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Item Number Item Name
When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.
003855 60-Round Krag Ammo Bandoleer, Original w/ Ammo, As Issued

Original 60 Round Krag Ammo Bandoleer with all 60 rounds of ammo as issued with the Springfield Krag Carbine and rifle and worn over the shoulder for additional ammo in combat. Exc Cond. $125.00

003763 WW1, Very Rare, Sealed US Army Remington UMC Contract Carton, 24-Revolver Ball Cartridges .45 M1917 in Clips,

Very Rarely found WW1 Sealed US Army Remington UMC contract carton of 24 Revolver Ball Cartridges Caliber .45 Model of 1911 in clips for Double Action Colt and Smith &Wesson Revolvers Caliber .45 of Model 1917. Very Rare. $390.00

003672 WW2 .30 Caliber, M2 Armor Piercing 20-Round Sealed Box of Ammunition, Twin Cities Ordnance Plant Production

WW2 Caliber 30 M2 Armor Piercing 20 round sealed box of Ammunition made at Twin Cities Ordnance Plant. Superb display piece with your M1 Garand Springfield rifle or M1903 or Remington or Smith Corona rifle. Exc. $45.00

003665 Civil War, Lacquered Tin Box of Percussion Caps for Colt 1851 or M1860 Army Revolver, etc.

Civil War Lacquered Tin box of Percussion Caps for Colt 1851 or M1860 Army Revolver, Etc. Complete with caps. Superb display piece of the period for use with these revolvers. Nice condition. $65.00


WW2 Carton of 50 M1 Carbine Tracer Cartridges, Rare

WW2 Carton of 50 M1 Carbine Tracer Cartridges M16. Rem. Arms co. Box dated 7-44. Rare. $100.00


US 20 Round Carton of 30/40 Krag Rifle & Carbine Blanks

Original US 20 Round Carton Of 30/40 Krag Rifle and Carbine Blanks. Dated 1905. Exc sealed carton. Great find for display with your Krag rifle or Carbine. As used for ceremonies, training horses in the US Cavalry for combat, etc. $50.00


Post-Civil War US Carton of 10-Rds. .50-45 Caliber Carbine Ammo, No Label on Carton, As Issued

Rare Post Civil War US Carton of 10 rounds of .50-45 caliber Carbine ammo as used in the M1868 Sharps Carbine, M1870 50 caliber Carbine, etc, etc.  No label on carton. As issued. Exc+ cond. Scarce. This ammo also issued with the various early .50 Caliber Cadet rifles, 50 Caliber Remington Navy RB Carbine, etc. Great find for the arms collection. Rare. $225.00


1870 Dated & Sealed 10-Rd. Carton of .50 Caliber Spencer Blank Cartridges

1870 Dated sealed 10 round carton of .50 Caliber Spencer Blank Cartridges made at Frankford Arsenal for use with the Spencer Rifle and/or carbine. Exc condition. $100.00


M1909 Cot .45 Caliber DA Revolver Ammo Carton w/ Full Contents

 M1909 Colt .45 DA Revolver carton of ammo with full contents, Frankford Arsenal, dated 1912. Sealed. Exc. $75.00


US Army WW2 Original Case of 30 Rifle Signal Ground Green M19A1 Flares

Original US Army case of 30 Rifle Signal Ground Green  parachute Flares M19A1. Dated 1955, these are the same as issued in WW2 through the Vietnam War. These boxes are in like new condition for use with the Grenade Launchers used on the M1 Garand, 03 and M1 Carbine.  This is a chance of a lifetime for the Collector to have an original crate full as issued, and/or for use by military re-enactors and shooters at Military rifle shoots, Machinegun shoots, etc. price for the original crate. $750.00


WW2 1944 Dated, US Army Green Star Signal Flare M19A1

WW2 1944 dated US Army Green Star Signal Flare M19A1 in original Cardboard tube. Exc. $75.00


WW2, 1945 Dated, US Army Ground Signal White Flare M17A1

WW2 1945 dated US Army Ground Signal White  w/parachute in original cardboard Tube. M17A1. Exc. $75.00


WW2 US Army, 1944 Dated, Ground Signal Amber Star Rifle Flare M22A1

WW2 1944 dated US Army Ground Signal Amber Star Rifle Flare M22A1 in the original cardboard tube. $75.00


WW2 US Army Carton of 10 37mm Red/Green M8 Flare Pistol Cartridges

Original US Army carton of 10 37mm Red/Green Tracer Cartridges as issued with the M8 Flare Pistol as issued to the Army Air Force, etc. These are dated 1944. Original Sealed Carton. The one shown has been opened to show the content. For the advanced WW2 Flare Pistol Collector. Very Rare. The lot of 10 with carton. $325.00

002694 Original WW2 US Army Contract Box, 12 Gauge Shot Shells, Rare

WW2  Original US Army Contract Federal 12 Ga. Skeet Loads. Each box marked "US Property" complete with all 25 rounds of Skeet Shot shells. Rare. Price per box, shown with original shipping crate, crate not included... $100.00

002562 Sealed, WW1 24 Round Carton of M1911 .45 Auto Cartridges, Rare

Rare WW1 Sealed 24 round Carton of M1911  .45 auto Cartridges in half moon clips for use with the  Colt or S&W Model 1917 New Service Revolvers. Excellent Condition. Rare carton of US Army ammo. Displays with the Colt or S&W Revolvers like a million dollar bill.  Not opened! Bargain. $450.00

002296 Antique Carton of Winchester .45/70 Cal. Blank Cartridges

Antique Winchester 25 round carton of .45/70 Caliber Blank Cartridges for use with Trapdoor rifles and Carbines, Gatling Gun, etc. Still sealed. Excellent Condition. $45.00

002274 Sealed .308 Packet of 5 Rifle Grenade Launching Cartridges, Vietnam War

Original Vietnam War sealed 308 caliber packet of five Rifle Grenade Launching Cartridges, Excellent Condition. Rare $45.00

002273 Sealed 10 Count Carton, 12-ga. Double 00 Buckshot, Vietnam War, RARE

Vietnam War Sealed 12 ga. Double 00 Buckshot shells in original sealed carton of 10 Shotgun Shells, Excellent Condition. Rare. $80.00

002039 Sealed 50 Round Carton, M1 .30 Cal Carbine, Grenade Launching Cartridges, WW2

WW2 .30 Caliber M1 Carbine original sealed 50 round carton of Grenade Launching Cartridges. Made by lake City Ordnance Plant and cartridges dated 1943, these 50 round cartons of M6 Grenade Launching cartridges were replaced by the Smaller 6 round carton to save these cartridges from being lost and thrown away because of the large capacity boxes. These are very Scarce, and first we have had in over 20 years. Original Unissued Condition. Classic display with the M1 Carbine M8 Grenade Launcher as used with Winchester, Inland, Rock Ola, Quality Hardware, Irwing Pedersen and other M1 Carbines during WW2. We Have just a very few cartons while they last,  Each $75.00

002038 Evansville Ordnance, 50 Round Carton, .45 M1911 Steel Cased Cartridges, WW2

WW2 Evansville Ordnance Plant 50 round carton of .45 M1911 Steel cased cartridges in Excellent Condition as issued with Colt, Remington, Ithaca etc M1911A1 .45 autos and Thompson SMGs and M3 Grease guns. Excellent condition original carton of ammo.  $35.00

002037 Winchester Manufactured, 20 Round Carton, .45 M1911 Ammo, WW2

WW2 Original 20 Round Carton of Winchester Manufactured M1911 .45 Ammo as used with the Colt, Remington and Ithaca pistols as well as M3 Grease Gun and Thompson SMGs. Excellent condition. $20.00

001803 WW1 US Army 5 round clip Dummy .30-06 Ammo

Original US Army 5 round stripper clip of US Army Dummy .30-06 Ammo for use with M1903 Springfield and/or Model 1917 Enfield Rifles made by Winchester, Remington and Eddystone. Great for display with rifles and cartridge belts. Nice Condition. Per Stripper Clip of ammo. $15.00

001669 WW2 20 Round Carton, .30 Caliber Armor Piercing Ammo, Twin City Ordnance Plant
WW2 20 round carton of .30 Caliber Armor Piercing Ammo. Twin City Ord. Plant, Excellent Condition. $32.00
001569 WW2 US Army .30 Caliber M1 Carbine Grenade Launcher Carbines
WW2 US Army Caliber 30 M1 Carbine Grenade Launching Cartridges.

Excellent Condition. Per each cartridge, $5.00

001514 WW1 Remington Mark 3 - 10 Gauge White Signal Round
WW1 Remington Mark 3, 10 Gauge White Signal Round.

Excellent Condition, Scarce. $20.00

001513 WW1 Remington Mark 3 - 10 Gauge Red Signal Round
WW1 Remington Mark 3, 10 Gauge Red Signal Round.

Excellent Condition, Rare. $20.00

001160 Original Frankford Arsenal, Copper Cased, Inside Benet Primed Rifle Ammo, 1880's Dated
Original Frankford Arsenal Copper inside Benet primed Rifle Ammo Dated in the early 1880s with FA marking for Frankford Arsenal and R for Rifle. While these early rifle rounds still had the 405 grain bullet, the powder charge was 70 grains. That is why they distinguished the two different rounds with C and R. Excellent Condition. Per round... $18.00
001239 WW2 US 25mm or 1" Red Star Flares for Very & Signal Pistols
WW2 US 25mm or 1" red Star Flare for Very or Signal Pistol. US navy marked box. Mint Condition. Lot of three in Carton. $25.00
001230 WW1 US Air Service 30 Caliber MG Ammo for Aircraft
WW1 US Air service 20 round carton of caliber 30 Machine Gun Ammo as used in Lewis, Marlin, and Vicker's Aircraft Machineguns. Excellent Condition. Rare... $75.00
001229 WW2 US M1911 .45 Auto Cartridges, Frankford Arsenal
WW2 US M1911 .45 Auto Cartridges in original Frankford Arsenal labeled 20 round Carton. Super for display. $30.00
000805 WW2 German Box of 9mm Parabellum Ammo
WW2 German Box of 9mm Parabellum Ammo. Original. $20.00
000769 Sealed Carton, WW2 12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridges
 WW2 Sealed Brown Carton of 25 12 gauge Shotgun Cartridges. Paper Cartridges. Mint Condition. Never opened. A superb addition to the WW2 Trench Gun display. $125.00
000768 M1 Carbine Grenade Launching Cartridges, M6
WW2 M1 Carbine Grenade Launching Cartridges, M6. Original labeled Sealed carton of M6 cartridges. Excellent Condition, Original Issue. Used with the M8 grenade launcher. $35.00
000758 Carton of 20 Caliber 30/40 Krag & M1895 Winchester Cartridges
Winchester carton of 20 Caliber 30/40 Krag and M1895 Winchester Cartridges. Excellent Condition. Scarce... $69.00
000757 UMC 7mm Cartridges for Remington Rolling Block & Spanish 7mm
Original UMC Carton of 20 7mm Cartridges for use with Remington Rolling Block and Spanish 7mm Rifles. Excellent Condition.... $49.00
000756 20 Round Carton, Caliber 30 Blank Cartridges, Frankford Arsenal
Frankford Arsenal 20 round carton of Caliber 30 blank cartridges Model 1903 as chambered for 1906 ammo. These have the paper bullets. Excellent Condition. Rare Used for training soldiers, training cavalry horses, funerals and ceremonial use. $60.00
000755 US Army Carton of 50 .45 Caliber DUMMY Cartridges, WW2
WW2 US Army Carton of 50 .45 caliber DUMMY Cartridges for use with the M1911A1 Pistols, and Thompson Sub Machineguns, and M3A1 Grease Guns, etc. Great for display where live ammo would be of danger, WW2 Ammo collection. Excellent Condition. Rare to find. $75.00
000737 M8 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare, WW2 Dated
WW2 Dated M8 Flare Gun 37mm Red Star Parachute Flare. Live Condition. Each...$35.00
000707 US 20 Round Carton, Remington 30/40 Krag Ammo, Dated 1917
US 20 round contract carton of Remington 30/40 Krag Ammo. Dated 1917 as made during WW1. Excellent Condition. Full contents. $49.00
000705 WW1 20 Round Carton of Russian Contract 7.62 Rifle Ammo
  WW1 20 Round carton of Remington Manufactured Russian Army Contract 7.62 Rifle Ammo as issued with the Mosin Nagant Rifle. This ammo also issued with the US Army Remington and Westinghouse M1891 Mosin Nagant. Excellent Condition. Rare... $75.00
000704 30/40 Krag and Winchester M1895 Blank Cartridges, Carton of 20
Original Carton of 20 caliber 30/40 Krag and Winchester M1895 Blank Cartridges with the paper bullets. Excellent + Condition... Great for display with Krag Carbine and Rifle Collection. $49.00
000695 Vietnam War Flechettes for Trench Shotgun & Artillery Shells
Vietnam War Flechettes. These were used in both 12 Gauge Trench Shotgun rounds and Artillery Shells. Excellent Condition...lot of 25 for $5.00
000566 WW2 Carton of Dummy M1 .30 Carbine Ammo

WW2 50 round carton of Dummy M1 .30 Carbine Ammo. Made by Winchester. Nice Condition, Rare. $100.00

000511 .45-70 Rifle Blanks, Box of 50

Box of 50 .45-70 rifle Blanks. Loaded. Great find from old Hollywood Movie Studio. Excellent Condition, $25.00.

000359 WW1, Lot of 15, .30 Caliber Brass Case

WW1 Lot of 15 .30 caliber brass case. Great for filling belts, MG links, etc. The lot $10.00