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WW1 USN/USMC Landing Forces Bugle, WW1 Dated, Rare

WW1 US Navy Landing Force Bugle. Measures overall length of 15 inches. Original chain to hold mouth piece. Marked with large letters "U.S.N." and maker's marking Millard Company Contract 39866 and dated of 7-26-18. These Bugles were issued to both US Navy Landing Forces and US Marine Corps. Rare. $325.00

002231 USN NAVSEA Mk1, Mod 1 Flotation Bladder, Vietnam War

Vietnam War USN  NAVSEA Mk 1 Mod 1 Flotation Bladder. OD Canvas. Excellent Condition. $42.50

002224 WW2 USN Blue Wool Trunks, UDT, Etc

WW2 USN Blue wool Trunks. Excellent Condition. Great find for Navy Seal or underwater demolition display. Excellent Condition. $20.00

001724 WW2 Navy Boat Anchor w/ Cable Cutter, Rare
WW2 Navy Boat Anchor with cable cutting device attached to it. Rare. $75.00
001696 WW2 US Navy Rubber Cement, Used w/ the Mk V Navy Dive Suit
WW2 1 Quart can of US Navy Rubber Cement as used with the Mk V navy Dive Suit. Excellent Condition. $35.00
001504 WW2 USN Musette Bag, w/ Strap that Converts to Backpack, Rare
WW2 USN Musette Bag with strap that converts it to backpack. Nice Condition. Another great find for the US Navy Combat medic Corpsman display.

Rare. $150.00

000873 US Navy Mark 1 PAL Knife w/ Sheath, Unissued in Paper Wrapper
WW2 US Navy Mark 1 Pal Knife with sheath. Unissued Condition still sealed in the original paper wrapper. $225.00
000853 WW2 US Navy Enlisted Dress Blue Cap
WW2 US Navy Enlisted Dress Blue Cap. Mint Condition. Size 7 1/4. $25.00
000849 WWW2 US Navy Signal Drift Bomb, Bronze, Very Rare
WW2 US Navy Signal Drift Bomb, Bronze. These are made of pressed ceramic type materiel that break into a bronze powdery substance when dropped from airplane. About 10" high by 3" diameter. Excellent Condition. Very Rare. $50.00
000826 USN Mark 10 Angle Solver for Ordnance Gunnery
WW2 US Navy Mark 10 Angle Solver for Ordnance Gunnery. Mint Condition... $10.00
000656 WW2 Book of 10 US Navy "PULL" Matches
WW2 Book of 10 US Navy "PULL" matches. Great find for Navy personal
display. Rare, $10.00
000583 WW2 USN Flag 4-Bar Type

WW2 US Navy Flag four Bar type in red and black. Very Good Condition. $20.00

000453 WW2 US Navy Tan Leather Chin Cup for Flight Helmet
WW2 US Navy Tan Leather Chin Cup for Flight Helmet, Excellent Condition, $25.00
000377 WW2 US Navy Mk.2 Machete Sheath

"WW2 US Navy/ "U.S.N." Mk 2 Machete Sheath. Tan color. Excellent Condition. $30.00

000356 WW2 USN Talker's Helmet, Chin Cup System

WW2 US Navy Talker's Helmet Leather chin cup system. Complete. Mint Condition, $25.00

000325 WW2 US Navy CG-4 Gunsight Camera Film Magazine

WW2 US Navy CG-4 Navy Gunsight Camera Film magazine, Excellent Condition, $9.00

000312 WW2 US Navy 40mm Bofor Muzzle Cover

WW2 US Navy 40mm Bofor Gun Muzzle Cover, Mint Condition. $20.00

000208 WW2 US Navy Knitted Waist Band for Flight Jacket

WW2 US Navy Brown (Band is actually Brown, unlike .jpg shows) Knitted Waist Band for Flight jacket. Mint Condition. $20.00

000192 WW2 US Navy Non-Spill Ink Well
WW2 US Navy Non Spill Ink Well in Carton, Mint $10.00
000068 WW2 US Navy TB-8 Flashlight

WW2 US Navy TB-8 Flashlight in the Original paper carton of Issue. Excellent Condition. $29.00

000024 USN Marked Flashlight

Vietnam War US Navy, USN marked Flashlight. Made by Fulton. Excellent Condition. $20.00