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US Wooden Ammo, Ordnance & Shipping Crates, Boxes, Etc.


WW1 Remington Manufactured Ammo Crate for 7.62 Russian Mosin Nagant Rifle w/ Russian Markings on Ends, Very Scarce

WW1 Remington Manufactured Ammo Crate for the 7.62 Ammo for the WW1 Remington Mosin Nagant rifle. Complete with tin liner. Russian Markings on end. Very Scarce. $225.00


US M1917A1 Wooden MG Ammo Box for Tripod Cradle

US M1917A1 Wooden MG Ammo Box for use with Tripod and Cradle. $100.00


WW2 US Wooden Shipping Crate for 1500 Armor Piercing Cartridges

WW2 US Army Wooden Shipping crate for 1500 Cartridges Armor Piercing. Exc condition. Nice clear markings. Great find for display with M1 Garand Collection or M1919A4 MG Collection. $125.00


WW2 US Wooden Crate w/ Tin Liner, for 1500 Cartridges Cal. 30 M2

WW2 US Wooden Crate and marked for 1500 Caliber 30 M2. Complete with tin liner. Beautiful condition with sharp clear markings!  Great for display with M1 Garand or M1919A4 MG display. $125.00


WW2 US Wooden Shotgun Shell Shipping Crate

WW2 US Wooden Shotgun Shell Shipping crate for 360 rounds of No 8 Chilled 12 ga. shells. No lid. Excellent condition. Superb addition to WW2 US Trench Shotgun display/exhibit. $225.00

002308 WW2 US Army .30 Caliber, 1500 Round Wooden Shipping Crate

WW2 US Army 1500 round wooden .30 caliber shipping crate for ammunition.  $95.00

002289 Composition B, Explosives Crate w/ Markings, Vietnam War

Vietnam War Era Composition B, Explosives Crate/Wooden Box with markings. Excellent Condition. $42.50

002087 US Army M18 Smoke Grenades Box
US Army Wooden Box for M18 Smoke Grenades. Excellent Condition. Vietnam War and Later. Excellent Condition. Great for use in War bunker display, etc. $32.00
001992 Wood Ammo Case, 1000 Ball Cartridges .30 Cal, 1898 Krag, Scarce

1000 Ball Cartridges Caliber 30 Model 1898 as made by Remington Union Metallic Cartridge Co. for the 30/40 Krag Springfield rifle. Complete with tinned liner. Missing just the simple wooden lid to complete. Superb addition to Span Am. War and 1900s Springfield Krag rifle and Carbine display, particularly when display with a few cartons of ammo!  Excellent Condition. Scarce. $195.00

001990 1876 Dated Watervliet Arsenal Shipping Crate for 250 Carbine Snap Hook Swivels

Custer Era 1876 dated Watervliet Arsenal Shipping crate for 250 Carbine Snap hook swivels  as used with the Model 1874 narrow .45-70 Carbine Sling rings. 1/2 of lid remains. Full original markings are bright and clean. No dry rot to wood. Superb Indian War item for use in Arsenal or Camp display of the period. Obtain by early day collector Rudy Marek of Banks, Oregon who obtained it from Bannerman's in the late 1950s and I purchased it from his estate. Wonderful piece of Indian War military history and a real museum piece. $450.00

001679 WW2 Dated, 500 Round Electrical Blasting Cap, Shipping Crate
WW2 dated 500 round Electrical Blasting Cap Wooden Shipping Crate. Excellent Condition. $85.00
001658 WW2 M1917A1 .30 BMG Wooden 250 Round Ammo Box
WW2 M1917A1 .30 BMG Wooden 250 round ammo Box with web handle. Nice Condition. $85.00
001106 WW2 C-3 Composition Demolition Block, Wooden Shipping Crate
WW2 Wooden composition C-3 Demo Block US Army Shipping crate. Nice markings and Very Good original condition. Classic for Combat Demolition display. $50.00


US Metal Ammo, Ordnance & Shipping Cans, Boxes, Etc.


WW1 US Army 1200 Round Metal Ammo Can, Shown In WW1 Collectors Handbooks, Rare

WW1 US Army 1200 Round Metal Ammo Can as issued during WW1. Shown in the WW1 Collectors handbooks. Rare. $150.00


US Navy, Lyle Line Throwing Cannon, Brass Powder Can w/ Lid, Rare

Original Brass Powder Can for US Navy Lyle Line Throwing Cannon with lid. Excellent condition. Rare. $395.00


WW2 US Army .30 Caliber Metal Machinegun Belt Can w/ Lid

WW2 US Army .30 Caliber Metal Machinegun belt can with lid. Nice original paint. Free of dents and rusting. Getting hard to find to complete the M1919A4 Browning Machinegun Display. $35.00


WW2 US Army Side Opening .50 Cal 105-rd Metal Ammo Cans

WW2 US Army side opening .50 Caliber 105 round metal ammo cans in VG original Cond. $29.50


WW2 US Army .50 Cal "Tombstone" Quad Can, for M45 Quad Mount

WW2 US Army .50 Caliber Tombstone Quad Can for use with the M45 Quad mount. Used, Very good condition. Need good cleaning and painting. They are complete with internal reels, etc. Each $400 each or I can sell four for use with Quad Mount or Quad halftrack for $1350.00

002006 WW2 US Army 1917A1 .30 Cal Ammo Can for Tripod Cradle

WW2 US Army 1917A1 .30 Caliber Browning MG Metal can with clip on end of can for affixing to the M1917A1 MG Tripod Cradle. Very nice condition overall. $80.00

001671 US Army M17 .50 BMG Metal Ammo Chest, Early WW2
Early WW2 US Army M17 Metal Ammo Chest for 50 BMG. Very Good Condition. $65.00
001494 WW2 US Army M1 Ammo Chest for Browning Auto Rifle
US Army WW2 M1 Ammo Chest for Browning Auto Rifle. Excellent unissued Condition. Still wrapped as packed for US Army Storage. These held the preloaded BAR Magazines of ammo. Choice Condition. $250.00
001245 WW2 US Army .30 Caliber Ammo Can, as used in Tanks
WW2 US Army 30 Caliber Ammo Can for belt of MG Ammo. original white paint for use in Tank. Scarce. $45.00