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When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.


003870 WW1 US M1910 T-Handle Shovel Cover, Mint Condition

Mint WW1 US M1910 T-Handle Shovel Cover. US stenciled with contractor's stamp and dated 7-18. Exc. $75.00

003833 Mexican Border Period, 1915 Dated and Soldier ID'd, 18" Brass US Regulation Bugle

Brass US Regulation 18" bugle with mouth piece with original markings on Bugle from the Mexican Border period: "Corp. W. R. Slaughter 1915".  Exc $149.00

003832 WW1 US Wooden Trench Periscope

WW1 US wooden Trench Periscope. These were made in France under contract by the US for the American Army. Exc. $125.00

003766 WW1 US Doughboys', Rare, Metal Trench Cover for Wrist Watch

Rare WW1 US Doughboy's metal Trench Cover for Wrist watch. Have large and small size. Please specify. Rare to find. Each, $52.50

003736 Original, WW1 US M1908 Belt Wire Cutter Pouch, Brauer Bros. 6-17.

WW1 Orig. US M1908 Belt Wire Cutter Pouch marked Brauer Bros. 6-18. Exc cond. $45.00


Early US Trench Warfare US Marked Wire Cutters

Earlier US Trench Warfare US Marked Trench Wire Cutters. Exc cond. $100.00


WW1 US Trench Warfare Wire Cutters

WW1 US Trench Warfare Wire cutters as issued to the Doughboys to cut their way through German Wire entanglements. Exc set, $75.00


WW1 US Shaving Mirror, In Leather Case

WW1 US Shaving Mirror in Leather finished Case. Excellent Condition. $25.00


Schrader & Sons 1916 Patented Tire Pressure Gauge

Schrader & Sons 1916 patented Tire Pressure Gauge. Looks like a shotgun shell. Good for display. does not work. $15.00


Early US M1905/1910 Entrenching Shovel

Early US Model 1905/1910 Shovel without the metal re-enforcing on the back of the handle shaft. Very Good Condition and a superb find for the WW1 collection.  $150.00


Pre-WW1 Emergency Survival Sewing Kit

Pre WW1 Emergency survival Sewing Kit. Excellent. $20.00


M1910 Brass or Steel Equipment/Belt Hooks

M1910 Brass or steel Equipment or belt hooks. Hard to find on the loose. specify if you want brass or steel, Each $9.00


WW1 US Army Periscope

WW1 US Army periscope. Nice Optics. Very interesting piece for the Trench Warfare display, $225.00


M1910 Entrenching Shovel w/ Non-Reinforced Metal on Handle, First Issue, Rare

Very Early M1910 Entrenching Shovel with the non-reinforced metal on the wood Handle as first issued. Rare US Shovel. Excellent overall condition. $150.00


WW1 US Army Stonebridge, Folding Trench Lantern

WW1 US Army Stonebridge Folding Trench Lantern for use with Candle. Has the US Army Medical Emblem on it. Nice Condition. Rare $150.00


WW1 US Army Leather Work Mittens, The Pair, Rare

WW1 US Army set of leather work Mittens. Like New condition. Rare find for the WW1 Doughboy display. $125.00


WW1 US Officer's Russet Leather Map Case w/ Shoulder Strap

WW1 US Officer's Russet Leather Map Case with original shoulder strap. Bright russet leather. Mothing to  interior cloth and some age cracks to celluloid map cover. However, it displays like a million dollars on the Shoulder strap is impossible to find on the loose. The set, $125.00


WW1 Short Triple Twist US Army Bugle, Horstmann Maker & 1917 dated

WW1 US Army Short Triple Twist Bugle with famed Wm. H. Horstmann maker's stamp, Phila Depot, Spec. 1152 and early 4-11-17 contract date. All original. Very Good Condition. Classic Bugle for the WW1 Cavalry and Infantry display. $225.00

002689 M1910 US Brass Wire Belt Hanger

M1910 Brass Wire Belt hanger. Great to find on the loose to repair various WW1 and WW2 items. $10.00

002453 US WW1 Issue, Canvas Squad Cleaning Rod Case, Original Unissued

WW1 issue US Squad Canvas Squad Cleaning Rod case as issued with both the M1913 and Model 1916 jointed squad cleaning rods as issued with the Model 1903 and Model 1917 Rifles. Original unissued condition. Scarce to find on the loose. Have just a small lot and a must to display with your rod. Scarce to find on the loose, $17.50/ea.

002237 WW1 US M1917 Garrison Belt w/ 2 Web 30-06 Clip Pouches

WW1 US Model 1917 Garrison belt with the two web 30/06 clip pouches as issued to US troops for garrison duty around army post during WW1. These replaced the M1910 Garrison Belt set during WW1. Nice condition. Scarce, The belt and two pouches. $75.00

002197 US Army 1900's - WW1 Left Hand Fencing Glove, Rare

US Army 1900ís to WW1 Left hand Fencing Glove with fiber cuff as used with the Fencing 45-70 rifle & Patton Saber  for training of Infantry and Cavalry troops. Excellent Unissued Condition. Rare. Only one was issued. $49.00

002166 WW1 Signal Corps Wooden Trench Wire Insulators

WW1 wooden Trench Wire Insulators as used with WW1 communication lines in the Trenches. These are not easy to find. Great WW1 Trench Warfare/Signal Corp communication item. $5.00...each

002164 WW1 US Army Officer's Light Canvas Clothing Valise / Bedroll

WW1 US Army Officer's Light Canvas Clothing Valise/Bedroll. Nice condition. Great find for the WW1 officer's Trench and AEF Display. Our choice, may not be the one pictured. $100.00

002013 WW1 US Army Signal Corps Switchboard, Scarce

WW1 US Army Signal corps Switchboard for use with the EE-8 oak wooden cased telephones. VG original Condition. Still mounted in its original fiber case. Great also for use with WW1 Hello Girl display. Scarce. $325.00

001804 US Army Metal Fluted M1917 Bolo Scabbard 

WW1 US Army Metal Fluted M1917 Bolo Knife Scabbard made by L.F.C. and Co. Some may have a small dent here or their. Rare. Right out of the packing crate. $75.00

001792 Mark VII Compass Leather Carrying Case

WW1 US Army Mark VII Compass Leather Carrying Case for Belt. Excellent Condition. $20.00

001737 WW1 Trench Insulator for Communication Wires
WW1 White Porcelain and/or ceramic insulator for telephone and/or communication wire for Trenches. Each, $5.00
001676 WW1 Era Snare Drum
WW1 Era Snare Drum with metal rod tension drum heads and complete with web drum sling. $199.00
001426 WW1 US Army Medical Litter, Combat Medic's & Ambulances
WW1 US Army Medical Litter. Nice overall Condition.

This is a must for the Combat Medic's and or Ambulance display of WW1. $125.00

001247 WW1 US Army Medical Dept. Tourniquet
WW1 US Army Medical Department Tourniquet. Excellent condition. Great find to complete the various Medical Displays and kits of WW1.  $15.00
001138 WW1 US Shelter Half Rope
WW1 US Shelter Half Rope. Nice condition. One issued to each Doughboy. Each...$15.00
001006 WW1 US Army Trench/Bunker Candles
WW1 US Army Candles for use in the Bunkers in the Trenches, Mint condition, Each.. $9.00
000986 US M1918 Stadia, Issued w/ M1903 & M1917 Rifles
US M1918 Stadia as issued with both M1903 Rifles and M1917 US Enfield rifles. Issued to Doughboys for determining distance for accurate shooting. Excellent Condition. Scarce. $125.00
000931 US Army Air Service Army Air Corps Coated Cotton Balloon Cloth
1918 to 1942 era US Army Air Service/Army Air Corps Coated Cotton Balloon cloth. Mint condition. 3ft X 3 ft Section sold for those that want to create Aviation Plane and Balloon Art work on this fabric. Mint Condition. Per each 3ft x 3ft Section.... $20.00
000929 US Army Cavalry, 1903 Pistol Lanyard
Exact Repro US Army/Cavalry 1903 Lanyard as used with all Colt and S&W 38 Revolvers with Lanyards and the various auto pistols such as Colt, Savage, M1900 US Luger Etc from the years of 1900 through the 1911 until the 1917 lanyard was adopted. Excellent Quality Copy. $35.00
000927 M1913 Russet Leather Patton Sword Knot
Exact Repro Russet Leather M1913 Patton Sword knot. One was issued with each trooper and sword to prevent loss of sword. $35.00
000917 WW1 Brass 12ga. Shotgun Shells
WW1 Brass 12 gauge Shotgun Shells, fired but Excellent Condition for display. Each, $10.00
000906 "US Infantry Weapons of the First World War", by Bruce Canfield
US Infantry Weapons of the First World War by Bruce Canfield. hardbound. 293 pages. Heavily photo illustrated on all weapons of the WW1 US Infantryman. All small arms, grenades, bayonets, trench knives, handguns, holsters, Trench rifles, Trench Shotguns, machineguns and accessories, 37mm l pounder Gun, etc, etc. Superb book, and most highly recommended. Full Index. $40.00
000879 Army & Navy Store Co. 1918 Catalog
Reprint: Army & Navy Store Co 1918 Catalog. large Military and Naval Outfitters to Officer and Enlisted Men. Heavily illustrated, 32 pages. Covers Uniforms, Insignia, Chevrons, headgear, Wings, Belts, equipment, swords, sword knots, etc, etc. Very interesting. $10.00
000878 The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog
Reprint: The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog. 48 pages illustrated. Cover's Officer and enlisted uniforms, insignia, headgear, swords, belts, pocket and wrist watches, Flags, chevrons, camp equipment, etc. Very informative period reference for Mexican Border through WW1 period. $10.00
000876 "Rewards for Service United States Army Insignia", 1919
Reprint: Rewards for Service United States Army Insignia and Other Information. 1919. 26 pages. Illustrated. Covers medals, insignia, collar discs and patches. Period information. Interesting. $5.00
000868 WW1 Poster of Flanders Field Poem, by Lt. Col. John McCrae
Super WW1 Poster of the Flanders Field Poem by Lt. Col. John McCrae.  Approximately 20X30 inch Size. Super for WW1 Exhibit. $10.00
000856 WW1 US Army Issue Trench Sand Bag, Scarce
US Army World War One issue Trench Sand Bag. Unissued. Scarce. $25.00
000828 1918 Mills Woven Military Equipment Catalog, Reprint
Reprint: 1918 Mills Woven Military Equipments Catalog. 24 pages and illustrated with all Mills woven equipment offered by the Mills Company at that date. Excellent Reference. $10.00
000827 1914 Mills Woven Military Equipment Catalog, Reprint
Reprint: 1914 Mills Woven Military Equipments Catalog. 32 pages and illustrated with all Mills Equipment offered by the Company at that date. Excellent Reference. $10.00
000815 US Cavalry Model 1909 Crown Piece for Bridle
US Cavalry Model 1909 Crown piece for Bridle and while WW2 dated, same from 1909 until the end of the US Horse Cavalry. Unissued. Live Leather. $32.00
000795 US Army 3-Piece Cleaning Rod for Trench Shotgun
US Army Three piece wooden Cleaning rod for Trench Shotgun. Excellent Condition... $25.00
000792 WW1 M1911 .45 Auto Brass Grease Tin
WW1 M1911 .45 Auto Brass grease and/or spare parts tin for the .45 Auto Squad Cleaning Kit. Excellent Condition...$45.00
000772 US Army Issue CORK for Canteen Lid
US Army CORK for the Canteen Lid. Unissued Condition. Each $3.00
000756 20 Round Carton, Caliber 30 Blank Cartridges, Frankford Arsenal
Frankford Arsenal 20 round carton of Caliber 30 blank cartridges Model 1903 as chambered for 1906 ammo. These have the paper bullets. Excellent Condition. Rare Used for training soldiers, training cavalry horses, funerals and ceremonial use. $60.00
000754 "The Collar Disc Story 1907 to 1999", by Albert Scipio
The Collar Disc Story 1907 to 1999 by Albert Scipio. This excellent hardbound 296 page book covers the complete history and illustrates 99% of all the collar discs used by the US Army from 1907 to date. Covers the history, adoption, orders, etc.
A must for the WW1, WW2 and post WW2 insignia and uniform collector. Long out of print, $65.00
000736 US Cavalry Brass Coat Strap Buckles, McClellan Saddle, Original
Original US Cavalry Brass Coat Strap Buckle for McClellan Saddle. Very Good Condition. Hard to find on the loose to complete your McClellan Saddle. Each $12.00
000733 1903 Springfield Nickeled Oiler w/ Brass Pull Thong, WW1, Like New
1903 Springfield WW1 Nickeled Oiler with brass pull thong. Like new Condition. Used with all 1903 Springfield and Rock Island Arsenal made rifles and Winchester, Eddystone and Remington M1917 rifles. Scarce in this condition. $49.00
000729 Original Brass Buckles for Saddle Bags, Spur Straps, Haversacks, Etc.
Brass Buckles as used on saddle bags for straps on flaps, Spur Straps and haversacks. Used Condition. Very Good. Impossible to find on the loose. Priced per each buckle... $8.00
000723 1914 Saber Exercise Manual
Exact Reprint of the 1914 Saber Exercise Manual as issued to all US Cavalry troopers and written by then 2nd Lt. George Patton, and a must to display with your Model 1913 Patton Cavalry Saber. 40 pages with illustrations. $10.00
000709 WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined
WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined. 110 pages with hundreds of WW1 items clearly photographed and identified. Considered as the bible on WW1. Covers all US Doughboy equipment, uniforms, aviation, Marine, navy, Cavalry equipment, Wings, North Russia, Siberia, and charts that break down Divisional Information, Collar Disc numbers for Division, correct bars for Victory medals and much, much more.
Autographed by the author Hayes Otoupalik to you. Dealers write for discount. $24.50
000706 US Army Issue Set of Two Snap Hooks for Leather Rifle Scabbards
US Army WW1 Set of Two Snap Hooks for use with M1903 and/or M1 Garand leather Scabbard Straps. Invariably missing. Unissued Condition. The pair. $14.00
000705 WW1 20 Round Carton of Russian Contract 7.62 Rifle Ammo
  WW1 20 Round carton of Remington Manufactured Russian Army Contract 7.62 Rifle Ammo as issued with the Mosin Nagant Rifle. This ammo also issued with the US Army Remington and Westinghouse M1891 Mosin Nagant. Excellent Condition. Rare... $75.00
000704 30/40 Krag and Winchester M1895 Blank Cartridges, Carton of 20
Original Carton of 20 caliber 30/40 Krag and Winchester M1895 Blank Cartridges with the paper bullets. Excellent + Condition... Great for display with Krag Carbine and Rifle Collection. $49.00
000702 US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Six Ton Tank 1 hour DVD
US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Two Man Six Ton tank one hour DVD of Hayes Otoupalik's original and operational WW1 Tank and its live firing 37mm Cannon being taken through its paces in a WW1 reenacting scene! Incredible! $24.50
000699 WW1 Soldiers Navy Cut Sweet Scotch Snuff
WW1 Soldiers navy Cut Sweet Scotch Snuff. Great find for the WW1 doughboy's
personal tobacco display. $20.00
000679 Model 1908, US Army Wire Cutters, WW1 Issue
WW1 US Army Wire Cutters, Model 1908. Nice condition. These were carried in the canvas Belt Case listed separately. These were the standard issue set issued to Doughboys. Also issued to Cavalry troops to cut through fence wire with cavalry columns, horses. $100.00
000676 WW1 US Army Gas Mask Anti-Dimming Stick

WW1 US Army Gas Mask Anti-Diming Stick. Complete. One was issued to each WW1 Doughboy. $10.00
000620 WW1 Cartridge Belt Catch, Male Side

WW1 Brass Cartridge belt catch, Male Side. $10.00

000619 WW1 Cartridge Belt Catch, Female Side

WW1 Brass Cartridge Belt catch, female side. $10.00

000604 M1904 US Cavalry Link Strap

US Cavalry Link Strap M1904. Used from 1904 to WW2. Affixed to bit for cavalry trooper to hold more than one horse when dismounted. Great find for Mexican Border and WW1 Cavalry collection. $35.00

000585 US Cavalry M1913 Patton Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro. M1913 Patton Saber Carrier for Saddle, New $45.00


000584 US Cavalry M1902 Saber Carrier

US Cavalry Repro M1902 Saber Carrier for Officer's Saddle, New, $45.00


000562 WW1 US Signal Corps Flag Kit Bag

WW1 US Army Signal Corps Flag Kit Bag. Bag only, no contents. Nice Condition. $29.00

000555 WW1 US YMCA AEF Postcards

WW1 US YMCA American Expeditionary Forces postcard for writing home with address from overseas etc. Unissued. 12 for $12.00

000483 US 1/4 lb. Tin of Foot Powder

WW1 US 1/4 lb. tin of Foot Powder. Contracted dated 1918. Very Good Condition. Rare, $32.00

000454 M1911 US .45 Auto Swivel Holster Leather Leg Strap

WW1 M1911 US .45 Auto Swivel Holster Leather leg Strap. Unissued. Buckle never affixed. Unissued original condition. Invariably always missing from Holster. $25.00

000446 Model 1913 Patton Sword, Wooden Fencing Blade
Model 1913 Patton Sword Wooden Fencing Blade. Made at Rock Island Arsenal and so marked. Excellent Original Condition. These blades used a variety of Leather, Sheet metal and wicker basket guards. Blade only. Excellent Condition...$45.00
000443 M1918 BAR Russet Leather Sling

WW1 M1918 BAR Russet Leather Sling with the three double prong hooks. Excellent Condition, live leather. $100.00

000403 WW1 US Khaki Rifle Sling

WW1 US Khaki Web Rifle Sling. No buckle marked. Excellent Condition, $150.00

000387 US Oak Tent Pegs, WW1

WW1 US Oak Tent pegs for shelter half. Very Good Condition, Lot of five.  $20.00

000382 M1907 US Army Cartridge Belt Suspenders

WW1 M1907 US Army Cartridge Belt suspenders. Very Good Original Condition. Scarce. $250.00

000379 WW1 US M1908 Belt Wire Cutter Pouch

WW1 US Army M1908 Belt Wire Cutter Pouch. Very Good Condition, Each $35.00

000362 WW1 US M1918 BAR Spare Parts Box

WW1 US M1918 BAR spare parts box. Oiled leather. Very Good Condition, $40.00

000357 WW1 US M1910 Squad Leaders Pouch

WW1 US Army M1910 Squad Leaders Pouch. Nice Condition, $35.00

000335 WW1 US M1910 Squad Surplus Bag

WW1 M1910 Squad Surplus Bag for storage of Overcoats, Blankets, etc. Very Good Condition, $50.00

000323 WW1 M1910 Haversack, Leather Extension Strap
WW1 M1910 leather strap for affixing extension to M1910 Haversack, Excellent Condition, $10.00
000306 M1910 Leather Fork & Spoon Inserts for Haversack

WW1 M1910 Leather Fork and Knife inserts for haversack. Excellent Condition, The Set, $16.00

000290 M1910 Pick-Mattock Carrier

WW1 M1910 Pick-Mattock Carrier, Khaki, Excellent Condition, $20.00

000288 WW1 US Mess Kit - Fork

WW1 US Mess Kit Fork, Very Good Condition, $10.00

000287 WW1 US Mess Kit - Spoon

WW1 US Mess Kit Spoon, Very Good Condition, $10.00

000286 WW1 US Mess Kit - Knife

WW1 US Mess kit Knife, Very Good Condition, $20.00

000281 M1910 Aluminum Mess Kit w/ Lid

WW1 US M1910 Aluminum Mess kit with lid. Very Good Condition, $29.00

000277 M1910 Aluminum Canteen Cup w/ Handle

WW1 M1910 Aluminum Canteen cup with handle. Very Good Condition, $35.00

000275 M1910 Aluminum Canteen w/ Lid

WW1 M1910 Aluminum Canteen with lid, Very Good Condition, $20.00

000242 Russet Leather Axe Cover

WW1 Russet leather Axe Cover, Excellent Condition. $49.50

000174 WW1 2000 Target Pasters

WW1 2000 Target Pasters printed at Rock Island Arsenal, 1917. Mint Condition. $12.00

000146 WW1 M1910 US First Aid Pouch

WW1 M1910 US First Aid Pouch for Belt, Used Very Good Condition. $65.00

000118 WW1 US Air Service Recruiting Poster

WW1 US Air Service Recruiting Poster. Approx 20X30 inches. Reproduction. $19.00

000116 WW1 US Army Mess Hall Cruets

WW1 US Army Vinegar and Oil Cruets for Mess Hall Table. Excellent Condition.. The set, $42.00

000102 WW1 US Bayonet Trench Mirror

WW1 US Bayonet Trench Mirror for use with 1903 Springfield and M1917 US Enfield Rifle bayonets. Excellent Condition. Affixes to end of bayonet for looking over edge of the Trench! Rare. $69.00

000075 WW1 US Nickeled Oiler for 1903 Springfield & Mod 1917 Rifles

WW1 US Nickeled Oiler for use with 1903 Springfield and Rock Island Arsenal and Model 1917 US Enfield rifles made by Remington, Winchester or Eddystone. Used but in Very Good Condition and complete with pull thong. $29.00

000065 WW1 US Canvas Leggings, Excellent Original Condition

WW1 US Army Canvas leggings complete with laces. Excellent original condition. $20.00

000061 Model 1916 Squad Cleaning Rod Case, Khaki

WW1 Khaki Canvas Model 1916 Squad Cleaning Rod case. Excellent Condition. $20.00

000043 US Army Canvas Leggings

WW1 US Army Canvas Leggings. Excellent Condition. The pair with laces. A Must to complete your WW1 Ensemble. the Canvas type were issued with all the cotton uniforms and also worn with the wool breeches. $20.00

000042 US Army Dark Brown Collapsible Wash Basin

World War One US Army Dark Brown Canvas Collapsible Wash Basin. Unissued Condition. Great for display with razor and other personal items. $20.00

000017 US Army Three Piece Folding Tent Pole

WW1 US Army Three piece folding Tent Pole with brass slides. Standard issue for WW1 Doughboy Infantryman pack and equipment display. Very Good original Condition. $42.50

000004  WW1 Model 1910 Condiment Tin

WW1 Model 1910 US Army Condiment Tin. This three compartment container was issued for holding sugar, coffer and salt ration for each doughboy infantryman or cavalry trooper. Very Good, Condition. $25.00

000003  WW1 Model 1916 Bacon Tin

WW1 Model 1916 Bacon tin. Galvanized metal with lid embossed Model 1916. One was issued to each Doughboy Infantryman, Cavalry trooper, etc to hold his salt metal bacon ration. VG Cond. $34.50