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Early-1800's US Eagle-Head Officer's Sword w/ Original Wood Grips & Blued Gilt Blade, Rare

US Eagle-head Officer's Sword with original wood grips and blued and Gilt blade. Circa 1830's or so. Rare. $495.00


M1840 Ames NCO Sword w/ Full Ames Markings, US Inspectors Marks and Civil War Dated 1862

M1840 Ames NCO Sword in fine Condition. Full Ames markings, US inspectors marks and dated 1862. Excellent Overall Condition.. $350.00


US Starr Contract Cavalry/Dragoon Saber w/ Original Scabbard, w/ Full Starr Markings & Inspector Stamps

US Starr Contract Cavalry/Dragoon Saber with original Scabbard. These were issued and carried until replaced by the M1833 Dragoon Saber in the 1830's. Blade has full Starr Markings with Inspectors stamps. Scabbard has been repainted. Very Fine overall condition. $895.00


US Springfield M1873/1884 .45-70 Trapdoor Bayonet w/ Scabbard & NGP Medallion on Frog

US Springfield M1873/1884 .45-70 Trapdoor Bayonet with Scabbard with NGP medallion on frog. For use by the National Guard of Penn.  The set, $195.00


US M1873 Springfield Trapdoor Bayonet w/ Early Long Leather Loop Scabbard

US Springfield M1873 Trapdoor Bayonet with Scabbard.  Early scabbard  with long leather loop marked Watervliet Arsenal. Rare. $250.00


Early Disston & Co., Machete, Rare

Early Disston & Co. Machete. Similar to USMC marked example. Exc. Rare. $100.00


Original, Civil War Era, Dirk w/ German Silver & Ivory Mounts, English Maker

Civil War Era Original Dirk with German Silver cross guard and Ivory handle with English Marker's marks. Nice Cond. Overall 6 inches long.  $225.00


Civil War 7-Rivet .58 Rifle Musket Bayonet Scabbard w/ Hanger & Brass Tip

Civil War 7 Rivet .58 Rifle Musket Bayonet Scabbard with hanger and brass Tip. $100.00


M1905 16-Inch Bayonet w/ SA 1919 Date

M1905 16 inch Knife Bayonet with SA 1919 date. Very Good Original Condition. Rare post War Date. $250.00

003892 M1873 / M1884, US Trapdoor Triangular Bayonet w/ Sheath and US Belt Hook Attachment

M1873 / M1884 Trapdoor Triangular Bayonet with Sheath with US Belt hook Attachment. Lots of blue. VF overall condition. $169.00

003842 WW2, NOS, US Army Elk Hide Thongs for Holsters & Scabbards

WW2 New Old Stock US Army Elk Hide Thongs for M1916 Leather Holsters and others and all WW2 Knife Scabbards and Bayonet Scabbards like M6 Scabbards, M8 Scabbards, etc. Mint Cond. Soft and supple. Have a few, While they last, Each $10.00

003779 Vietnam War, US Camillus Paratrooper Switchblade Knife

Vietnam Camillus  Paratrooper Switchblade Knife. used but in Very good condition. Getting hard to find. $100.00

003772 US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet w/ Scabbard

US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet with Scabbard. US and 1903 dated on Blade. VG condition throughout. Soldier has painted entire bayonet and scabbard with OD paint. VG cond. Bargain price for the set. $125.00


WW2 Army Air Forces, Cattaraugus Folding Machete

WW2 Army Air Cattaraugus Folding US Army Air Force Survival Machete with blade Cover. Very Good Condition. $125.00


WW2 Bone Handled "Western USA" 2-Blade Folding Survival Knife

WW2 Bone Handled "Western USA" Folding 2 blade Survival Knife. Excellent condition. $225.00


WW2 US Army AXE w/ Rubber Handle, SOE & OSS Issue

WW2 US Army AXE with rubber Handle. These were issued to the SOE, and OSS for use in destroying radios, and electrical installations. Rubber handle protective up to 20,000 Volts. Exc. $225.00


WW2 Case XX Army Air Force Survival Machete w/ Blade Protector

WW2 CaseXX  Army Air Force Survival Machete with metal blade protector. VG condition. One small nick in blade. No cracks or chips in grips. Will clean up much better. Bargain. $125.00


WW2 US Camillus Folding Machete w/ Sheet Metal Blade Protector

WW2 US Camillus Folding Machete with sheet metal blade protector. Used but nice condition. $135.00


WW1 M1917 Trench Knife w/ Pyramid Guard & Wooden Handle

WW1 Original M1917 Trench Knife knife with Pyramid Guard and wooden handle. Very nice Condition with excellent high quality exact reproduction Leather Scabbard with mounts like the original. $435.00

002755 WW2 US 1903 & M1 Garand, PAL 16 Inch Bayonet w/ Scabbard, '42 Dated

WW2 US 1903 and M1 Garand 1942 dated PAL 16 inch Bayonet with Scabbard. $295.00

002666 US Army Lineman's Case with Pliers & Knife, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US Army Linesman Pliers and knife with Web Belt Case. Excellent. $42.50

002642 M1913 US Enlisted Patton Sword w/ Web Covered Scabbard

M1913 US Enlisted Patton Sword with web covered Scabbard. Ricasso of blade marked L.F& Co./ US/Ord Bomb and nice WW1 date of 1918. The last of the bright blades as issued to the US Cavalry. Only the elements of the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 12th and 15th Cavalry served in the American Expeditionary Force in France during the Great War. Nice Sword set $650.00

002641 M1913 Nickeled Officer's Patton Sword Scabbard, Rare

M1913 Patton Nickeled Officer's Scabbard. VG/VF overall condition. Used with standard enlisted Patton sword to convert it to an officer's Sword. Pictured along side a standard Enlisted Patton Sword #002642 for comparison only. Rare to find on the loose, to complete your Patton sword. $495.00

002627 US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet, 1902

US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet. Blade marked US and 1902. Very Good Condition. $125.00

002626 US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet, 1900

US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet. Blade marked US and 1900. Very Good Condition. $125.00

002625 US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet, 1898

US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet. Blade marked with US and 1898. Very Nice Condition with Original Scabbard. $225.00

002624 US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet, 1898

US Springfield 30/40 Krag Bayonet. Blade marked with US and 1898. Very Nice Condition with Original Scabbard. $225.00

002615 M3 Trench Knife Replacement Tips, Original

Replacement original Tip for M3 Trench Knife. Great find if you have a shortened or broken blade and to restore it. Rare to find on the loose. $15.00

002607 M1872 .45-70 Springfield Trapdoor Bayonet, Complete

M1873 Springfield .45-70 Trapdoor Bayonet with metal Sheath with Leather belt loops with Brass US rosette. Very Good Condition. . Classic early Trapdoor Bayonet. $150.00

002606 WW2 Remington, PAL-36 Fighting Knife

WW2 Remington Pal-36. Phosphate finish. Very Good Condition. $100.00

002605 WW2 8" Western G-46-8 Fighting Knife, w/ Sheath

WW2 8" Western Fighting Knife. Blade cleaned. Guard slightly loose. With Original Scabbard missing strap for handle. These Big 8" westerns were popular with  Marines, etc. Hard to find. $150.00

002599 WW2 US Army Pocket Knife, 4-Blade Pattern & Bone Grips

WW2 US Army Pocket Knife. Four bladed type with bone handles. VG/VF Condition. Nice. $125.00

002506 US WW1, Model 1917 A.C.Co. Trench Knife

WW1 Model 1917 Trench Knife with flanged guard and exact Repro Scabbard. Guard marked A.C.Co. USA 1917. Very Good Condition Overall. $435.00

002432 US M1913 Patton Sword w/ Original Scabbard

US Model 1913 Patton Sword with original Scabbard. Blade marked with L.F.&C 1918. Very original condition throughout. Classic WW1 US Cavalry Saber adopted in 1913 and used through the end of the US Horse Cavalry days. $650.00

002417 19th Century White Buff Leather US Officer's Saber Hanger

19th Century White Buff Leather US Officer's Saber Hanger marked on back "HORSTMANN---PHILA" Great find to display with US Officer's Saber. $125.00

002360 WW2 OSS Drop Knife, Rare

WW2 OSS Drop Knife as shown in the M.H. Cole Book. Very Good Condition. Rare $450.00

002320 WW2 US Army Collins Machete w/ 1944 Date Canvas Scabbard

WW2 1945 dated US Army Collins Machete with 1944 dated Midland made Canvas Scabbard. Very Good Overall condition. The set, $87.00

002318 Western Bowie Knife, Vietnam War Period

Vietnam War period "WESTERN" Bowie Knife as issued to Special forces. $100.00

002267 Model 1917 A.C. & Co. Trench Knife w/ Scabbard

WW1 Model 1917 Trench Knife with original Scabbard. Marked A.C.& Co. Excellent Condition. With Exact reproduction scabbard. $425.00

002018 WW1 US Model 1917 Trench Knife w/ Sheath
WW1 US Model 1917 Trench Knife with Triangular Blade and original leather sheath. Very Good ~ Very Fine Condition. With exact reproduction scabbard. $425.00
001926 WW2 USMC Bolo w/ Leather Sheath
WW2 USMC Bolo with Leather Sheath with the Clyde maker mark etched on the blade and scabbard marked Boyt USMC 1943. Very nice overall condition. $180.00 
001885 US Model 1917 Bayonet w/ 2nd Pattern Scabbard
US Model 1917 Remington Enfield Bayonet with 2nd pattern Scabbard. Excellent Condition. These were issued with all three makes of the M1917 Rifles and WW1 Trench Shotguns. $300.00 
001884 WW2 US M1903 Mark 1 Navy Training Bayonet w/ USN Mk1 Scabbard
WW2 US M1903 Navy Training Bayonet Mark 1 with the USN Mark 1 Scabbard. Blade and guard are in excellent condition. Rare to find. $400.00 
001882 Indian Wars, Early 1870's Trapdoor Bayonet Scabbard
Rare Indian War early 1870s Trapdoor Scabbard with the swivel and leather belt loop. Scabbard retains 90% blue. Rare. $200.00 
001808 WW2 US Army parachute Switchblade Knife, LANYARD

WW2 US Army parachute Switchblade Knife LANYARD. A must to complete your knife and paratroop display. Excellent Condition and original. $20.00 Each

001804 US Army Metal Fluted M1917 Bolo Scabbard 

WW1 US Army Metal Fluted M1917 Bolo Knife Scabbard made by L.F.C. and Co. Some may have a small dent here or their. Rare. Right out of the packing crate. $75.00

001667 WW2 OSS Stamped Metal Guard for Drop Knives, Trench Knives
WW2 OSS Stamped metal Guard for use with the sword/Machete made from Sword Blade. Original and overrun from the Manufacture during WW2. parkerized. Excellent Condition. Great find for the project person. $75.00
001469 Ferrier Knife w/ Antler Handle, IXL English Made
Frontier Ferrier Knife with antler handle and marked IXL English Made. Widely bought by the US Cavalry for issue to troopers. Excellent Condition. $52.50
001448 .45-70 M1873 - M1884 Triangular Bayonet Scabbard, MASS Rosette
MASS marked rosette on .45-70 M1873-M1884 Triangular Bayonet Scabbard. Very Good Condition... $50.00
001228 US M16 Bayonet w/ M8A1 Scabbard, Plastic Grips
Vietnam War US M16 Bayonet with M8A1 Scabbard. Plastic Grips. Nice Condition. $35.00
001104 "Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook"
Book: Bayonets from Janzen's Notebook. Hardbound 258 pages and covers bayonets from their inception through to modern times for 50 plus countries, including US, British, Japanese, German, Austrian, Russia, etc, etc. A must have book for the Military Collector and dealer. Out of print. $60.00
000925 Finial Buttons for Saber Straps, US Indian Wars, Original
Indian Wars Large Finial Buttons for Saber Straps. Original. Each $10.00
000923 Civil War Union Cavalry Enlisted Saber Knot, Original
Civil War Union Cavalry enlisted Saber Knot. Tassels missing from age. Very Good Condition. Great find to display with your M1840 or M1860 Cavalry Saber. $49.00
000919 Finial Buttons for Saber Straps, Span-Am War, Original
Spanish American War Finial Buttons for Saber Straps. Excellent Condition. Each, $5.00
000918 Finial Buttons for Saber Straps, Civil War, Original
Civil War Large Finial Buttons for Saber Straps. Original. Each $10.00
000897 "The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide" by Lee Hadaway
The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide by Lee Hadaway. 86 pages. A valuable reference for the Bowie Knife Collector. $20.00
000879 Army & Navy Store Co. 1918 Catalog
Reprint: Army & Navy Store Co 1918 Catalog. large Military and Naval Outfitters to Officer and Enlisted Men. Heavily illustrated, 32 pages. Covers Uniforms, Insignia, Chevrons, headgear, Wings, Belts, equipment, swords, sword knots, etc, etc. Very interesting. $10.00
000873 US Navy Mark 1 PAL Knife w/ Sheath, Unissued in Paper Wrapper
WW2 US Navy Mark 1 Pal Knife with sheath. Unissued Condition still sealed in the original paper wrapper. $225.00
000840 M3 Trench Knife & M1918 Trench Knife Ordnance Supply Catalog, Original, WW2 Dated
WW2 US Army M3 Trench Knife and M1918 Trench Knife Ordnance Supply Catalog. Dated 1944. 8 pages. Mint and Original. Superb find for display with WW2 M3 Trench Knife collection. Rare. $20.00
000635 US Cavalry Model 1902 Enlisted Saber Straps

US Cavalry Model 1902 Enlisted Saber Straps for use with various Mill's M1903 Cartridge belts through Model 1910 mounted belts, Garrison belts and Leather Garrison belts. $42.50

000585 US Cavalry M1913 Patton Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro. M1913 Patton Saber Carrier for Saddle, New $45.00


000584 US Cavalry M1902 Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro M1902 Saber Carrier for Officer's Saddle, New, $45.00


000446 Model 1913 Patton Sword, Wooden Fencing Blade
Model 1913 Patton Sword Wooden Fencing Blade. Made at Rock Island Arsenal and so marked. Excellent Original Condition. These blades used a variety of Leather, Sheet metal and wicker basket guards. Blade only. Excellent Condition...$45.00
000418 WW2 USMC Leather Bolo Knife Scabbard

WW2 USMC / United States Medical Corps, Leather Bolo Knife Scabbard. Very Good Condition, $75.00

000413 Canvas & Leather Cover for M1917 Bolo Scabbard

WW1 US Model 1917 Canvas and leather cover for M1917 Bolo Scabbard Body, Unissued Condition, $12.50

000412 M1917 Bolo Knife Scabbard w/ Insert

WW1 US M1917 Bolo Knife Scabbard with insert. Unissued Condition. $59.50

000377 WW2 US Navy Mk.2 Machete Sheath

"WW2 US Navy/ "U.S.N." Mk 2 Machete Sheath. Tan color. Excellent Condition. $30.00

000242 Russet Leather Axe Cover

WW1 Russet leather Axe Cover, Excellent Condition. $49.50

000216 WW2 US Army Issue Leather Thong for M6 Scabbard

WW2 US Army Leather issue Thong for Holster or M6 Scabbard. Excellent Condition. $20.00