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US M2 .50 Caliber MG Spare Barrel Cover, NOS in Wrapper, Boyt 1951

Boyt 1951 dated US M2 .50 Caliber MG Spare Barrel Cover in Original Wrapper. Mint Cond. Never seen the light of day yet. $35.00


WW2 US Army Air Corps & Army Air Force, .50 Caliber Machine Gun Fiber Ammo Box for Use with Aircraft

WW2 US Army Air Corps and Army Air Force Fiber .50 caliber Machine gun Ammo Box for aircraft. Excellent Condition overall.  Many GI's used these as lunch box as they had slide up and down carrying handles. Great find for the WW2 Collector and Re-enactor. $45.00


WW2 M2 .50 Cal, Browning MG Traverse & Elevation Mechanism w/ Pintle

WW2 M2 .50 Caliber Browning MG Traverse and Elevation Mechanism with pintle for use with M3 Tripod. Exc Condition. The set, $450.00

002189 WW2 US Army Browning Machine Gun M13 Spare Parts Roll

WW2 US Army Browning Machine Gun M13 spare Parts Roll. Excellent Condition. $10.00

002171 WW1 Dated,  M1917 Browning .30 Cal MG Leather Spare Parts Box

WW1 Model 1917 Browning .30 Caliber MG Leather Spare Parts box. 1918 dated. Verdigris has damaged the leather where rivets and buckles attached. Easily restored. Rare... $45.00

002009 WW1 Case for Colt or Marlin 1914 Potato Digger Machinegun

WW1 Case for use with Colt or Marlin 1914 Potato Digger when on the tripod. Excellent condition. Very Rare WW1 Machinegun case. $400.00

001809 WW2 Original Thompson .45 SMG Magazine

WW2 Original Thompson .45 Sub Machinegun Magazine. Excellent plus Condition with original blued finish. $45.00 Each.

001731 WW2 US .30 Cal MG Receiver Cover, Canvas D595237B
WW2 US .30 Caliber Machinegun Receiver Cover, Canvas D595237B. Nice Condition. $25.00
001728 WW2 Thompson SMG Cleaning Rod
WW2 Thompson Sub Machinegun Cleaning rod. Excellent Condition. $12.00
001691 WW2 US Army .30 BMG M1919A6 Metal Buttstock w/ Clamp
WW2 US Army metal buttstock with Clamp for .30 BMG M1919A6. Excellent Condition. $150.00
001641 WW2 .30 BMG Bolt Extension Handle
WW2 .30 BMG M1917, 1917A1, M1919A4, M1919A6 Extension Handle for Bolt. Excellent Condition. $22.00
001635 M2 .50 Caliber Machinegun Extractor
M2 .50 Caliber MG Extractor. $75.00
001633 WW2 M2 Browning .50 Cal MG Front Sight Cover
WW2 M2 Browning .50 Caliber MG front Sight cover. Excellent condition. $20.00
000958 WW2 .50 Caliber Machinegun Orange Plastic Bore Sight
WW2 .50 Caliber MG Orange Plastic Bore sight. Mint Condition. $20.00
000866 US Army M14, 7.62 Cardboard Tube for Barrel, Vietnam
Vietnam War US Army M14 7.62 Cardboard tube for Barrel. Mint $10.00
000865 US Army M60 7.62 Machinegun Spare Barrel Bag, Vietnam
Vietnam War US Army M60 7.62 MG Spare Barrel Bag. Mint condition. $25.00
000842 WW2 M12 .50 Caliber Machinegun "Linker De-Linker"
WW2 M12 .50 Caliber Machinegun "Linker De-linker" in Original Carton. $35.00
000807 WW2 US Army .50 Cal M2 MG Broken Shell Extractor

WW2 US Army .50 Caliber M2 Machinegun Broken Shell Extractor. Excellent Condition. $20.00 Each.

000806 WW2 US Army M1918A2 BAR Takedown Tool

WW2 US Army M1918A2 BAR Takedown Tool. Mint in the Grease. $20.00 Each.

000741 WW2 AAF Lubricating Oil for Instruments, Machineguns
WW2 AAF 1 Quart light Lubricating Oil for Aircraft Instruments and Machineguns. Excellent Condition. Full contents. $39.00
000549 WW1 M1917 Colt .30 Browning MG Oil Can

WW1 M1917 Colt .30 Browning Water Cooled Machine gun Oil Can. Excellent Condition, Rare. $69.00

000521 US Army MG Cleaning Rod, Issued w/ RIA M1 MG Cart

US Army MG Cleaning Rod. Steel with tubular Steel Handle. Very Good Condition. Issued with the rare RIA M1 Machinegun Cart and M1917 BMG in the 1930s. $35.00

000513 WW2 US .50 Cal BMG Cleaning Rod

WW2 US .50 Caliber BMG Cleaning Rod, Excellent Condition. The set, $42.50.

000507 WW2 US Army MG Metallic Belt Link Catching Bag

WW2 US Army MG Metallic Belt Link Catching Bag. D34333. Very Nice Condition. $45.00

000493 WW2 US Thompson SMG, Spare Parts Bag

WW2 US Thompson SMG Spare Parts Bag, Mint Condition, $20.00

000476 .50 Cal, Browning MG Spare Barrel Cover

  .50 Caliber Browning Machine gun Spare Barrel Cover, D91031, Unissued Condition. $25.00

000468 WW2 US .50 Cal BMG Wrench

WW2 US 50 Cal. BMG Wrench C7160920. Mint Condition, $20.00

000465 WW2 M3 or M3A1, .45 Cal, 30-rd Magazine

WW2 M3 or M3A1 .45 Caliber 30 shot magazine. Excellent Condition overall. Our Choice, $35.00 Each.

000464 WW2 BAR .30 Cal, 20-rd Magazine

WW2 BAR .30 Caliber 20 shot magazine. Excellent Condition. Our Choice, $40.00

000419 WW1 Carton of 10 .30 Cal Vickers MG Links

WW1 Carton of 10 .30 caliber Vicker's Machine gun links. Rare. $39.00

000405 WW2 US, Carton of 10 .50 Cal. BMG Links

WW2 US 10 links in box for .50 Cal. BMG Links. Unissued Condition. $10.00

000375 WW2 US .30 Cal. Browning MG, Spare Parts Case

WW2 US .30 Cal. Browning Machine Gun Spare Parts Case. Mint Condition, $4.50

000369 WW2 U.S. M2 .50 Caliber BMG Flash Hider, Complete

WW2 US M2 .50 Caliber BMG Flash Hider. Complete with all proper parts. Excellent Condition, $75.00

000336 WW2 M2 .30 Cal BMG Tripod Storage Bag

WW2 M2 .30 Cal BMG Tripod Storage Bag. Excellent Condition. $129.00

000318 WW2 US Tank Bow MG Cover

WW2 US Tank Bow Machinegun Canvas Cover. Excellent Condition. $10.00

000304 WW2 US .50 Cal and/or .30 Cal, BMG Link Bag

WW2 US .50 and/or .30 BMG Link Catching Bag. Excellent Condition, $35.00

000299 WW2 M9 Spare Barrel Cover

WW2 M9 Canvas Spare Barrel cover, Excellent Condition. $25.00

000267 WW2, M1917A1 .30 BMG Water Cooled MG, Transit Bag

WW2 M1917A1 .30 BMG Water Cooled MG Transit Bag. Scarce. Nice Condition. $100.00

000265 WW2 .50/.30 Caliber BMG Shell Catching Bag, C-158331

WW2 50/30 Caliber BMG Shell catching Bag. C-158331. Used on both the Universal 30/50 MG Cradle and the long tailed Scout Car and Half Track Cradles, etc. Very Good Condition. $75.00

000233 WW2 US Thompson SMG Oiler for Butt Stock

WW2 US Thompson SMG Oilers for butt stock. Black finish. $20.00

000222 WW2 US .50 Caliber Browning MG Cloth Ammo Belt

WW2 US .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun Cloth Ammo Belt. Excellent Condition. Rare. $125.00

000207 WW2 .30 BMG Broken Shell Extractor Tool

WW2 .30 BMG Broken Shell Extractor tool for use with 1919A4, 1919A6, 1917A1, etc. $25.00

000150 Sten Sub Machinegun Magazine

WW2 Sten Sub Machinegun Magazine. $20.00

000144 WW2 Boyes Anti Tank Rifle, Oiling Brush

WW2 British Boyes Anti Tank rifle oiling brush, Mint Condition. $29.00

000129 M1917A1 Leather MG Clinometer Case

WW2 M1917A1 Leather MG Clinometer Case. Used, Very Good Condition. $39.00

000108 WW2 M1917A1 Tripod Tool M5

WW2 M1917A1 Tripod Tool M5. Consists of two pieces for use with Tripod. Mint Condition. $20.00

000079 WW2 M6 Combination Tool

WW2 M6 Combination tool for use with US .30 caliber BMG 1919A4 and 1919A6. Mint, original in the grease. $19.00

000051 WW2 M2 Canvas Tripod Cover

WW2 M2 Canvas Cover for head of tripod and pocket on side for holding the T&E mechanism. Excellent Condition. $29.00

000047 WW2 Johnson Light Machinegun Magazine

WW2 Johnson Light Machinegun Magazine. Type used by US Marine Raiders and Airborne personnel and First Special Service Force. Used and in Very Good Condition. Needs a good cleaning. $50.00