. Most of these are just surplus ones, so this one is a rare issued one, and in Top Exc+ condition. $200.00

003712 M1907 US Infantry 8-Pocket, Mills' Rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge Belt

Model 1907 US Infantry 8 pocket Mill's rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge belt. Excellent condition. Widely used in the opening of WW1  and classic 1903 rifle item. Exc+ Condition. $225.00

003710 Mill's Infantry Cartridge Belt, Dated November, 1917, Lift-the-Dot Closures

Mill's Infantry Cartridge belt dated November 1917. Excellent Plus to New Original condition. Lift the Dot closures. $150.00


RIA 1903 .38 Revolver Leather Ammo Pouch w/ Wood Ammo Block

RIA 1903 Leather Revolver Ammo Pouch with wood block. Rock Island Arsenal and dated 1903. Exc Condition. These were issued for use with Colt and S&W .38 Revolvers for Cavalry Leather Garrison belt. Exc. $100.00


US M1903 Mills Tan 9-Rimless Eagle Snap Pocket Cartridge Belt

Mills US M1903 Tan 9-rimless Eagle snap pocket Cartridge as first issued with the M1903 Springfield Rifles. Exc cond. $175.00


Early US Army Model 1903, Tan 9-Pocket Rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge Belt

US Army  Early Model 1903 Tan 9 pocket rimless Eagle snap Cartridge Belt. Nice condition overall. $175.00


WW1 Mark 1 Pedersen Device Magazine Pouch

WW1 Mark 1 Pedersen Device Magazine pouch with five cells for carrying magazines. Exc condition. $50.00


WW1 M1910 Eagle Snap, 1903 Springfield Rifle Web Garrison Ammo Belt Pouch

WW1 M1910 Eagle Snap 1903 Springfield Rifle Web Garrison belt pouch for clip of Ammo. Very Fine Condition. $75.00


WW1 US Springfield or M1917 Enfield 60-Round Cloth Ammo Bandoleer for Stripper Clips

WW1 US Springfield or M1917 Enfield 60 round Cloth Ammo Bandoleer for use with stripper clips. The ammo was issued to the Doughboys straight out of the ammo crates in these bandoleers before going over the top. Excellent condition. Each, $29.00


US Cavalry M1903 Springfield Tan 9-Pocket Cartridge Belt w/ Rimless Eagle Snaps & Saber D-Ring

US Cavalry Model 1903 Springfield Tan nine pocket Cartridge belt with the rimless Eagle snap closures and the Saber D-Ring on side for the Saber hanger. Nice original Condition. The first of the pocketed belts as issued with the M1903 Springfield Rifle. Classic Cavalry as issued with the Saber, and the 38 Colt Revolver, etc. $235.00

002669 M1912 Mill's Rimmed Eagle Snap, US Cavalry Bandoleer

US Cavalry Mill's Model 1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Bandoleer. Dated Dec 1916. Like new condition. Very Rare. $1150.00

002556 M1912 Russet Leather, Rimless Eagle Snap, .45 Auto Magazine Pouch

M1912 Russet Leather Rock Island Arsenal 1913 dated rimless eagle snap .45 auto Magazine Pouch. Very Fine/Excellent Condition. $125.00

002447 US Cavalry, M1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Cavalry Bandoleer, Pea Green Color

Rare US Cavalry Model 1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Cavalry Bandoleer with Mill's markings and dated 1916. This is the Pea Green Color and is the rarer of the two colors of these eagle snap bandoleers. Exc+ Cond. $1250.00

002446 Mill's Mrk'd, US Cavalry M1912 Rimmed Eagle Bandoleer, dated 1916, Rare

Rare US Cavalry Model 1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Bandoleer with Mill's markings and dated 1916. Wonderful Bandoleer for the Mexican Border and Punitive Expedition display. Excellent bright clean condition. Rare. $1150.00

002445 M1912, ID'd US 306th Cavalry, Model 1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Bandoleer, Rare

Rare US Cavalry Model 1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Bandoleer with 306th Cavalry unit markings. Belt is dated 1916. Manufactured by Mills and so marked. No fraying but minor soiling. Will Clean Excellent. Rare. $950.00

002237 WW1 US M1917 Garrison Belt w/ 2 Web 30-06 Clip Pouches

WW1 US Model 1917 Garrison belt with the two web 30/06 clip pouches as issued to US troops for garrison duty around army post during WW1. These replaced the M1910 Garrison Belt set during WW1. Nice condition. Scarce, The belt and two pouches. $75.00

002121 WW1 .45 Auto Magazine Pouch

WW1 .45 Auto Magazine pocket, Used Condition, Each $10.00

001805 Model 1903 Cavalry Cartridge Belt w/ Saber D ring

Model 1903 9 pocket .30-06 Cavalry Cartridge Belt, with the Saber D-ring at side and rimless Eagle snaps. Nice Condition. $225.00

001727 M1910 Infantry Cartridge Belt, Woven Construction
WW1 US Army M1910 Woven Constructed Infantry Cartridge belt. Nice Condition. $75.00  
001726 M1918 Infantry Cartridge Belt, Sewn Construction
WW1 US Army M1918 Sewn Constructed Infantry Cartridge Belt. Nice Condition. $75.00
001716 WW1 BAR 3-Pocket Ammo Bandolier
WW1 BAR Three pocket Ammunition Bandolier. Excellent Condition. $50.00
001440 M1918 US Cavalry 9-Pocket Cartridge Belt, Sewn Construction
M1918 Sewn Constructed US Cavalry 9 pocket Cartridge belt with space for .45 auto Clip pouch. In Excellent Condition... $225.00
001439 WW1 BAR 2nd Assistant's Ammo Belt, RARE
WW1 BAR 2nd Assistant Ammo Belt for carrying BAR Magazines and 03 stripper clips of ammo. Excellent Condition...Rare, $225.00
001438 WW1 New York State 8-Pocket Cartridge Belt w/ NY State Buttons
WW1 New York State 8 pocket Ammo Cartridge Belt with NY state buttons. Very Good Condition... $100.00
001253 M1912 US Cavalry Rimmed Eagle Snap Leather Garrison Ammo Pouch
US Cavalry M1912 Rimmed Eagle Snap Leather Garrison Ammo Pouches for the Springfield 1903 Rifle. Worn with the leather Garrison belt with M1912 Ring. Rare. Made at RIA 1915. Excellent Condition.. $75.00
001076 M1907 US Cavalry Eight Pocket Rimless Eagle Buttons Cartridge Belt w/ Saber D-ring
US Cavalry M1907 OD 8 pocket Rimless Eagle Snap Cartridge belt with the Saber D-Ring on the side. These belts used through the Mexican Border era. Has the re-enforced pockets for the Spitzer pointed 03 bullets adopted in 1906. All snaps fine. Very Good Original Condition. $235.00
001075 M1903 US Cavalry Eight Pocket Rimless Eagle Buttons Cartridge Belt w/ Saber D-ring
US Cavalry M1903 Tan 8 pocket Cartridge belt with the Saber D-Ring on the leather chape on the side. Used but in nice clean overall condition. Complete. All rimless eagle snap closures are fine. $235.00
000560 WW1 US VB Grenade Launcher Carrying Pouch

WW1 US VB Grenade Launcher Carrying Pouch as issued with the 1903 Springfield and 1917 US Enfield Rifles. Made at RIA / Rock Island Arsenal just after the end of the war. Excellent Condition, Rare. $75.00

000447 US .45 Auto, Mag Pouch, Sewn Construction

WW1 US .45 Auto Clip Pouch, Sewn Construction, Excellent Condition. $20.00

000436 WW1 US Pedersen Device, 5-Cell Magazine Pouch

WW1 US Mark 1 Springfield Pedersen Device 5-cell Magazine Pouch, Excellent Condition. $35.00

000435 US Mark 1 Pedersen Device Web Case for 03 Rifle Bolt

WW1 US Mark I Springfield Pedersen Device Web Case for carrying 03 rifle bolt. Excellent Condition, $45.00

000295 US Army 11-Pocket Grenade Vest and/or Apron

WW1 US Army 11-pocket Grenade Vest and/or Apron. Used with both hand and rifle grenades. Unissued Condition. $22.50

000196 WW1 US M1917 Revolver 3 Pocket Ammo Pouch

WW1 US M1917 Revolver 3 Pocket Ammo Pouch. Very Good Condition. $150.00

000182 WW1 Mill's, M1911 .45 Auto Clip Pouch

WW1 Mill's US Khaki M1911 .45 Auto 2-clip Pouch. Mint Condition. $25.00

000002  WW1 US M1918 BAR Gunner's Belt

WW1 US M1918 BAR Gunner's Belt with Metal cup for holding the butt stock of a M1918 Browning Auto Rifle during assault fire. Nice Original condition. $125.00




WW2 US M1936 Khaki Pistol Belt w/ US 1942 .45 Auto Mag Pouch

WW2 M1936 Khaki Pistol Belt with US 1942 .45 auto Mag Pouch. Just the ticket to display with your WW2 Holster. $75.00

003781 WW2 US Five Cell Thompson Sub-Machinegun Pouch

WW2 US five cell Thompson Sub-Machinegun Pouch for five 20 round magazines. Exc condition. Khaki. Exc+ Condition. $150.00

003754 WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket, Marked RM 1942

WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. marked RM 1942 on reverse. $25.00

003753 WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket, Marked RM 1942

WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. marked RM 1942 on reverse. $25.00

003752 WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket, Marked RM 1942

WW2 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. marked RM 1942 on reverse. $25.00

003744 US 1942 Dated, Khaki 10-Pocket Cartridge Belt

US 1942 dated  Khaki Cartridge Belt with 10 pockets. Used, VG cond. $95.00


WW2 Light OD, US 10-Pocket Infantry Cartridge Belt, Hinson Mfg. Co. 1943

WW2 Light OD shade US 10 pocket Infantry Cartridge belt. marked Hinson Mfg. Co. 1943.  VF/Exc. $125.00


US Experimental 5-Cell Hand grenade Carrying Pouch, JQMD 1944, Rare

Rare US Experimental 5 cell pouch with long belt loops for carrying M2 Pineapple Hand grenades. These fit over and worn on the Cartridge belt. Matched pair for left and right of belt. Marked JQMD 1944. The pair. A rare find for both the WW2 US Web collector of WW2 and/or the US Hand grenade Collector. The set, $490.00


WW2 US M1911A1 Magazine Pocket, Marked B.B. Inc 1942

WW2 US M1911A1 magazine pocket. Marked B.B. Inc 1942. Unissued condition. $25.00


WW2 Thompson SMG Magazine Pouch, 1943 Dated, Rare

WW2 Thompson SMG Mag Pouch.  Khaki color with shoulder strap. Dated 1943. Exc. and original. Rare. $150.00


WW2 US Boyt 1942 Marked & Dated Khaki Ammo Belt, Mint NOS

WW2 US Boyt 1942 marked and dated Khaki Ammo Belt. Original and Mint unissued condition. $200.00


WW2 Khaki 10 Pocket US Cartridge Bet, 1942 Dated

WW2 Khaki 10 Pocket US Cartridge belt. Exc Plus Cond. Dated 1942. $225.00


WW2 USMC Boyt 44 Marked, M1 Carbine Mag Pocket, Scarce

WW2 USMC Boyt 44 marked M1 Carbine Magazine Pocket. Exc+ Condition. Scarce. $75.00


WW2 M3/M3A1 SMG "Grease Gun" 30-rd Magazine, Ammunition Bags

WW2 M3/M3A1 SMG or rather known as the Grease Gun oil treated canvas Ammunition Bag for 30 round magazines and complete with integral shoulder sling. These are hard to find. Very nice condition. Our pick. Each, $45.00


Late WW2 .30 Cal M1 Carbine, Canvas Ammunition Bag for 30-rd Magazines

Late WW2 Canvas Ammunition Bag for .30 Caliber M1 Carbine for use with the 30 round magazines. Very nice  Condition, oiled canvas with shoulder strap. Our choice. Scarce. Each, $45.00


WW2 US Khaki Thompson, SMG 5/20 Round Mag Cells Belt Pocket

WW2 US Khaki 5 Cell Thompson SMG Web Magazine belt pocket for 5 20 shot magazines. Like new condition with US and makers markings and date. Choice Cond. $95.00


WW2 US Army 10 Pocket Cartridge Belt

WW2 US Army 10 pocket Cartridge belt for use with the M1 Garand, 03 and Carbine.  Exc Like new condition. $225.00


WW2 USMC Marked, M1 Carbine, 2-Cell, 15 Round Magazine Pocket

Rare WW2 USMC marked M1 Carbine 15 shot magazine pocket for two magazines. Exc+ Condition. Marked on back side "USMC Boyt-45-NOM-47213. Excellent Like new Condition. Each $75.00

002722 WW2 US Army Dark Green 10 Pocket Ammo Belt

WW2 US Army GI Dark Green 10 pocket Ammo Belt. Like new except for name on inside of belt. $125.00

002519 WW2 M1923 Green Web, Dismounted Infantry Cartridge Belt

WW2 Green Web M1923 Dismounted Infantry Cartridge Belt. Excellent Condition. $225.00

001975 WW2 US Army Heavy Field Artilleryman's Primer Belt
WW2 US Army heavy Field Artilleryman's Primer Belt for use with Heavy Cannons, and Bag Type field guns. Unissued condition. $49.50
001933 WW2 US Army Cloth Satchel for C-2 & 1 lb TNT Blocks

WW2 US Army Cloth Satchel for C-2 and 1 lb. TNT Blocks as issued to Combat Engineers and Demolition personnel. Excellent Condition. Lightly stamped with maker's initials and dated 1944. Super addition to WW2 Paratrooper Display, D-Day, Ranger, and Infantry exhibits with demo items.  Excellent unissued condition. $45.00

000561 WW2 US Bazooka Bag

WW2 US Bazooka Bag for carrying rounds. Excellent Condition. $100.00

000501 WW2 US 10-Pocket Ammo Belt, Used

WW2 Used US 10 Pocket Green Ammunition Belt. Very Good Condition, our choice. $85.00 Each

000491 WW2 US Army Thompson, 5-Mag Pouch

WW2 US Army Thompson 20 round Magazine Pouch for five Magazines. Excellent Condition. $125.00

000489 WW2 OD 3-Pocket, M18 Smoke Grenade Carrier

WW2 OD 3 Pocket Carrier with leg ties for M18 Smoke grenades. Excellent Condition. $42.50

000482 WW2 US Thompson SMG, 50 Round Drum Pouch

WW2 US 50 round Thompson SMG Drum Pouch with Sling. Very Good Condition, Rare, $225.00

000473 US General Purpose Ammo Bag, Made for Saving Private Ryan

Repro US General Purpose Ammunition Bag. Made for Saving Private Ryan. Mint $30.00

000466 WW2 US General Purpose Ammo Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

WW2 US General Purpose Ammo Bag for use with Grenade Launcher, Ammo, etc. Issued to all US Infantry and Airborne personnel. Excellent Condition, with shoulder strap. $45.00

000459 WW2 US M1 Ammunition Bag, Khaki Canvas

WW2 US M1 Ammunition Bag. Khaki Canvas. Mint Condition. Has additional Foreign markings where issued under WW2 Marshall Program as aid after WW2. Scarce. $75.00

000458 WW2 US M1 Ammunition Bag, OD Canvas

WW2 US M1 Ammunition Bag. Green OD Canvas. marked with ink stamp of foreign army where issued under Marshall Aid Program after WW2. Mint Condition, $50.00

000457 WW2 10-Pocket Khaki Cartridge Belt, Made for Saving Private Ryan
WW2 10 Pocket Khaki US Cartridge belt. Repro, made for Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Unissued. $35.00
000456 WW2 USMC Cartridge Belt, Made for Movie Windtalkers

WW2 10 Pocket USMC Cartridge belt, Repro, made for the Movie Windtalkers, Mint Condition. $45.00

000378 WW2 US Army .45 Auto Clip Pouch, Khaki

WW2 US Army Khaki .45 Auto Clip Pouch. Mint Condition. $25.00

000364 WW2 USMC 2 Pocket Grenade Carrier

WW2 USMC 2 pocket Grenade carrier. Very good original Condition. $67.50

000360 WW2 US Army 3 Pocket Grenade Pouch, Khaki

WW2 US Army Three Pocket Grenade Pouch. Khaki. Mint Condition. $49.50

000153 WW2 M1 Carbine 15-Rd. Magazine Belt Pouch, OD #7 Green
WW2 M1 Carbine 15 shot Carbine Magazine Belt Pouch, OD#7 Green, Excellent Condition... $15.00
000152 WW2 M1 Carbine 15-Rd. Magazine Belt Pouch, Khaki
100% Original WW2 M1 Carbine Stock Pouch in Khaki. Unissued Condition. These are a must to complete your M1 or M1A1 Carbine. Getting Very Scarce to find. $49.00
000036 WW2 US M1 Carbine Belt Pouch

WW2 M1 Carbine  Belt Pouch. Marked US and Avery 1944. Original, Unissued Condition. Each, $10.00


Post WW2 - Vietnam


Vietnam War CISO Issued, SMG Magazine Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

Vietnam War CIA issue Sub Machinegun magazine Bag with shoulder strap. Exc cond. $35.00


Vietnam War US Issue, M56 Cotton Mag Pouches

Vietnam War issue M56 magazine cotton Magazine pockets for the Winchester, etc M14 rifles as issued to the US Army and Marine Corps. Used but very nice condition. Our choice. All complete 100% complete with no fraying, missing parts, etc. Bargain price, Each, $20.00

002253 M14 Rifle Single Magazine Pockets, Used w/ M1956 Waist Belt, Vietnam War, Rare

Vietnam War M14 Rifle single Magazine Pockets for use with M1956 waist belt. Mint. Rare Each $32.00

002247 Vietnam War US M1911 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket

Vietnam War US M1911 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. Unissued Condition. $20.00

002246 1952 Korean War Dated M1911A1 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket

1952 Korean War Dated M1911A1 .45 Auto Magazine Pocket. Unissued. $15.00/Each

002228 Very Rare, 1st Issue Nylon 30-Rd. Magazine Pocket, Vietnam War

Vietnam War Very Rare lst issue Nylon Magazine pocket as first issued with the 30 round Magazines and has the earflaps to hold the magazines in place. Very Fine Condition. These are impossible to find on the loose. Very Rare. $100.00

002225 M16 20-Round Magazine Pockets, Early Vietnam War, Scarce

Vietnam War early M16 20 round Magazine Pockets in Nylon. Nice Condition. Scarce. Each $35.00

002209 M14 Rifle Web Magazine Pocket, Early Vietnam War

Vietnam War early M14 rifle Web Magazine Pocket. Very Good Condition. Each, $35.00

002201 US M60 Machine Gun Ammo Bandoleer, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US M60 Machinegun Ammunition Bandoleer. Excellent Condition. $10.00 each

002116 Vietnam War, US .45 Auto Clip Pouch
Vietnam War US .45 Auto clip Pouch, Excellent Condition. $20.00
001768 SKS Bandoleer, CIA Made, Vietnam War, Rare
Vietnam War US CIA Made SKS Bandoleer. Excellent Condition. Rare $35.00
001719 Vietnam War Demolition Satchel Charge Case
Vietnam War Demolition Satchel Charge case. Excellent Condition. $65.00
001718 OD Canvas M14 Magazine Pouch, Early Vietnam War
Early Vietnam War OD Canvas Magazine Pocket for M14 Rifle. Like New Condition. $20.00
001051 US M16 Ammunition Bandoleer, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US M16 Ammunition Bandoleer. Excellent Condition. $8.00
000999 US Navy Seal Team Stoner Magazine Pouch, Vietnam War, RARE
Vietnam War US Navy Seal Team Stoner Magazine Pouch. Mint and Original. Rare...$75.00
000844 M79 Grenade Launcher Bandoleer, Scarce Early Vietnam War Issue
Vietnam War M79 Grenade Launcher Bandoleer. early war Brown Color. Scarce. Unissued Condition. $15.00
000843 M79 Grenade Launcher Bandoleer, Light Yellow and Green Cloth
Vietnam War M79 Grenade Launcher Bandoleer, Light yellow and green cloth, Unissued Condition... $10.00
000831 M79 40mm Ammo Stowage Carriers, for Bandoleers, Vietnam
Vietnam War M79 40mm Ammo Stowage Carriers for Bandoleers. Excellent Condition... $4.00 each
000782 US M16 Rubberized Double Pouch for Early Waffle Magazines
Vietnam War early M16 Grey Rubberized double magazine packet for use with the very early waffle magazines. Mint condition... $42.50
000596 US Demolition Bag, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Demolition Bag, Excellent Condition. $65.00

000573 Vietnam War, Demolition Charge Bag M183

Vietnam War Demolition Charge Bag M183, Dated 1969. Scarce. $50.00

000481 US M3, M3A1 SMG Magazine Pouch

Vietnam War US M3 M3A1 SMG magazine Pouch. Mint Condition. $29.00

000261 Vietnam War, US M3 M3A1 SMG Magazine Bag

Vietnam War, US M3 M3A1 magazine Bag with shoulder strap, Unissued. $45.00

000032 US Army Chieu Hoi Plastic Magazine Bag

Vietnam War US Army Chieu Hoi plastic magazine protective bag. Used to protect Colt M16 Magazines with Chieu Hoi open arms message was a massive Psy-Op's campaign aimed at persuading Viet Cong guerrillas to change allegiances. Mint Condition. One dozen for $10.00