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When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.


US Cavalry Model M1909 Skeleton Rigged Packer's Saddle

US Cavalry Model 1909 Skeleton Rigged Packer's Saddle. Used by Troopers at the Remount stations for use with bell mare with pack strings, breaking horses, etc. Very fine condition. Classic Saddle of the Great War. Not easy to find. Bargain Price $650.00


US M1926 Phillips Top Cargo Saddle Cinch, 58-Inches in Length

M1926 Phillips Cargo Cinch. 58" inches Long. This is one of the scarce Top cargo cinches used to secure the load to the saddle. Excellent Condition. $75.00


M1904 US Cavalry Horsehair Cinch

M1904 US Cavalry Horsehair cinch. Like new condition. $125.00  


M1885 US Cavalry Horse Halter, as Shown in Ordnance Memo No.29 of 1885

US Cavalry Late Indian War M1885 Horse Halter as shown in Ordnance Memo No. 29 of 1885. About impossible to find on the loose. Has swivel connection for lead strap. Rare. Very good condition… $350.00


WW2 US Cavalry, Phillips Pack Saddle Spare Parts Bag w/ Tie Cord

WW2 US Cavalry Phillips Pack Saddle Spare Parts Bag with tie cord. $25.00


Indian Wars, US M1874 Cavalry Cinch for McClellan Saddle, Arsenal marked, Rare

Indian War M1874 US Cavalry cinch for McClellan Saddle. Arsenal marked. Mint condition. Rare. $225.00


Civil War US Artillery Bit w/ US Medallions

Civil War US Artillery bit, Excellent condition with US Medallions, $225.00


US Cavalry Bit w/ US Medallions, Missing Lower Bar, Original Period Modification

US Cavalry Bit with US Medallions, Original, Missing lower Bar, these were removed by soldier so horse could graze on the grass. $225.00


Civil War ~ Indian War, Set of Regulation US Cavalry Spurs

Civil War - Indian War set of Regulation US Cavalry spurs. Very Nice condition. $250.00


Civil War, Bright Metal Curb Bit Chain

Civil War Bright Curb Bit Chain, Exc. Cond. $50.00


Civil War, Blued Metal Curb Bit Chain, Rare

Civil War Blued Curb Bit chain, Blued metal, Exc. Rare $75.00


Indian War, US Cavalry M1885 Watering Bit w/ Reins

Indian War US Cavalry M1885 Watering Bit with reins. These were issued to snap on to the Halter Rings. Excellent condition... $125.00


Complete US Cavalry Bridle w/ Eagle Rosettes, Snaffle Bit & Original Reins

Complete US Cavalry Bridle with Eagle rosettes, Snaffle Bit and original reins. All soft and pliable. Beautiful set. Complete bridles are very very hard to find to complete the Saddle sets. $395.00


US Cavalry Guidon Socket w/ Straps, for M1912 Steel Stirrup

US Cavalry Guidon Socket with straps as used with the Model 1912 Steel Stirrup. Excellent condition. Rare. $100.00


WW1 US Cavalry Saddle Blanket, Kent Mfg. Co. w/ US Ordnance Markings

WW1 US Cavalry Saddle Blanket made by Kent Mfg. Co. with the US Ordnance markings on the Tag which specifically makes this a Cavalry Saddle Blanket. Bedding blankets were issued by the Quartermaster dept. Nice condition. about impossible to find on the loose. $450.00


WW1 US Cavalry M1916 Mounted Canteen w/ Original Strap, Snap-hook, Canteen & Cup, Dated 1918

WW1 US Cavalry Model 1916 Mounted Canteen with original Strap with Snap-hook, and canteen and cup. All dated 1918. Excellent overall condition. $150.00

004086 WW1 US Cavalry Veterinarian Bandage for Horses

WW1 US Cavalry Horse Veterinarian Bandage with US Medical Veterinary markings on label. Exc. $20.00

004085 US Cavalry M1916 Canteen Set, Complete, Dated 1918

US Cavalry M1916 Canteen Set. Original strap and snap-hook and complete with canteen and Cup. All dated 1918. $175.00

003935 M1912 US Cavalry Steel Stirrups /pair

M1912 US Cavalry Steel Stirrups, the pair, $100.00

003918 US Cavalry Cinch, RIA Markings, Indian Wars

Indian War US Cavalry Cinch. Mint condition with Rock Island Arsenal markings.   Circa 1870s. Rare in this condition. $295.00

003888 M1904, US Cavalry Horse Halter w/ Brass Hardware

US Cavalry Model 1904 Horse Halter in used but VG condition. Has the Brass hardware. Impossible to find on the loose to complete the Cavalry Horse equipment set. Classic piece for the 1904 through 1918 Cavalry equipment set. $250.00

003882 US M1904 Russet Leather US Cavalry Saddle Bags, WW1 Issue

US M1904 Russet Leather US Cavalry Saddle Bags. Soft and pliable. WW1 issue. Exc. $295.00

003880 Civil War, Matching set of Lead-backed US Bridle Rosettes

Civil War Matched set of Lead-back US Bridle Rosettes. Exc Condition. complete. The pair. $189.00

003879 Civil War, Matching set of lead-backed USA Bridle Rosettes

Civil War Matched set of Lead-back USA Bridle Rosettes. Exc Cond. Complete, The Pair.  $189.00

003826 US Cavalry, M1894 Short Triple Twist Bugle w/ Original Mouth Piece

US Cavalry M1894 Short Triple Twist Bugle with original mouth piece. Excellent Condition. Devoid of any markings and this is proper for these early ones. Later the army put contract markings on these before and during WW1. Beautiful Example. Classic for the Bugler display. $395.00

003813 M1885, US Cavalry Watering Bit w/ Reins

US Cavalry M1885 Watering Bit with Reins with the snap-hooks on either ring for affixing to the M1885 Halter. Exc cond. $189.00

003799 Early-1900's US Cavalry Canvas Web "Y" Canteen Hanger Strap

Circa  1900's US Cavalry Canvas Web Y Canteen Hanger Strap for the US Circular Canteens. Exc. Cond. These were used from the 1900s through to the adoption of the M1916 Cavalry Canteen set. Great find  for the 1900s through Mexican Border US Cavalry Collection. Scarce.  $32.50

003797 US Model 1874/1885 Shoemaker Cavalry Bit
Original US Model 1874/1885 Shoemaker Cavalry Bit in Excellent condition. $350.00
003757 US Cavalry, Model 1885 Butler/Varney Pattern Horse Hobbles, Shown in US Cavalry Ordnance Memo No. 29 of 1885.

US Cavalry Model 1885 Butler/Varney pattern Horse Hobbles as shown in US Cavalry ordnance memo No. 29 of 1885. VF overall condition.  Scarce Indian War Cavalry item and used through 1898.  $275.00

003755 M1892, US Cavalry White Canvas Feed Bag, Rare

US Cavalry M1892 Cavalry White Canvas Feed bag. The leather ventilator on front is missing. VG overall condition. Rare. Great for display with Saddle Set of the Late Indian Wars and Spanish American War. $95.00

03749 M1916 US Cavalry Mounted Canteen w/ Cup, Original, R.I.A. 1919

M1916 US Cavalry Mounted Canteen with cup and canteen, Original leather Strap and Leather tie thong at bottom Case marked R.I.A. 1919. VG Condition. Complete. $125.00

003748 US Cavalry, Indian War, Horse Curry Comb, as Shown n Ordnance Memo No. 29, 1885. Rare.

Rare US Cavalry Indian War Horse Curry Comb as shown in Ordnance Memo No.29, 1885. VG cond. $195.00

003747 Rare, Indian Wars, US Army Mounted Canteen w/ Stenciled Engineer Corps  Canvas Cover

Rare Indian War US Army Mounted Canteen with Stencil "E.C.' for Engineer Corps and no. 35 on reverse. Short black leather strap with snap-hook. Nice condition. Ex-CW Canteen with the two flat tinned loops on side for strap with canvas cover. Complete with original stopper and chain. $350.00


M1881 Silver No. 1 for 1st Cavalry/Infantry/Artillery Dress Helmets

M1881 silver No. 1 as used on 1st Cavalry and 1st Infantry and 1st Artillery Dress Helmets from 1881 to 1902. Original. Exc., each  $10.00


M1881 Silver No. 7 for 7th US Cavalry/Infantry Dress Helmets

M1881 Silver No. 7 as used on 7th US Cavalry and 7th Us Infantry Dress Helmets from 1881 to 1902. Original. Exc. each $12.00


US Cavalry M1904 Halter w/ Brass Rings

US Cavalry M1904 Halter with brass rings. Dark Russet Color. Very good condition. These are very hard to find to complete the Cavalry set. Brass mounted. Scarce. $250.00


M1904 Large Size, US Cavalry Horse Brush, Rare

M1904 Large Size US Cavalry Horse Brush. With US embossing on body and leather handle. Very Good Overall Condition. These predate the small M1912 Brush. Rare. $125.00


M1926 US Army Phillips Cargo & Cavalry Pack Saddle Breeching

US Army M1926 Phillips Cargo and Cavalry Pack Saddle Breeching. Nice cond. complete. Invariably missing from these pack saddles when found and used in Italy, Burma, etc, etc. during WW2. The set, $75.00


M1904 Russet Leather US Cavalry Guidon Socket for Stirrup, Rare

M1904 Russet Leather US Cavalry Guidon socket for riveting onto the US Embossed Stirrup Hood. Unissued condition. Rare. $100.00


US Military Harness Bridle w/ Swivel Bit & Brass US Medallions

US Military Harness Bridle with swivel bit, and has brass US Medallions on either blinder.  $49.00


US Military Harness Bridle w/ Straight Bit & Brass US Medallions

US Military Harness Bridle with Straight Bit, Has Brass US Medallions on either blinder. $49.00


US Cavalry M1904 US Embossed Hooded Stirrups w/ Guidon Pole Socket, Rare

US Cavalry M1904 US Embossed Hooded pair of  Stirrups and one has the Guidon Pole Socket on side. Stirrup dated 1917 on the wood. Very good condition. Rare. The set. $350.00


Civil War US Cavalry Bit w/ High Port, US Medallions, Marked Newark NJ

Civil War US Cavalry Bit with high port. Bit has been cleaned with maker's name and Newark NJ on side of bit. Original. US Medallions. $245.00


Civil War US Cavalry Bit w/ Low Port, US Medallions

Civil War US Cavalry Bit with the Low port. Brown Patina throughout. complete. Very good condition. Original brass US Medallions on side.  $295.00


WW1 OD Saddle Blanket, w/ Ordnance Equipment Tag

WW1 OD Saddle Blanket. Very nice condition. Has The Ordnance Equipment Tag with US and Ordnance Bomb on Tag, contractor's name, etc.  These extra heavy wool blankets were made to speed up production when the Ordnance Department (as Well as QMC did away with the brown stripes) did away with the double brown stripes and US ordnance Bomb in center of blanket. A must to display with the WW1 M1904 Cavalry McClellan Saddle.  Scarce. $450.00


M1896 US Army Black Leather McClellan Saddle, RARE, Complete Condition

Rare US Army Black leather M1896 McClellan Saddle. Has the adjust quarter straps with square pads on side, saddle is complete with Stirrup straps with attached fenders with US embossed hooded stirrups, complete with latigo straps, horse hair cinch and all six coat straps. This saddle is complete with all proper brass hardware on the tree and this would be the perfect addition to a Spanish American War Rough Rider Cavalry collection or to complete your collection of the various Models of McClellan saddles. Not often found in complete condition. leather all supple. VG/VF overall condition. If I didn't already have one of these saddles in my personal collection this would never see the light of day!  The set, $1895.00


US Cavalry Model 1904 Saddle Trees

I currently have an assortment of US Cavalry Model 1904 Saddle Trees. These are great for use in building reproduction McClellan Saddle. Good rawhide covered trees with Stirrup loops. Just as they came out a lot of War surplus following WW1. Bargain price while they last, $125.00 each


M1912 US Cavalry Picket Pin w/ Russet Leather Scabbard

M1912 US Cavalry Picket Pin with Russet leather Scabbard. Choice condition. These pickets pins were carried strap to the Scabbard of the Patton Sword, and when dismounted the Cavalry Trooper carried the picket with in the tool frog of the M1912 ring belt.  Superb overall Condition. Great accessory to put with your Patton Sword. $235.00


US Indian Wars Shoemaker Cavalry Bit

US Indian War Shoemaker Cavalry bit as adopted in 1894 and used through the Spanish American War. Nice condition. Good amount of original nickel finish to bit and US spots on side. Nice. $295.00


US Cavalry M1859 Bit w/ No. 4 High Port

US Cavalry M1859 Cavalry bit with the No. 4 high port. VG condition. $295.00


US Cavalry M1859 Bit w/ No. 3 Port & Curb Chain, Maker Marked

US Cavalry US Cavalry Bit Model 1859 with No. 3 port and complete with curb chain. Maker marking is weak but visible. $295.00


M1912 US Cavalry Leather Folding Garrison Ring for Supporting M1903 Springfield Rifle, Rare

Very Scarce M1912 US Cavalry leather Folding Garrison Ring for use with the leather belt for supporting the M1903 Springfield rifle. Exc Condition. Needs the lower suspension strap with snap hook for 03 trigger guard. This was one of the weirdest sets of cavalry equipment every adopted by the US Cavalry. Rare. $250.00

002657 WW1 US Officer's Training Saddle

WW1 Officer's Training Saddle. Very Good Condition. Needs Stirrups and stirrup straps and cinch to complete. Bargain. $125.00

002684 M1904 US Cavalry Horse Halter

US Cavalry M1904 Horse Halter. Very good original condition throughout. These are much more rarer than Saddle Bags and McClellan Saddles. Very hard to find. Nice one. $395.00

002644 M1904 US Cavalry Halter, w/ Iron Hardware

US Cavalry M1904 Halter. WW1 Production with variant iron Hardware. Shows use but in Very Good Condition and one of the hardest to get pieces of Cavalry horse equipment. $295.00

002502 US Cavalry Model 1909 Set of Reins, White Parade Finish

US Cavalry Model 1909 set of leather reins painted white for Parade Bridle. The set, $45.00

002454 US Army Cavalry Veterinary Officer's Medical Case, Rare

US Army Medical Veterinary Case for use by Cavalry Veterinary officers with horses and mules. Unissued Mint condition.  Issued from WW1 through the end of the Horse Cavalry. Rare. Displays like a million bucks. $74.50

002422 US Cavalry M1904 Picket Rope w/ Snap Hooks, Original

US Cavalry Original Model 1904 Picket Rope with with snap hooks for affixing to the Model 1874/1885 Picket pin with the swiveling ring at top. Unissued Condition. Very rare to find on the loose to complete the set of Cavalry horse and field equipment of the trooper and as issued through the Mexican Border and WW1. Choice unissued condition. $450.00

002412 US Cavalry Guidon Socket, for US Hooded Stirrup

US Cavalry original Guidon Socket that was riveted to the side of the Model 1904 US Hooded Stirrup. Original and in unissued Condition. circa WW1. Very Scarce. $225.00

002239 WW1 US Cavalry Leather Saddler's Riveting Tool

WW1 US Cavalry leather Riveting tool as issued to Saddlers. Excellent Condition. $25.00

002074 M1926 Phillips Cavalry Pack Saddle Breeching
US Model 1926 Phillips Cavalry Pack Saddle Breeching. Very good original condition. $125.00
001987 M1911 US Cavalry Spurs, Marked

M1911 US Cavalry Spurs. Marked US and initials for maker A. B. on inside by shank. complete with buckle and both studs. matched left and right spur. The Model of 1911 spurs were used from 1911 to the end of the Horse Cavalry in 1943. These were made during Mexican Border and/or WW1 period. Great find for current US Cavalry troopers that are in the Order of Spur and want to have an original set of spurs. $69.00

001986 Model 1911 Set of US Cavalry Spur Straps

Model 1911 Set of US Cavalry spur Straps. Two uppers and two lower straps for use with the above spurs. Excellent condition. $32.00

001914 WW1 US Cavalry Canvas Guidon Case
WW1 US Cavalry Canvas Guidon Case. Used to protect the US Cavalry Guidon when it was furled and not in use. Like New Condition. $47.50 
001913 WW1 US Cavalry Officers Martingale
WW1 US Cavalry Officer’s Martingale for use with saddle chin and bridle. Excellent Condition. . Very Rare to find on the loose. $125.00
001590 US Army M1894 10-Inch Triple Twist Bugle
US Army M1894 10 inch Triple Twist Bugle with original mouth piece. This brass bugle is in nice Condition. Classic piece for display with US Cavalry and Artillery Collection. $225.00
001419 M1928 McClellan Saddle Fenders, 1-Pair
M1928 McClellan Saddle Fenders. Like new Condition. The pair. Never previously installed on saddle. The pair, $95.00
001249 US Army Wagon or Mule Bridle w/ Blinders
US Army Wagon or Mule Bridle with Brass US spots on blinders. Dry from age but still in good condition. $49.00
000993 WW2 M5 US Cavalry Horse Gas Mask Rubber Hose, Rare
WW2 M5 US Cavalry Horse Gas Mask Rubber Hose. Excellent Condition, Rare $45.00
000992 Web Carrier for US M4/M5 Horse Gas Mask Rubber Hose, Rare
WW2 Web Carrier for US M4/M5 Horse Gas Mask Rubber Hose. Attached to ring on halter to support hose from mask to canisters. Rare. $45.00
000924 US Army Cavalry M1874/1885/1892 Curb Strap, Scarce

US Army M1874/1885/1892 Curb Strap for use with the Indian War US Shoemaker Bit and the Later Model 1892 Curb Bit. Nice Condition. Invariably always missing from the Cavalry Bit. $45.00 Each

000815 US Cavalry Model 1909 Crown Piece for Bridle
US Cavalry Model 1909 Crown piece for Bridle and while WW2 dated, same from 1909 until the end of the US Horse Cavalry. Unissued. Live Leather. $32.00
000736 US Cavalry Brass Coat Strap Buckles, McClellan Saddle, Original
Original US Cavalry Brass Coat Strap Buckle for McClellan Saddle. Very Good Condition. Hard to find on the loose to complete your McClellan Saddle. Each $12.00
000731 M1904 Cavalry, Picket Rope Rings w/ Snap Hooks, pair
M1904 Cavalry Pair of Picket rope Rings with Snap hooks. Scarce. Great find for re-enactor to reconstruct US Cavalry Picket Rope. The pair, $32.00
000730 1916 Brass Snap Hook for Canteen Strap, WW1
WW1 1916 Brass Snap hook for use on Canteen Strap. Excellent Condition... $20.00
000729 Original Brass Buckles for Saddle Bags, Spur Straps, Haversacks, Etc.
Brass Buckles as used on saddle bags for straps on flaps, Spur Straps and haversacks. Used Condition. Very Good. Impossible to find on the loose. Priced per each buckle... $8.00
000723 1914 Saber Exercise Manual
Exact Reprint of the 1914 Saber Exercise Manual as issued to all US Cavalry troopers and written by then 2nd Lt. George Patton, and a must to display with your Model 1913 Patton Cavalry Saber. 40 pages with illustrations. $10.00
000706 US Army Issue Set of Two Snap Hooks for Leather Rifle Scabbards
US Army WW1 Set of Two Snap Hooks for use with M1903 and/or M1 Garand leather Scabbard Straps. Invariably missing. Unissued Condition. The pair. $14.00
000679 Model 1908, US Army Wire Cutters, WW1 Issue
WW1 US Army Wire Cutters, Model 1908. Nice condition. These were carried in the canvas Belt Case listed separately. These were the standard issue set issued to Doughboys. Also issued to Cavalry troops to cut through fence wire with cavalry columns, horses. $100.00
000635 US Cavalry Model 1902 Enlisted Saber Straps

US Cavalry Model 1902 Enlisted Saber Straps for use with various Mill's M1903 Cartridge belts through Model 1910 mounted belts, Garrison belts and Leather Garrison belts. $42.50

000632 US Cavalry M1885 Watering Bit w/ Reins

US Cavalry Indian War M1885 Water Bit with Reins. Excellent Condition. Used with M1885 Halter. Issued from 1885 through Span. Am. War. $125.00

000631 US Cavalry M1879/80 Saddle Bag Straps

US Cavalry M1879 M1880 Saddle Bag Straps that go from ring to ring under belly of the horse to keep bags from flopping around. Rare. Nice Condition. $49.50

000605 M1912 US Cavalry Troopers Web Strap, for Horse Care

M1912 US Cavalry troopers Web Strap for removing Sweat from Horse. Unissued. Rare. Carried in the Pommel Pockets and/or Saddle Bags. $20.00

000604 M1904 US Cavalry Link Strap

US Cavalry Link Strap M1904. Used from 1904 to WW2. Affixed to bit for cavalry trooper to hold more than one horse when dismounted. Great find for Mexican Border and WW1 Cavalry collection. $35.00

000602 Civil War Cavalry Contract Link Strap

Civil War Contract Cavalry Link Strap. For affixing to the M1859 Bit ring. Nice Condition. Rare, $52.50

000601 US Civil War, Federal Cavalry Link Strap

Civil War US Federal Cavalry Link Strap. Affix to the M1859 Bit ring. Nice Condition. Rare $62.50

000600 US Indian Wars, Link Strap w/ Figure 8 Buckle

Indian War Link Strap with figure 8 buckle. Very Good Condition. Used by trooper to hold extra horses when dismounted and buckled to the ring on the Shoemaker US Bit. $42.50

000585 US Cavalry M1913 Patton Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro. M1913 Patton Saber Carrier for Saddle, New $45.00


000584 US Cavalry M1902 Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro M1902 Saber Carrier for Officer's Saddle, New, $45.00


000539 WW2 US 75mm Pack Cincha for Phillips Pack Saddle

WW2 US 75mm Howitzer Pack Cincha for Phillips Pack Saddle. Great Pack 75 Item. Mint Condition, $25.00

000533 Span-Am US Cavalry Link Strap

Span-Am. War US Cavalry Link Strap with Snap hook. These were used when cavalry troopers were dismounted in combat so that one trooper could hold several horse. Great find for the Rough Rider display. Affixed to ring of each cavalry troopers bit. Original Very Good Condition, $29.00

000470 WW2 M4 Horse Gas Mask Strap

WW2 Russet Leather M4 Horse Gas Mask Strap, Excellent Condition. $12.00

000471 WW2 M5 Horse Gas Mask Strap

WW2 Russet Leather M5 Horse Gas Mask Strap, Excellent Condition. $12.00

000400 WW1 US Cavalry Horse and/or Mule Blinders

WW1 US Cavalry Horse and/or Mule Blinders. Used for covering eyes when loading pack saddles. Nice Condition. Rare. $47.00

000370 WW2 Can of Original Saddle Soap

WW2 US Cavalry and/or US Army, one pound can of Original Saddle Soap. $12.00

000313 M1912 US Cavalry Grain Bucket

WW1 M1912 US Cavalry Grain Bucket for Horse. Excellent Condition, $89.00

000259 US Cavalry Grain Ration Bag for Horse

WW1 US Cavalry Grain Ration Bag for Horse. One was issued to each trooper to carry daily ration of grain for horse. Unissued. Rare. $50.00

000240 US Model 1912 Cavalry Sursingle, Rare

WW1 Model 1912 Cavalry Sursingle for Saddle or Cooling Blanket, Excellent. Rare $100.00

000220 US Model 1912 Cavalry Picket Pin

WW1. US Model 1912 Cavalry Picket Pin with Leather Sheath. These strap to the Patton Sword. Nice Condition. $249.00

000015 US Cavalry Stirrups for McClellan Saddle

WW1 US Cavalry Set of Steel Stirrups for McClellan Saddle. Very Good original condition. The pair. $100.00