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WW1 US Uniforms, Overcoats, Under Garments, Buttons, Etc.


WW1 US 39th Division Field Tunic w/ French Made Insignia and Cyclone Patch

WW1 39th division tunic. Beautiful French made patch Discharge stripe, 1 overseas stripe and Corporal Chevron. No collar Discs. Nice cond. Beautiful Cyclone Patch. Scarce. $225.00


US Circa 1902, Private Purchase Artillery Officer's Trousers

US Private Purchase Artillery Officer's Trousers Circa 1902 with belt loops and belted back. couple negligible moth  nips but rate Excellent Condition. Missing couple buttons on fly. Easily replaced. $195.00

002200 WW1 US Army Depot Marked & Dated, Long Drawers, Used w/ WW1 Army Issue Wool Breeches

WW1 US Army Depot marked and dated 1917 Long Drawers for wear with US Army WW1 Wool Breeches. Excellent Condition, Scarce. $32.50

002106 WW1 US Soldier's Poncho
WW1 US soldier's Doughboy's Poncho. Excellent condition. This is one of the hardest pieces of
WW1 field equipment and uniform items to locate from WW1. $795.00
001887 WW1 US M1912 Parka, Rare

Rare WW1 M1912 Parka. Developed before WW1, the US Army modified these in WW1 and added fur to the cuffs and hood. Excellent Condition. Made with drawstrings at cuff and edges of hood. See page 254, "Uniforms, Equipment and Weapons of the American Expeditionary Forces in World War 1" by Bret Werner. This is one of the rarest WW1 Doughboy piece of Uniforms to find for the collection. $500.00 

000340 US Darkened Bronze Eagle Small Buttons

WW1 US darkened Bronze Eagle small uniform buttons, Mint Condition, per button, $3.50

000339 US Darkened Bronze Eagle Large Buttons

WW1 US Darkened Bronze Eagle large uniform Buttons, Mint Condition, per button $3.50


WW1 US Helmets, Flight Caps, Toques & Other Headgear, Chinstraps, Etc.


WW1 Pilot's and/or Dispatch Rider's Leather Skull Cap, Made by Skully Bros.

WW1 Pilots and/or dispatch riders Leather Skull Cap. Made by Skully Bros. Nice Condition. $125.00


WW1 US M1917 Helmet w/ Full Chinstrap & Superb Liner

US WW1 M1917 Helmet with full liner and chin strap. Exc condition. Superb Liner and Strap. $225.00


US M1917 Trench Helmet w/ Full Liner & Chinstrap

US Model 1917 Trench Helmet with full liner and strap. Nice condition. Never any insignia painted on it and as issued in the Trenches.  Very Good Condition. $175.00


M1907 Winter Wool Arctic Cap w/ Contract Tag, Size 7-1/2, Sanitary Corps Officer ID'd

M1907 Winter Wool Arctic cap. Has contract tag  with big desirable Size  7 1/2 label and named to Lt. H.N. Calver, Sanitary Corps, National Army. Great WW1 headgear and missing from most WW1 Collections. Great find to display with overcoat, etc. $75.00


WW1 US M1917 Helmet w/ Liner and Chinstrap

WW1 US Model 1917 helmet with liner and chin strap. No painting and just as issued to the doughboys in 1917 and 1918. Getting hard to find like this for the 100th Anniversary of the Great War. Nice liner and intact legible tag in Crown. $195.00


WW1 British Brodie Helmet w/ Full Liner & Chin Strap, American Issued

WW1 British Brodie Helmet with liner and chin strap.  Issued to American Soldier with Initials JTS 1918 on inside of rim. Nice example. $175.00


WW1 1st Lt. Overseas Cap, Blue Silk Lining

WW1 1st Lt. Overseas Cap with blue silk lining. Excellent Condition. $65.00


WW1 US Overseas Cap w/ Infantry Disc

WW1 Overseas Cap with Infantry disc.  Few scattered moth nips. Leather sweatband. Very good original. $40.00


WW1 Motorcycle Dispatch Rider's Black Leather Skull Cap

WW1  Dispatch Rider's Black leather Cap for Motor Cycle driver.  Came with this headgear collection out of a museum. $45.00


WW1 2nd Lt. Infantry Officer's Overseas Cap, ID'd

WW1 Infantry Officer's Cap. blue Braid. Gold Lt. Bar and named to a Lt. G. A. King. Silk lined with leather sweatband. $85.00


WW1 1st Lt. Infantry Officer's Overseas Cap, ID'd

WW1 Infantry Officer's Cap. Blue braid, Silver Lt Bar and named to a Lt. G. A. King. Silk lined with leather sweatband. $85.00


WW2 XL Sized Wool Overseas Cap

WW2 XL Size wool Overseas Cap. Size 7 3/4. Exc. Rare in this size. $85.00


WW1 US M1917 Helmet w/ Liner and Chinstrap

WW1 US Model 1917 Helmet with Liner and Chin strap. Plain and as issued to the US Doughboys in the Trenches. $150.00


WW1 Chaplain's Overseas Cap, British Made, dated 1918, Rare

WW1 Chaplain's Overseas Cap with Black Braid. British Made, dated 1918. Size 7 1/2. Rare. $75.00


WW1 Officer's Tank Corps Overseas Cap w/ Captain's Rank

WW1 Officer's Overseas cap with Captain's Rank and small tank insignia on side. did not come with above coat, but displays well with it. $135.00


WW1 Wool Soldier's Winter Toque

WW1 Wool Toque. Nice condition. Great item for the Doughboy Winter display. $49.00


WW1, American Red Cross, Soldier's Winter Wool Toque

WW1 Wool toque Has American Red Cross Tag for Buffalo NY Chapter. Nice condition. $49.00


M1902 Bell Crown Visor Cap, US Army/Militia/NG... w/ Bullion Bandsmen Lyre & Wreath Insignia, Named

M1902 Bell Crown Visor Cap as issued to US Army and Militia and NG Band members. Has bullion wreath and lyre on front with bullion chin cord and Musician lyre side buttons. Exc condition. Made by Pettibone. Has Soldier's name on ink tag on sweatband. $149.00


WW1 ~ WW2 US Army Infantry Enlisted Montana Peak Campaign Hat, Complete w/ DI & Cords

Between the War US Army Infantry Enlisted Montana Peak Campaign Hat. Small Size, but has great sweatband, Leather head strap, Blue hat Cord, and enameled unit DI on front. No mothing. displays like a Million dollar bill. Superb form to hat. Crispy appearance in display. $100.00

002709 WW1 M1917 Camo Helmet Shell

WW1 Camo Helmet Shell. Very Good Condition. No liner or strap. Dead Real. $125.00

002707 WW1 US M1917, 89th Division, 341st MG Brigade Helmet, RARE

WW1 US 89th Division Painted helmet with liner and partial Strap. has the red/blue in the center for the 341st MG Brigade. Great for WW1 Machine gunner display. Rare. $245.00

002706 WW1, US M1917, 92nd Division Painted Helmet, Rare

WW1 US 92 division Painted helmet with liner and no chin strap. All original. Nice Black Soldier Division helmet with the Black Buffalo on blue circular background. Rare $245.00

002705 WW1 US M1917 Painted 91st Division Helmet

WW1 US 9lst Division Painted helmet with liner and partial chin strap. All Original. $125.00

002704 WW1 M1917 US 27th Division Helmet w/ Liner & Partial Chinstrap

WW1 US 27th Division helmet with liner and partial chin strap. All original. Very Good Condition. $135.00

002703 WW1 US M1917, 78th Division Helmet

WW1 US 78th Division helmet. No liner or strap. All original. Very Good Condition. $95.00

002700 US M1917, WW1 30th Division Helmet

WW1 US 30th Division. No liner or or strap. Very Good Condition. Nice Insignia. $95.00

002699 WW1 M1917, US 37th Division Painted Helmet

WW1 US 37th Division Painted helmet. Liner. Some mothing to felt. Very Good Insignia on front. $125.00

002633 M1907 US Army OD Winter Wool Detachable Overcoat Hood

M1907 US Army OD Wool Winter Hood as used with the first Pattern OD Wool Overcoat of M1907. Nice Condition... $75.00

002582 EarlyWW1  British "Brodie" Helmet, US Issue, Officer ID'd

 British 'brodie" Helmet as issued to US Soldier. Named on inside of rim "Capt. W. H. Harnisch, D.C. USA"  Officer Served in the Dental Corps, US Army in the Signal Corps. Very good original Condition... $165.00

002526 US M1912 General Officer's Chapeau de Bras, Full Dress Hat w/ Plumes

US Model 1912 General officer's Chapeau De Bras Full Dress hat with ostrich feathers. Excellent Plus condition. Has Maine State Button. Superb condition and very showy and rare in the head gear collection. $495.00

002307 WW1 US Brown Denim Fatigue Hat, Rare

WW1 Brown Denim Fatigue Hat with faux leather sweatband. Rare. Excellent Condition. $150.00

001223 WW1 US Army Wool Overseas Cap
WW1 US Army wool Overseas Cap. Excellent Condition. $20.00


Hat Cords, Chinstraps, Liners
002659 WW1 US Army Officer's Bullion Hat Cords

WW1 US Army officer's Black and gold bullion Hat Cord, Unissued Condition. $39.00

001793 WW1 US Army Leather Chinstrap

WW1 US Army leather Chin Strap as used on all US Army Enlisted and Officer's Visor Caps from 1912 to 1918. Mint Condition. Impossible to find on the loose. Original. $20.00

001791 WW1 M1917 US Helmet Liner,  Reproduction

Reproduction WW1 M1917 US Helmet Liner. Given their intricate nature they are extremely hard to make and expensive. Beautiful detailed job. A must if you have a Helmet missing the Liner. $100.00


WW1 US Collars, Belts, Boots, Shoes, Leggings & All Other Related Items
003737 WW1 US Officer's Leggings or Puttees

WW1  Leather US Officer's Leggings or Puttees. Nice Cond. The pair, $45.00


WW1 US Officer's Detachable OD Wool Shirt Collar

WW1 US Officer's Detachable Wool OD Shirt collar. Mint unissued condition. Another great item for the foot locker display. $29.50


WW1 US Military Stock White Collars

WW1 US White Military Collar. Marked in side "Military Stock"  Patented Nov. 19, 1917. Great find for officer's display. $29.50


WW1 USS South Dakota (ACR-9) Picture w/ Victory Medal & Navy Escort Bar

USS South Dakota ACR-9 Picture with Original WW1 Victory Medal with Escort Bar. Came together $65.00

002726 WW1 US Army Officer's Sam Brown Belt w/ Shoulder Strap

WW1 US Army Officer's Sam Brown Belt with over shoulder strap. Nice condition. A Must to Complete the Air Service or other combat Officer of the AEF.  The set, $95.00

000879 Army & Navy Store Co. 1918 Catalog
Reprint: Army & Navy Store Co 1918 Catalog. large Military and Naval Outfitters to Officer and Enlisted Men. Heavily illustrated, 32 pages. Covers Uniforms, Insignia, Chevrons, headgear, Wings, Belts, equipment, swords, sword knots, etc, etc. Very interesting. $10.00
000878 The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog
Reprint: The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog. 48 pages illustrated. Cover's Officer and enlisted uniforms, insignia, headgear, swords, belts, pocket and wrist watches, Flags, chevrons, camp equipment, etc. Very informative period reference for Mexican Border through WW1 period. $10.00