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WW2 WLA Harley Davidson Bearing Set NOS in Box

WW2 WLA Harley Davidson Bearing set in Box. Still sealed. Original New old Stock. Superb for display. $20.00

003648 WW2, Original NOS Ford & Willy's Jeep Night Driving Light Bulb, 6-Volt

WW2 Original New Old Stock Ford and Willy’s Jeep Night Driving Light Bulb. 6-Volt. Mint in the Box. $29.00


WW2 US Army FT-285 Radio Table, for FT-237 Radio Base or SCR 508, SCR 528 Radio Sets in Scout Cars, Jeeps, Command Cars, Etc.

WW2 US Army FT-285 Radio Table as used with the FT-237 Radio Base as used with SCR 508 and SCR 528 Radio Sets. These stands used in White Scout Cars, Ford and Willys Jeeps, Dodge Command and Recon Cars, etc. Nice condition. $225.00


WW2 White Half Track & Scout Car Armoured Window Hold Up Rods

WW2 White Half Track and Scout Car armored window hold up rods. Original. Mint Condition. Each, $50.00


WW2 WLA 45 Harley Davidson Metal Leg Guards, Complete w/ Various Mounting Hardware

WW2 WLA 45 Harley Davidson Metal leg Guards with soft pliable rubber at bottom and complete with various mounting hardware. Original Black Paint. Excellent Like new condition with some of the original H/D label wrapping materiel. Rare set, $550.00


WW2 Brass M2 "White" Halftrack Data Plate, Rare & Original

WW2 Original Brass M2 White Halftrack Data plate. Will clean up Excellent. Rare to find. $100.00

002287 Antique Child's Paper Jeep

Antique Child's paper Jeep, Circa 1945/1946. Measures approx 16" wide, 12" high by 28 inches long. Super display piece for display with your jeep and childhood memory lane collection. $225.00

002248 US Army Issue Military Vehicle, Rear View Mirror

US Army Military Vehicle Rear View Mirror. Mint Condition. Great find for the Vehicle Restorer. $20.00

002205 WW2 US Army Equipment Straps, for Attaching Shovel, Picks & Axes to Vehicles

WW2 US Army leather Equipment straps for attaching shovels and picks and axes to WW2 halftracks, scout cars, tanks, trucks, etc. Nice Condition. $12.50 each

002095 Kaiser M715 Jeep Water Pump, Vietnam War
US Vietnam War, Kaiser M715 Jeep Water Pump with part No. 11657644. Like New condition. $100.00
002094 WW2 Dodge 3/4 Ton Combat Rim
WW2 3/4 Ton Combat Rim for Dodge. Very Good Condition. Needs Studs. have three, $125.00  FOB Missoula Montana. 
002093 M715 Kaiser Jeep Gas Tank Cap, Vietnam War
US Vietnam War, M715 Kaiser Jeep Gas Tank Cap. New old stock condition. $25.00
001811 M4A3 Metal Hardware for Handcart Tow Ropes

M4A3 Handcart set of metal handles and hooks for the Cart Tow ropes. Priced, for the set. $80.00

001756 WW2 Halftrack and/or Scout Car 1-1/4 inch Armor Bolts, NO
WW2 Halftrack and/or Scout Car 1 1/4 inch bolt for Armor. Original, NOS Condition. Each $3.00
001755 WW2 Halftrack and/or Scout Car Bootman Armor Loops
WW2 Halftrack and/or Scout Car Bootman Loops for the Armor. Excellent Condition. Each $10.00  
001721 WW2 US GMC Drive Shaft Dust Cover, Part #2201421
WW2 US GMC Drive Shaft Dust Cover. Part #2201421. Sealed in Original Package, NOS $10.00
001678 WW2 M3A1 Light Tank, Night Driving Lamp w/ Brush Guard
WW2 M3A1 Light Tank Night Driving Lamp with brush Guard. New Condition. $125.00
001432 WW1 US Army Red Tail Lamp for Vehicles
WW1 US Army Red Tail Lamp for Vehicle. Made by Dietz with original WW1 OD Painted finish. Excellent Condition. Have three. Your choice. Each. $89.00
001426 WW1 US Army Medical Litter, Combat Medic's & Ambulances
WW1 US Army Medical Litter. Nice overall Condition.

This is a must for the Combat Medic's and or Ambulance display of WW1. $125.00

001237 WW2 M35 Skate Trolley Anti Canting Wheel
WW2 M35 Skate Trolley Anti Canting Wheel. Great find for the Scout Car and Halftrack restoration and MG collector... $20.00
001018 WW2 US Army Screwdrivers for Jeep Tool Kit, Etc.
WW2 US Army Wooden Handle Screwdrivers as issued with the Jeep Tool Kit. Surface rust. Nice condition. Fully serviceable. $8.00
000837 US Army Sparkplug Socket for Jeeps, and other WW2 Vehicles
WW2 US Army Sparkplug Socket for use with Jeeps and other WW2 vehicles. A must to complete the vehicle tool display. Still in the Grease. $5.00
000647 Willys Jeep Bracket, for M38 or M38A1

Willys Jeep Bracket for M38 or M38A1. Original. NOS. $9.00

000591 Early Vietnam, US Tool Strap

 Early Vietnam War Tool Strap, US, each $5.00

000586 Vietnam, M37 Dodge Web Straps for Cargo Rack

Vietnam War M37 Dodge Web Strap with Snap hooks for use on back with Cargo Rack. Nice Condition, $49.00

000578 WW2 AAF Communication Tube

WW2 Army Air Force Communication Tube with ear and mouth pieces, Nice Condition. $29.00

000574 Vietnam, US Army Corp of Engineers Vehicle Case

Vietnam War US Army Lubrication Guide Canvas Case for Vehicle. Marked US Corps of Engineers. Unissued, $20.00

000572 WW2 US Vehicle Door Safety Straps

WW2 US Set of Vehicle Door Straps, to short for Jeep but good for the hardware. Mint Condition with snap hooks. $20.00/pair

000543 US Army Leather Vehicle Equipment Strap, 12-Inch

US Army Russet Leather Strap for Vehicle Axes, Shovels, etc. 12" Long. Excellent Condition, $12.50

000542 Vietnam, OD, 40-Inch Vehicle Strap

Vietnam War OD Web Vehicle Strap with buckle. 40" long. $20.00

000514 Vietnam, OD Vehicle Case, Mkd. 7961712

Vietnam War OD Case Marked 7961712 for Vehicle. Excellent Condition. $10.00

000488 WW2 Pintle Socket Cover, M25 & M31 Post Mount

WW2 US Army Canvas Pintle Socket Cover for use with M25 and M31 Post Mount, Mint Condition. $35.00

000487 Willy's Overland M38 Jeep, Top Canvas Hold Down Strap

Willy's Overland M38 Jeep Top Canvas Hold Down strap. Set of two, Mint Condition, $20.00

000463 WW2 US .50 Cal MG, Overall Cover

WW2 US M2 50 Caliber MG Overall cover for use with post Mount. Unissued Condition. $150.00

000450 Vietnam Era, Vehicle Web Cargo Tie Down Strap

Vietnam Era Vehicle Web Cargo Tie Down Strap. Dated 1/63. Unissued. $15.00.

000327 WW2, Light M39C for Telescope M51 & M70

WW2 Light M39C for Telescope M51 & M70. Used with Stuart, Sherman, and M8 Armored cars, etc. Mint Condition, $75.00

000266 WW2 US M70D Telescope w/ M51 Reticule

WW2 US M70D Telescope with M51 Reticule for use with 37mm Cannon Stuart Tank, M8 Armored Car, etc. Mint unused condition in original Box. $150.00

000265 WW2 .50/.30 Caliber BMG Shell Catching Bag, C-158331

WW2 50/30 Caliber BMG Shell catching Bag. C-158331. Used on both the Universal 30/50 MG Cradle and the long tailed Scout Car and Half Track Cradles, etc. Very Good Condition. $75.00

000262 WW2 Collapsible Jeep Water Bucket

WW2 Collapsible Jeep Water Bucket. Nice Condition. Carried in tool Jeep Fender tool box. Very Good Condition. $20.00

000234 MP57 Antenna Base Cover

WW2 US MP57 Antenna Base Cover. Unissued. $32.00

000232 WW2 Drag Strap for M3 37mm Towed Gun Equipment

WW2 Drag Strap with rope and hook as used with M3 37mm Towed Gun Equipment. four required. Mint unissued condition. $45.00 each

000231 US Army Large Canvas Water Bucket

WW2 US Army Large Canvas Water Bucket for use with Vehicle. Used, Very Good Condition. $42.50

000195 WW2 US Army Dust Respirator, Jeep Drivers, Etc.

WW2 US Army Dust Respirator. Issued to protect Vehicle drivers, etc. from Noxious
road dust. Great Jeep item. Unissued. $20.00

000013 US Army WW2 M-6 Canvas Tool Roll

US Army WW2 M-6 Canvas Tool Roll for issue with Military Vehicles. Like New condition. $20.00

000014 US Army M-6 Periscope

WW2 US Army M-6 Periscope as used with WW2 Sherman, Stuart Tanks, etc. Like New Condition. $50.00