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Item Number Item Name
When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.
003694 Vietnam War, US Pilot or Air Crewman's Survival Fishing Kit

Vietnam War US Pilots or Air-crewman’s Survival Fishing Kit. Still sealed with instructions and all Contents. $45.00


WW2 All Plastic Escape & Survival/Evasion Compass

WW2 All plastic made Escape and survival compass for the Survival kits. Exc. $32.50


WW2 Bras, Nickel Sized Escape & Evasion Compass

WW2 Brass Nickel size Escape and Evasion compass for the Survival Kits. Exc. $42.50


WW2 British Made, 2-Buttons, Clandestine, Escape & Evasion Compass

WW2 British Made Escape and Evasion compass which made as and worn  as two buttons on the uniform. Removed, they convert into a compass. Very Rare clandestine and/or survival item from WW2. Rare to find. $350.00


US Army Air Force Survival Manual for C-1 Survival Vest, WW2 Issue

US Army Air Force Survival Manual as issued with the C-1 Survival Vest. Exc. WW2 issue. Rare. $32.50


WW2 US Army Air Force Spit & Gaff for C-1 Survival Vest

WW2 US Army Airforce Spit and Gaff hook assembly as issued with the C-1 Survival Vest. Exc+ condition. $100.00


WW2 US Navy Solar Still, Later War Issue

WW2 US Navy Solar Still. Believe later production to conserve on the metal storage case. Mint unissued condition as issued to Pilots and air Crew members for converting salt water to fresh water.  Scarce USN Survival items. Also issued to US Marine Aviation personnel. Mint $20.00


WW2 US Navy Solar Still, Early War Sealed Metal Case

WW2 US Navy Solar Still as issued to Pilots and Air Crew members for making salt water into fresh water. This is a scarce WW2 Survival item and still sealed in its original metal issue case with metal band unbroken. Mint Condition. Rare to find Survival item. also issued to US Marine Corps Aviation pilots and personnel. $20.00

002617 Vietnam War Issue, "Accessory Packet" Issued w/ C-Rations

Vietnam War "Accessory Packet" as issued with C-Rations.  Contains Cigarettes, Matches, Chewing gum, toilet Paper, Coffee, Cream, sugar, and salt. Great find for the Vietnam Personal display. $35.00

002236 WW2 US Army 1 Quart Plastic Canteen, as issued w/ C-1 Survival Vest

WW2 US Army 1 Quart Plastic Canteen in original Envelope as issued with the C-1 Survival Vest. Mint unissued condition in the original labeled envelope of issue.  $42.50

002115 WW2 USN & USMC Pilot's and Aircrew Survival Hat / Head Net
WW2 US Navy and Marine Pilot's and Airmen's Survival Hat-head net. Original new old stock condition in original packet marked BuAero Specification M565a. $24.50
002025 CO/2 Cylinders for Pneumatic Life Preservers, Vietnam War

Vietnam War CO/2 Cylinders as used on the Pneumatic Life Preserver as worn by Pilots and aircrew members. Excellent condition. Dated 7/66. $15.00 each

002002 WW2 US Navy Coston Daylight Smoke Signal

WW2 US Navy Coston Daylight Smoke Signal as used for emergency on the sea. Excellent condition. Rare. These were also obtained and used by the army for use as smoke coverage on battlefields. Excellent. Fully useable. Rare. $125.00

001983 WW2, Joseph Roger's Made, Broad Arrow Marked, Pilot's Raft Survival Knife w/ Case, Rare

WW2 British Joseph Rogers Made Broad Arrow marked Pilot's Life Raft Survival Knife with case. Excellent condition. Rare. $100.00

001810 US Survival Escape & Evasion Saw w/ Ring Handles
Vietnam War US Issue Saw for the survival and escape and evasion kits, w/ ring handles. Mint $32.00
001787 WW2 Life Boart Water Ration, Large Can 

WW2 Life Boat Ration Water. 1 2/3 quarts. Still sealed. Excellent Condition. $20.00 Each.

001786 US Military Individual Emergency Drinking Water

US Military Individual Emergency Drinking Water. Still sealed. Mint Condition. $10.00 Each.

001785 WW2 US Army Emergency Snow Shoes

WW2 US Army Emergency Snow Shoes made by Lund, 1942. The pair, $150.00


001740 US Army Desalting Bag for Survival Equipment, WW2
WW2 US Army Desalting Bag for use with Survival Equipment. Excellent Condition. $9.00
001738 USN/USAF Sew on pocket for Pilot's Life Vest, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Navy and/or Air Force Pocket for sewing to Pilot's Life Vest. Excellent Condition. $10.00
001267 Woodman's Pal LC-14-B Fire Starting Reflective Foil
Victor Woodman's Pal LC-14-B reflective foil refills as issued with each knife for starting fires. Mint. Lot, $3.00
001265 The Woodman's PAL 1944 Date Knife Catalog
1944 dated Woodsman's PAL / The Planter's PAL Catalog. The Victor Tool Co., Reading, Penna., U.S.A.  Illustrates the various versions of the Woodman's Pal knife available for the Victor Tool Company. Excellent Condition... $10.00
001049 WW2 Rope Survival T-Shirt, Escape & Evasion, Rare
WW2 Rope Survival T-Shirt. Manufactured in England. Widely worn by Pilots, etc. Shirt could be unraveled and used as rope for escape and evasion if captured by the Germans. Mint Condition... Rare. $100.00
001035 US Army Hot Climate Survival Kit Bag, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Army Hot Climate Survival Kit Bag. Mint Condition, $32.00
001034 USAF Pneumatic Life Vest, Vietnam War
Vietnam War, USAF Pneumatic Life Vest. Nice condition, Complete. A must for the Pilot's Survival Display. $75.00
001013 US Special Forces Garrote, Vietnam War
Vietnam War US Special Forces Garrote. Also issued in survival and escape and evasion kits. Mint $32.00
000987 Vietnam War SOG, Special Forces, CIA Belt Buckle Compass
Rare Vietnam War SOG, Special Forces, CIA Belt Buckle Compass. Has magnetized needle in roller. Great find for the Vietnam War US Survival and Escape and Evasion collection. $85.00
000961 WW2 US Army Survival, E&E, Escape & Evasion Compass, Scarce
WW2 US Army Survival Escape and Evasion compass. These were issued in the various survival and escape kits. A must find for those restoring these kits or collecting this materiel. Scarce. $20.00
000801 Vietnam War Issue, 7/67 dated, Emergency Glass Signaling Mirror
Vietnam War Us Army Emergency Glass Signaling Mirror. Dated 7/67. Great find for the Vietnam war escape and evasion and survival display. $42.50
000734 WW2 US Army Wrist Compass
US Army original, Wrist compass Made by Superior. Nice Condition. $65.00
000727 MK2 Desalinization Water Kit, Sealed, Vietnam War Issue
Vietnam War Sealed Desalinization Water Kit, Mk2. Mint Condition. Used for purifying salt water. Great Vietnam War Survival item. $45.00
000628 Pneumatic Life Raft Seat Pack C2A

Post WW2 Survival Pneumatic Life Raft Canvas Seat Pack C2A. Nice Condition. $35.00

000587 WW2 C0/2 Cartridges for Mae West, Etc

WW2 C0/2 Cartridges as used with Mae West Life and waist belt life preservers. A must for many different displays. Unused. $9.00 each

000569 Vietnam, US 5 Quart Survival Water Bag

Vietnam War US Survival Water Bag. 5 Qt. Mint Condition. $10.00

000537 WW2 Signal Lamp M308-B

WW2 Signal Lamp M308-B in original Cardboard carton. Issued for use with the Gibson Girl and other WW2 Army Air Force Survival Equipment. Mint, $29.00

000505 WW2 US One Man Life Raft Reflector

WW2 US Army and US Navy One Man Life Raft Reflector. NOS Condition. $42.00

000494 WW2 Plastic Cylinder, Used w/ Flare Gun & 10ga. Cartridges

WW2 Plastic Cylinder for use with Single Barrel Flare Gun and 10-Gauge Cartridges. As issued for use in Life Boats and/or with 10-gauge Flare Pistol. Excellent Condition, $25.00

000467 US Issue Survival Fish Net

Vietnam War US issue Survival Fish net. Interesting to use on your next camping trip. Mint Condition, $15.00

000371 WW2 Survival Plugs for Life Rafts

WW2 Survival Plugs for Life Rafts. Mint Condition, $3.00 each.

000361 WW2 Air Force Survival Moccasins

WW2 Air Force High Top Survival Moccasins. Mint condition. The pair, $34.50

000297 1 Quart Water Bottle, for C-1 Survival Vest

WW2 C-1 Survival Vest one quart Plastic Water Bottle. Excellent Condition. $32.00

0000296 Vietnam War, USAF Bailing Cup

Vietnam War US Bailing Cup for USAF Survival Equipment. Dated 1952. Very Good Condition, $9.00

000272 US Survival Life Raft Paddles

US Survival Life Raft Paddles with reflective side, Very Good Condition. The Pair, $20.00

000218 U.S.A.F. Waterproof Bucket w/ Strap, Vietnam War

Vietnam War U.S.A.F. Small Waterproof Rubberized Bucket with strap. Survival item. Mint condition. $9.00

000119 Vietnam War, US Survival Fishing Kit

Vietnam War US Survival Fishing Kit as carried by Airmen, etc. Sealed with all contents and instruction booklet. Excellent Condition. $49.00

000080 US .45 Colt Auto Plastic Cover

WW2 US .45 Colt Auto Plastic Cover issued with the C-1 Survival Vest for the Army Air Force. Unissued Condition. $25.00

000073 WW2 US Navy Navaer Survival Hat

WW2 US Navy Navaer Combination Survival Hat and Head Net. Also can be used for recovering water, etc. Mint in the labeled envelope of issue to US Navy and Marine Pilots and aviation personnel in the Pacific Theater. Scarce to find WW2 Survival item. $20.00

000044 WW2 Life Jacket Dye Marker

WW2 US Air Force Life Jacket Dye marker. Each. $10.00