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US Marine Corps Issued Blanket

US Marine Corps Blanket. A must to complete the pack roll and display. Forest Green with the stripes on either end. $75.00

003960 1898 - 1918, USMC Sgt Dress Chevrons, Mint Condition, Pair

Original 1898 to 1918 USMC Sgt Dress chevrons, Mint, the pair, $85.00

003955 1898 - 1918, USMC Tan Linen Sgt's Summer Chevrons, Pair, Rare

USMC Tan Linen Sgt's Summer Chevrons. Mint original pair. Rare. Circa 1898 to 1918 period, the pair, $85.00

003954 1898 - 1918, USMC White Linen Corporal's Tropical Chevrons, Pair, Rare

USMC White Linen Corporal's Tropical chevrons, Mint original pair, Rare, circa 1898 to 1918 period. The set, $85.00

003953 1898 - 1918, USMC White Linen Corporal Tropical Chevrons, Pair, Rare

USMC White Linen Corporal Tropical Chevrons, Original, The pair Circa 1898 to 1918 period, The set, Rare, $65.00

003926D WW2 USMC Officer's Mess Plate

WW2 USMC officer's Mess Plate, marked and dated. $25.00

003923D WW2 USMC Canteen & Cup w/ Unit ID'd Cover

Unit ID'd USMC Canteen Cover with 44 Vollrath Canteen and WW2 Cup.  $175.00

003740 WW2, 2nd Model USMC Canteen Cover

WW2 2nd Model Canteen USMC Cover. Nice cond. $100.00

003739 1st Pattern, WW2 US Marine Corps Canteen Cover w/ Bottom filling hole

1st Pattern WW2 Marine Corps Canteen Cover with hole in bottom for filling Canteen. Nice cond. $100.00

003723 WW2 US Navy HBT Jacket, Size 44, as Issued/Worn by Navy Corpsman assigned to US Marine Corps

WW2 US Navy HBT jacket. Like new Condition. Size 44. Type issued and worn by Navy Corpsman assigned to US Marine Corps. Rare in this Size and Cond. $200.00


WW2 USMC Ladies ~or~ Woman Marine Corps, M1941 Jacket w/ Cutter Tags

WW2 USMC Ladies or Woman Marine Corps M1941 Jacket. Like new with cutter Tags. Size 12. Original. $95.00  

*Please Note: Variance in Color is due to exterior lighting


WW2 USMC Ladies ~or~ Woman Marine Corps, M1941 Jacket w/ Cutter Tags

WW2 USMC Ladies or Woman Marine Corps M1941 Jacket. Like new with cutter Tags. Size 12. Original. $95.00

*Please Note: Variance in Color is due to exterior lighting


WW2 USMC Sun Helmet, w/ EGA

WW2 USMC Sun helmet with Eagle/Globe/Anchor. like new. Old price inked out inside Helmet only. Beautiful condition. $95.00


WW2 USMC Rubberized Jungle Hat, Rare

Rare WW2 USMC rubberized Jungle Hat. Size 7 1/4. Dated 1943. Stiff but in nice Cond. Rare. $125.00


USMC Embroidered Forrest Green Wool Blanket

USMC embroidered Forrest Green wool blanket with black stripes as issued in WW1 and WW2. Classic piece to complete the USMC Pack. $125.00


WW1 USN/USMC Landing Forces Bugle, WW1 Dated, Rare

WW1 US Navy Landing Force Bugle. Measures overall length of 15 inches. Original chain to hold mouth piece. Marked with large letters "U.S.N." and maker's marking Millard Company Contract 39866 and dated of 7-26-18. These Bugles were issued to both US Navy Landing Forces and US Marine Corps. Rare. $325.00

002713 WW2 USMC Haversack Backpack

WW2 USMC Haversack that converts to Backpack. Very Good Condition. $125.00

002570 USMC Forest Green Wool Enlisted "Horse Blanket" Overcoat

US Marine Corps Forest Green wool enlisted overcoat. VF/Exc Cond. Has US Marine Quartermaster markings of 1921-22 in sleeve. Has name of marine and Size 37 markings.  Complete with all the Marine Corps Eagle/Glove and Anchor buttons. Referred to as the Horse blanket by old-time Marines as they were made of heavy forest green wool. Great immediate Post WW1 Overcoat. $225.00

002474 WW2 USMC MP Armband

WW2 Marine Corps MP Armband/brassard. Shows some age, Nice $50.00

002473 WW2 USMC MP Brassard

WW2 marine Corps MP Armband/brassard. $50.00

002472 WW2 USMC MP Brassard, Exc. Condition

WW2 Marine Corps MP armband, Exc. $50.00

002199 WW1 USMC Marked, Long Drawers worn w/ Forest Green Uniform Trousers

WW1 USMC marked Long Drawers for wear with Forest Green Uniform trousers. Excellent Condition. $32.50

002194 USMC Equipment Bag, for Intrusion Detector Set, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Marine Corps Equipment Bag for intrusion detector set AN/GRA-6. CW-189/GR. Excellent Condition. $25.00

002192 WW2 USMC Issue Waist Belt, w/ 5 Snaps, for Mine Bags, Pouches, Etc.

WW2 USMC issue waist belt with five snaps for carrying Mine Bags, M1 Carbine Pouches, etc. Unissued condition. Fits up to size 42 inch Waist!!  Great for use with Marine Corps Trousers, etc. $35.00

001931 Set of USMC Camo Shelter Half Straps, Vietnam War, Mint

Vietnam War set of USMC Camouflaged  set of Shelter half Straps. Mint Condition, Set of three $18.00

001918 USMC Officer's Bullion & Red Campaign Hat Cord
US Marine Corps Officer’s Bullion and Red Campaign hat Cord. Like new condition. $75.00 
001897 "Heroes of the US Marine Corps 1861-1955" by Jane Blakeney, Rare 1st Edition
Rare lst Edition, "Heroes of the US Marine Corps 1861-1955" by Jane Blakeney. 621 pages. This is a must have reference for the Marine Corps Medal Collector and Historian. Published in 1955. Very Rare. Excellent condition. $350.00 
001891 US Marine Corps, Large Carved Wooden EGA
US Marine Corps Carved wooden Eagle/Globe and Anchor Design. Excellent overall condition. Measure approximately 16 inches high by 12 inches wide. Superb display piece. $125.00 
001807-A WW2 USMC Folding Heating Stove, for Canteens, Mess Kits, Etc. 1943 - Dated

WW2 US Marine Corps heating stove as used with Canteen, Canteen Cup and Mess kit. Marked USMC and dated 1943. Used with the small issue heating tablets. Rare to find to complete the WW2 set of Marine field equipment and pack display and to display with mess equipment. $10.00


Early - WW2 USMC Marked & Labeled Heating Tablets

WW2 Original USMC marked and labeled tube of Heating tablets in the blue and yellow tube. These bear USMC markings on the label. Very Rare. Per Tube, $42.50

001806 WW2 USMC Canvas Semaphore Flag Carry Case
WW2 US Marine Corps Canvas Case for use with Signal Semaphore Flags. Mint Condition. $35.00 Each
001234 WW2 USMC Shipping Carton, for Chest Set TD-1
WW2 Marine Corps shipping carton ONLY for Chest set TD-1. Great for display in USMC Collection. $10.00
001007 WW2 US Army / USMC Camo Sniper Veil, used w/ M1 Helmet
US Army/US Marine Corps Camo Sniper Veil as used over the M1 Helmet. These were also used for protection from Insects. Super item to display with your M1 Helmet along with your Remington 03A4 Sniper Rifle or M1C or M1D Garand. Mint Condition. $35.00
000829 "Uniforms & Insignia of the US Marine Corps" by Co. Dion Williams
Reprint: Uniforms & Insignia of the US Marine Corps 1918 by Col Dion Williams, USMC. 40 pages illustrated on Officer's and Enlisted uniforms. $20.00
000830 "The United States Marine Corps in WW1" by Maj. Edwin McClellan
Reprint: The United States Marine Corps in the World War by Maj. Edwin McClellan. Washington Government Printing Office 1920. 108 pages. Accurate USMC History of the Marines during the First World War, and where various regiments stationed, battle history, etc, etc. A must for the Marine WW1 Historian and Collector. $20.00
000940 USMC M1887 Mill's Stamped Brass .45-70 Cartridge Belt Plate
Repro USMC M1887 Mill's Stamped brass .45-70 Cartridge Belt plate with catch with the Stamped Eagle/Globe/Anchor Insignia on front. (I am seeking an original of this plate for my personal collection). $69.00
000658 Original WW2 Molle Brushless Shaving Cream
Original WW2 Carton with Molle Brushless Shaving Cream. Mint Condition, $20.00
000666 WW2 Pack of Chesterfield Cigarettes, Unopened
WW2 Packet of Chesterfield Cigarettes, Unopened, Excellent Condition. Great addition to any GI display. $45.00
000685 WW2 Package of LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes, White Package
WW2 Package of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. This is the later war White package after Lucky removed the Green dye for the War Cause. Scarce. $60.00
000709 WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined
WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined. 110 pages with hundreds of WW1 items clearly photographed and identified. Considered as the bible on WW1. Covers all US Doughboy equipment, uniforms, aviation, Marine, navy, Cavalry equipment, Wings, North Russia, Siberia, and charts that break down Divisional Information, Collar Disc numbers for Division, correct bars for Victory medals and much, much more.
Autographed by the author Hayes Otoupalik to you. Dealers write for discount. $24.50
000714 "The Eagle, Globe and Anchor 1868 to 1968", Illustrated.
The Eagle, Globe and Anchor 1868 to 1968. Reprint for the 164 page Marine Corps Historical Study on the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Insignia. Heavily illustrated. $39.00
000715 "Uniform Regulations, US Marine Corps, 1937", 134 pages w/ Index
Uniform Regulations, US Marine Corps, 1937. Reprint of the rare Marine regulations 134 pages with index. $29.00
000726 Packet of Howard's Razor Blades, for Shaving, WW2
WW2 Packet of Howard's Razor Blades for shaving. Mint condition. Nice GI personal item. $5.00
000770 WW2 USMC White Dress Gloves
WW2 USMC White dress gloves for Officer's and Enlisted Men. like new condition and still retain the original WW2 price ceiling tag. hard to find to complete the uniform ensemble. No size choice. Sold for display. $49.00
000796 WW2 USMC Black Leather Issue Chinstrap, for Enlisted Peak Cap
WW2 USMC Black Leather issue chin strap for Enlisted Peaked Cap. Mint Condition. Complete your USMC Peaked Cap... $12.00
000799 WW2 USMC Semaphore Signal Flag Case
WW2 USMC Semaphore Flag Signal Case. Unissued condition except for light rust on buckle. Scarce Marine Corps piece of Equipment, and missing from the more advanced Marine collections. Each...$20.00
000554 WW2 USMC Brass Rectangular Belt Plate

USMC WW2 Brass Rectangular Dress Belt plate with catch, Excellent Condition. $15.00

000570 WW2 USMC Hooked Bill Wire Cutters, Rare

WW2 USMC marked Belt Wire Cutters with hooked bill. Rare. Still in the Cosmoline. $100.00

000571 WW2 USMC Belt Pouch for USMC Wire Cutters

WW2 USMC Canvas Belt Pouch for USMC Wire Cutters. Rare. $42.50

000500 WW2 USMC Set of Green Straps for Shelter Half, Poncho Roll

WW2 USMC set of three Green Straps for Shelter Half and/or Poncho Roll, Excellent Condition. $18.00

000499 WW2 USMC Set of Camo Straps for Shelter Half, Poncho Roll

WW2 USMC set of three Camouflage Straps for Shelter Half and/or Poncho Roll, Excellent Condition, $18.00

000490 WW1 USMC Canvas Leggings, Khaki

WW1 USMC Khaki Canvas Leggings with strings. Marked with USMC Phila Dept Markings, Mint Condition. Rare, $42.00

000456 WW2 USMC Cartridge Belt, Made for Movie Windtalkers

WW2 10 Pocket USMC Cartridge belt, Repro, made for the Movie Windtalkers, Mint Condition. $45.00

000364 WW2 USMC 2 Pocket Grenade Carrier

WW2 USMC 2 pocket Grenade carrier. Very good original Condition. $67.50

000321 USMC Camo Shelter Half, Vietnam War

Vietnam War USMC Camouflaged Shelter Half. Excellent Condition, Rare $245.00

000245 USMC White .45 Auto Magazine Pouch

USMC White .45 Auto Magazine Pouch, Used, Nice Condition. $20.00

000244 USMC White Belt Suspension Loop, for .45 Auto Holster

USMC White Belt Suspension loop for .45 auto Holster, Nice Condition. $10.00

000243 WW2 USMC White, Sword Hanger Strap

WW2 USMC White Sword Hanger Strap. Excellent Condition. $20.00

000165 WW2 US Jungle First Aid Kit, Issued to Marines

WW2 US Army Jungle First Aid Kit. Widely issued also to US Marines. Very Good Condition. No Contents. $25.00

000148 WW1 US Marine Corps Flag Bearer's Harness

WW1 US Army Flag Bearer's harness. Used for Carrying Regimental and American flag. Excellent Condition. Also issued to US Marines. Rare $129.00

0000141 WW2 US Marine Wool Scarf

WW2 US Marine Corps Forest Green Wool Scarf. Excellent condition. $20.00

0000117 WW1 US Marine Corp Recruiting Poster

WW1 US Marine Corps Recruiting Poster. Approx 20X30 inches. Reproduction. $19.00

000054 WW2 USMC Black Enamel Canteen

WW2 US Black Enamel Canteen with plastic Cap. Few minor chips to enamel finish. Issued to US Marines. Rare. $39.00