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003734 WW2 US Army Airborne Cargo Drop Light

WW2 US Army Airborne Cargo Light as used on drops to help find them. Also the different colored lamps used to mark the different types of drops, i.e., food, ammo, medical supplies, etc. Nice condition. $75.00


WW2 US Army Air Corps 50 foot Measuring Tape

WW2 US Army Air Corps 50 foot Measuring Tape. These were used for measuring loads for the Planes, etc. Excellent. Rare $100.00


WW2 Canvas Radio Bag w/ Shoulder Straps, Airborne Forces Pattern

WW2 Canvas Radio Bag with shoulder straps. Excellent Condition. Marked Type CSK 10027A. Used by Airborne Forces. $250.00


WW2 US Army Paratrooper Let Down Rope, Rare

WW2 US Army Paratrooper Let down rope as made by the Atlanta Braid company. Very Rare. Exc cond. $500.00

002719 WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper Quick Release Buckle

WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper Quick Release Buckle as used with T-7 and T-10 Parachute Harness. Scarce to find on the loose. $39.00

002683 WW2 US Army CBI Blood Chit, Serial No. 2050

WW2 US Army Blood Chit was worn by Pilots and Crew members in the China-Burma-India Theater. Serial No. 2050. Made of silk on cotton background. Original. Very fine condition. $225.00

002664 WW2 ID'd Photo & Desk Name Plate, for USAAF Colonel

WW2 framed Photo and desk name Plate for Army Air Force Colonel F H. Chetlain. Overall excellent... $50.00

002512 WW2 US Army 14th Air Force, Airman's Blood Chit, w/ Official Chinese Markings, and Serial # 456, Rare

WW2 Original US Army Air Force Airman's Blood Chit as produced for wear by members of the 14th Air Force in the China Burma Indian Theater. Excellent Condition. Printed on Silk with Chinese Flag over Chinese Writing with Official  red stamped "Chop" markings and serial number 456. Has original cotton backing. Excellent Condition, Original and Rare. $295.00

002402 WW2 US Airborne Illumination Disc, Paratroopers, For Use on Helmets, Etc.

WW2 US Airborne Illumination Disc as worn by US Paratroopers on their helmets, etc. Nice Condition. Original and Very Scarce. $195.00

002382 WW2 US Army Parachute Pack for Airborne Drop Cylinder

WW2 US Army Parachute Pack for Airborne Drop cylinder as used by Airborne and OSS personnel. 16 inches in diameter with two metal clips, one on either side to affix to drop cylinder. Parachute pack is approx 4 1/2 inches high by 16 inches diameter with the four flaps. Like new condition. Very Rare. $42.50

002370 US Army Combat Medic's Parachute Chest Medical Pouch

US Army Combat Medic's Parachute Chest Medical pouch in like new condition. Same as issued during WW2 but dated 1949. Very Rare. Original like new Condition. Superb find the WW2 Combat Airborne Medic display. $250.00

002358 WW2 US AN-6530 Flight Goggles

WW2 US AN-6530 Flight Goggles in Excellent Original, Like New Condition. $350.00

002265 WW2 USAAF Shearling Sheepskin Flyer's Mittens, Light Brown

WW2 Light Brown leather US Army Air Force Shearling Sheepskin Flyer's Mittens. In Overall Excellent+ Condition. Medium size approx Size 9. $150.00

002208 WW2 US Army Cargo Parachute Pack, Used w/ Cargo Drop Chutes

WW2 US Army Cargo parachute Pack as used for Cargo Drop Chutes with ammunition, medical, food drops, and also as used with the Cushman airborne Motorcycle. Excellent Condition. $20.00

002207 WW2 USAAF Khaki Canvas Bag for Walk Around Oxygen Cylinder & Regulator

WW2 US Army Air Force Khaki Canvas Bag for Walk around Oxygen cylinder and Regulator. complete with shoulder strap. Very Good Condition. Great find for the B-17, and B-24 bomber display. $32.50

002158 WW2 Radio Shock Absorber, Mt-108/APX-1

WW2 Radio Shock Absorber for Radio set, Mt-108 / APX-1. These are for the Grumman Hellcat. Excellent condition. $35.00

002088 WW2 U.S.A.A.F Radio Shock Base
WW2 Radio shock Base for use with WW2 Army Air Force Radio. Excellent Condition. $32.50
002023 WW2 USAAF Type N-6 Gun Camera

WW2 USAAF Type N-6 Gun Camera. Excellent Condition. $150.00

002015 WW2 US Aviation / Bomber, Mark II, B Pelorus Drift Sight

WW2 US Aviation Mark II B Pelorus Drift Sight for use with bomber Plane. Great find for B-17, B-24, etc display In the original labeled wood transit box. $125.00

002008 Type A-2 Bailout Oxygen Bottle, USAAF, Korean War

Korean War early 1950s Type A-2 Bailout Oxygen Bottle for USAAF. Same as WW2. Nice condition. Scarce $80.00

001773 WW2 AAF Type Q-1 Heated Flying Shoe Inserts, Pair

WW2 Army Air Force Type Q-1 Electrically Heated Flying Shoe Inserts. Mint Condition. Pair, $20.00

001043 WW2 US Army Air Force Load Adjuster w/ Case for B-24, Etc.
 WW2 US Army Air Force Load Adjuster with case for B-24 D, E, G, H, & J airplanes and PB4Y-1. Unissued condition. $59.00
000931 US Army Air Service Army Air Corps Coated Cotton Balloon Cloth
1918 to 1942 era US Army Air Service/Army Air Corps Coated Cotton Balloon cloth. Mint condition. 3ft X 3 ft Section sold for those that want to create Aviation Plane and Balloon Art work on this fabric. Mint Condition. Per each 3ft x 3ft Section.... $20.00
000930 WW2 US Army Contract Roll of Drawing Paper
WW2 US Army Contract Roll of Drawing Paper. Mint. 30" Wide by 10 yards long. A must for the Map and Desk display. Per roll $20.00
000900 "Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces", QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944
Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces, QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944. 166 pages. Illustrated. Superb source reference on Arctic Equipment, Mountain Equipment, Desert Equipment, Jungle Equipment, Airborne Equipment, Amphibian Equipment, and Cold Climate Equipment for the Air Forces and Armoured Commands. A must have book for First Special Service Force and 10th Mountain Division collectors, etc. $39.00
000800 WW2 US Army Aircrew Navigator's True Air Speed Computer
WW2 US Army True Air Speed Computer as used by Bombers and Navigators. Mint Condition. $24.50
000786 WW2 US Army 1-Piece OD Cloth Wrist Watch Strap
WW2 US Army One piece OD cloth wrist watch strap, Elgin Marked. Mint Condition. Each...$25.00
000760 Type B-8A Flying Goggles in Original Carton, WW2 US Army
WW2 US Army Type B-8A Flying goggles in original Carton with extra lenses, etc. Unissued Condition. Rare... $125.00
000741 WW2 AAF Lubricating Oil for Instruments, Machineguns
WW2 AAF 1 Quart light Lubricating Oil for Aircraft Instruments and Machineguns. Excellent Condition. Full contents. $39.00
000724 Army Air Force Manual, for the "Use of the Emergency Sustenance, Survival Vest, Type C-1".
Army Air Force manual for the use of the Emergency sustenance Survival Vest, Type C-1. 20 pages with illustrations. One was issued with each vest and covers the use and illustrations of each item issued with this vest. Exact Reprint $10.00
000675 WW2 US Army Sunglasses in Case
WW2 US Army Sunglasses in Case. These clip over the soldier's regular glasses. Mint $20.00
000655 WW2 Book of 10 Army Air Force "PULL" Matches
WW2 Book of 10 Army Air Force "PULL" matches. Great for personal display
with cigarettes. Mint Condition, $10.00
000645 WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders

WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders with attaching rings. Mint Condition, $10.00 Each.

000615 WW2 AAF Elastic Head Strap for AN-6530 Goggles

WW2 AAF Elastic head Strap for AN-6530 Goggles, etc. Unissued Condition. Rare, $42.00

000614 WW2 AAF Goggle Lenses, Amber

WW2 Army Air Force Goggle Lenses. Amber Glass lenses. Fit all AN-6530 type goggles. Mint Condition, the pair, $35.00

000613 WW2 AAF Goggle Lenses, Green

WW2 Army Air Force Goggle Lenses. Green Glass lenses AN-DD-L-236. Fit all AN-6530 Goggles. Mint Condition, The pair, $35.00

000581 WW2 US Safety Seat Belt
WW2 US Safety Seat Belt. Nice condition. Great for Aviation display. $59.00
000578 WW2 AAF Communication Tube

WW2 Army Air Force Communication Tube with ear and mouth pieces, Nice Condition. $29.00

000541 WW2 AAF Hose Assembly for Oxygen Mask to Regulator

WW2 Army Air Force Hose Assembly for Oxygen Mask to Regulator as used on all B-17s, Bombers, etc. Excellent Condition. Classic piece to affix to your Oxygen Mask instead of just having a pig tail hanging in your display. Part of issue flight equipment. $39.00

000399 WW2 AAF Parachute Rip Cord Handle & Cable, Seat Type

WW2 AAF Parachute Rip Cord Handle with Cable for Seat Type Parachute system. Excellent Condition, The set $39.00

000351 WW2 B-2 Army Air Force Mechanic's Apron

WW2 B-2 Army Air Forces mechanic Apron. Excellent Condition. $29.00

000350 WW2 AAF Mechanic's Apron

WW2 AAF Mechanic's Roll Apron. has pockets for spark plugs, tools, etc. Excellent Condition, $29.00

000345 WW2 US Army 8th AAF Personnel, Valuables Bag, 1943 dated

WW2 US Army Valuables Bag issued to 8th AAF personnel. 1943 dated. Excellent Condition, Numbering on Bags will vary, our choice. $19.00 each

000333 WW2 US Bungee Cords for Parachute Packs

WW2 US Bungee Cords/Shock Cords, for use with all the various Parachute Packs. Very Nice Condition. Lot of 6, $18.00

000328 WW2 US Armourer's Tool Roll

WW2 US Khaki Canvas .50 BMG Armourer's Tool Roll. Stock number suggests use w/ Aircraft Guns M2 & M3, Mint Condition, $35.00

000298 WW2 US Airborne Orange Marker Light, for Cargo Loads

WW2 US Airborne Orange marker Light for Cargo loads. Used for finding and identifying equipment in drop zones. Excellent Condition, $62.00

000199 WW2 A.A.F. Type A-14 Oxygen Mask, Helmet Attachment Parts

WW2 Army Air Force original set of parts for affixing Type A-14 Oxygen Mask to Flight Helmet. Mint $20.00

000184 WW2 US Personal Effects Bag, GRU Issue

WW2 US Personal Effects Bag. Used to place valuables off the deceased soldier by
graves registration personnel for return to family. Fortunately, unused condition. $20.00

000167 WW2 US Army Parachute Log Book

WW2 US Army Parachute Log Book. Issued with each parachute to record use. Nice Condition. $10.00

000097 AAF Folding Goggles

WW2 AAF Folding Type 2 Dark Adaptation Goggles. Mint Condition. $12.50

000089  A.A.F. Utility Belt Roll

WW2 Army Air Force Utility belt pouch roll, OD. Excellent Condition. $12.50

000085 Polaroid Goggle Lenses

WW2 Polaroid Dark Adaptor Goggle Lenses. Unissued Condition. $5.00

000074 WW2 US Army Air Force Chin Cup for Flight Caps
WW2 US Army Air Force Soft Brown Leather Chin Cup for Flight Caps. Excellent Condition... $25.00