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Edged Weapons & Weapons Related


WW2 British Carbine Bayonet w/o Scabbard

WW2 British Carbine Bayonet without scabbard. Excellent Condition overall Rare. $125.00

003787 WW2 British No. 36 Mills Bomb, 1944 Dated, Jungle Proofed

WW2 British No. 36 Mills Bomb. Base is threaded for rifle Rod. Traces of original paint and the red "X''s to show it was moisture proof in the jungle. complete. Dated 1944. $295.00

003686 WW2 No. 69 British, Clandestine, Black Bakelite Grenade

WW2 No. 69 British Clandestine Black Bakelite Grenade with all way fuze and complete with top cap and bottom plug. has holes drilled in body to inert it. Still display very well and Scarce. $150.00


WW2 British Copper Plated Steel Cleaning Rods for British .38 Cal Enfield/Webley Revolvers

WW2 British Copper Plate Steel Ramrod as issued with the various British .38 caliber Enfield/Webley Revolvers. Exc condition. Scarce. Each, $20.00


WW1 ~ WW2 British Steel Cleaning Rods as Issued w/ Mark VI Webley .455 Revolvers, British Proof Marked

WW1-WW2 British Steel Cleaning Rods as issued with Mark VI  Webley .455 Caliber Revolver, Exc Condition with British proof marks. These were carried in the holster slot, etc.  Exc. Each, $35.00

002750 British M1856 Brunswick Bayonet w/ Scabbard

British M1856 Sword Bayonet with Scabbard. Nice Condition. Type imported by North & South during the US Civil War, $325.00

002623 M1876 British Martini Henry Triangular Bayonet,  /89

British Martini Henry Triangular Bayonet. "WD/Broad Arrow/89". Model 1876. Very Good Condition.  $95.00

002622 M1876 British Martini Henry Triangular Bayonet,  /35

British Martini Henry Triangular Bayonet. marked:"" WD/Broad Arrow/35 Model 1876 Bayonet. Very Good Condition.  $95.00

002621 British, Mark I, 2nd Type Lee Medford Bayonet, Unit Marked

British Lee Medford Bayonet Mark 1, 2nd Type Bayonet. Very good condition. Unit marked. $95.00

002584 Early British Mark VI, .455 Webley White Buff Holster

Rare Early British Mark VI .455 Webley Holster made of White Buff Leather. Excellent condition... $100.00

002566 WW1 British Hotchkiss Crowfoot .303 Machinegun Tripod

British Hotchkiss Crowfoot Tripod as used with the Tank/Cavalry 303 Hotchkiss WW1 Machine gun. This is an exact replica of this rare mount. Very high quality construction. $225.00

002099 British Army, .303 Cal Ammo Box
British Army 288 round .303 Caliber Mark V11 Ammunition box with lid with metal carrying handles. While dated 1951, same as WW2 Issue. Great find for display with 303 Enfield Rifles and Vickers Machine Gun, etc. $35.00
002069 WW2 British Enfield Rifle Chest
WW2 British Enfield Rifle Chest for .22 Enfield Rifle. Could also be used with the British and/or Canadian Rifle for display although technically not the correct box. Nice Condition with dividers and inserts inside the chest. VG/Excellent Condition. $100.00
002051 WW2 Canadian Browning Inglis 9mm High Power Holster

WW2 Canadian  Army issue Web Holster for Browning Inglis 9mm High Power Pistol. Excellent condition. $100.00

002022 WW2 RCAF M9 Reflective Machinegun Sight

WW2 RCAF M9 Reflective sight for use with aircraft Machinegun. Great find for Canadian, British or Commonwealth Collection display. $100.00

001981 WW2 British Vickers Machine Gun Clinometer w/ Carrying Case

WW2 British Vickers Machinegun Clinometer with carrying case with sling. Excellent condition. Used for determining angle of fire for indirect fire. Rare. $295.00

001954 WW2 Australian Owen 9mm Sub Machinegun Magazine, Rare

WW2 Australian Owen 9mm Sub machinegun Magazine. Excellent condition. Rare. Each, $150.00

001689 WW1 British Lewis Machine Gun .303 Shell Extractor Combo Tool
WW1 British Lewis Machine gun 303 Caliber Shell Extracting Combination tool for use with broken shells. Excellent Condition. $125.00
000997 WW1/WW2 British Enfield .303 Stripper Clips, 5 Round
WW1 / WW2 British Enfield .303 caliber five round Stripper Clips. Each $4.00
000955 Wood Grips for WW2 British or Australian Enfield Bayonet
WW2 British Enfield Wooden Bayonet Grips. Mint Condition, the pair, $15.00
000941 .455 Webley Revolver Cleaning Rod
British .455 Webley Revolver Cleaning Rod as worn in back of the leather holster. Excellent Condition... $33.00
000698 WW2 British No. 75 Hawkins Mine
Exact Repro WW2 British No. 75 Hawkins Mine. Issued to all WW2 British and
US Airborne Paratroopers. Complete with cloth leg ties. $75.00 Ordnance
000651 WW2 British Vicker's MG Repair Kit

WW2 British Vicker's Machine Gun Water Jacket Repair Kit. 1940. Mint Condition, $85.00

000498 WW2 Enfield Web Rifle Sling

WW2 British Enfield Web Rifle Sling, Nice Condition. $15.00

000411 WW2 British Khaki Sten SMG Sling

WW2 British Khaki Sten Sub Machine gun Sling, Nice Condition. $10.00

000366 WW2 .38 Webley Holster

WW2 British .38 Webley Holster. Excellent, Like new condition. $34.50

000337 WW2 Commando SMG Winter Camouflage Case

WW2 British Commando Sub Machine Gun Winter Camouflage carrying case. Used with Sten, Thompson, Lancaster, etc., Rare, Excellent Condition. $100.00

000137 WW2 British Wire Cutters

WW2 British Wire Cutters with insulated handles. Excellent Condition. $39.00

000136 WW2 Pull Through Thong for Enfield .303 Rifle

WW2 British Pull through Thong for Enfield .303 rifle, etc. Excellent Condition. $9.00

000135 WW2 British Army Winter Wool Wristlets

WW2 British Army Winter Wool wristlets. Mint condition. Pair, $9.00

000127 WW2 British Web Bayonet Frog

WW2 British Web Bayonet Frog. In as Issued Very Good Condition. $10.00

000124 WW2 British Machete Bolo Scabbard

WW2 British Machete Bolo Scabbard. Very Good Condition. $39.00

000123 WW2 British Triangular Machete Scabbard

WW2 British Triangular Machete Scabbard. Very Good Condition. $39.00

000143 WW2 British Naval Utility Knife

WW2 British Naval Utility Knife with Marlin spike. Black Plastic Grips. Very Good Condition. $39.00


Insignia, Badges, Medals, Awards, Etc.


British WW1/WW2 Mine Clearance Service Arm Shield

British WW1/WW2 Mine Clearance Service Arm Shield, Re-strike, of an otherwise scarce pattern of British badge. $20.00


Uniforms, Headgear, Hats, Caps, Belts, Etc.


WW2 Canadian Helmet w/ Liner & Chinstrap, 1942 Dated

WW2 Canadian Helmet with Liner and chinstrap. Dated 1942. Exc cond. $125.00


WW2 British White Camo Over-smock, for Snipers & Commandos, Battle of the Bulge Issue Item, Rare

WW2 British White Camo Over-smock with hood and veil as issued to Snipers and Commandos during the battle of the Bulge in 1944/1945. Rare.  Very Scarce to find item to display with Enfield Sniper rifle with No. 32 scope. $200.00


WW2 British Rain Cape, Scarce

WW2 British Rain Cape. Very good condition, Scarce. $85.00


WW2 British Issue Rubberized Motorcycle Pants w/ Leggings & Suspenders

WW2 British Rubberized Motorcycle Pants with leggings and suspenders. 1943 dated. Size 4. Unissued Condition. $125.00

002249 WW2 British / Canadian Rubberized Head & Helmet Rain Covers, Scarce

WW2 British/Canadian Rain covers for use with Helmet. Has Hood on back to protect neck. Rubberized. Excellent Condition. Scarce. $20.00

002160 WW1 - WW2 British, Canadian, etc Leather Belt

WW1/WW2 British/ Canadian officer's leather Pistol and or equipment Belt with quick detachable buckle. Very Good original condition. $100.00

001732 WW2 British Paratrooper's Leather Knee Pads
WW2 British Leather Padded Knee Pad Protectors. Used by British Paratroopers, etc. $25.00  
001717 WW2 British / Canadian Rubberized Rain Hoods
WW2 British/Canadian Camo Rubberized Rain Hoods for Helmet. Excellent Condition. $20.00
000819 Pre-WW1 British Rifle and/or Carbine Leather Bandoleers
Pre-WW1 British 303 Rifle and/or Carbine Leather Bandoleers. leather Dry
but they are complete. Very Scarce. $250.00
000330 WW2 White Winter Ski Gloves, Leather Palms

WW2 British Winter White Leather Palmed Ski Gloves, Excellent Condition, The Pair, $32.00


Field Gear & Field Equipment


WW2 British Wireless #19 Set, Radio Aerial Mounting Base, Rare

WW2 Radio Aerial Mounting base for British Wireless #19 set, Excellent overall condition. Rare $50.00


WW1 British Made Folding Wire Cutters, Rare

WW1 British Made Folding Wire Cutters. Rare. $125.00

002176 WW2 Canadian Medical Corps, Combat Medic's Practice Bandage

WW2 Canadian Army Medical Department Combat Medic's Practice Bandage. Excellent Condition. $5.00

002163 WW2 British Issue Heavy Wool Shoulder Pads, for Carrying Mortars, PIAT, Etc

WW2 British Army Wool Heavy Padded protective Shoulder pads for Carrying Mortar or PIAT. Exc condition. Rare. $50.00

002152 WW1 - WW2 P-08 British Large Pack

 WW1/WW2 P'08 British Large Pack for use with shoulder Straps or sling straps. Very good condition. Scarce $25.00

002151 British P-08 Small/Medium Butt Pack, WW1 - WW2

 WW1/WW2 British Small Medium Butt Pack / Valise for use with P/08 Equipment. Very good condition. $25.00

001750 WW2 British OD Musette Bag w/ Khaki Trim & Shoulder Strap
WW2 British / Canadian / Aussie OD Musette Bag with Khaki Trim and shoulder Strap. Excellent Condition. $20.00
001746 WW2 British Bren Gun Magazine Bag w/ Shoulder Strap
WW2 British Bren Gun Magazine Bag with Shoulder Strap. Nice Condition. $20.00  
001741 WW2 British Full Canvas Canteen Carrier
WW2 British Canteen Carrier with full canvas Body. Canteen is not included, is for display purposes only. Mint Condition carrier. $15.00  
001730 WW2 British / Canadian Canteen Skeleton Harness
WW2 British/Canadian Skeleton Harness for Canteen. Canteen is not included, is for display purposes only. Nice Condition harness. $10.00  
001729 WW2 British .303 Four Clip Ammo Pouches, Pair
WW2 British Pouches for four clips of 303 Ammo. Pair, Left and Right, Excellent Condition. $20.00
001725 WW2 British Lightweight Gas Mask w/ Canvas Case
WW2 British Lightweight Gas Mask with Canvas Case. WW2 Dated. Excellent Condition. $25.00  
001723 WW2 British T-Handle Entrenching Shovel
WW2 British T-Handle entrenching Shovel. These can be used for both WW1 and WW2 British Displays. Nice Condition. $50.00  
001033 WW2 British General Purpose Ammunition Pouches
WW2 British General Purpose Ammunition Pouches for use with suspenders and belt. Excellent Condition. The pair, $32.00
000582 WW2 British Auxiliary Universal Ammo Pouches

WW2 British Auxiliary Universal Ammo Pouches for use with Enfield rifles, Sten SMG, Carrying Mills bombs, etc. The pair, $32.00

000140 WW2 British Army Map Case

WW2 British Army Map Case. Excellent Condition with shoulder Strap. $39.00

000139 WW2 British Map or Sketching Board

WW2 British Map and/or Sketching Board with shoulder Strap. Excellent Condition. $59.00


Souvenirs, Trench Art, Flags, Everything Else
002724 WW2 British Wooden Gas Rattle, 1939 Dated

WW2 British Army Wooden Gas Rattle. Dated 1939. Exc condition. Great item to recreate the sounds of WW2 at your next re-enactment. $79.00

002068 WW2 British Army Marked Five Gallon Fuel Can
WW2 British Army WD Broad Arrow Five Gallon Fuel Can. A must for display with your various WW2 Vehicles. These are great when also inter mixed with US Fuel cans as both sides used each other 5-gallon jerry cans. Scarce. $75.00
002014 WW2 RAF Mark III / G-45 Aircraft Camera

WW2 Mark lll or G-45 Aircraft Camera as issued to the British Air Force. Excellent condition. $325.00

001751 WW2 British Aircrews Survival Sea Dye Marker, Unissued
WW2 British 1 pound Can (full) with Sea Dye Marker as issued to Pilots, and others for survival over oceans. Unissued. Excellent Condition. $32.00  
001736 WW2 British 1-3/4oz. Tin of Foot Powder
WW2 British 1 3/4 oz. tins of Foot Powder. Marked R&C Ltd. Nice British personal item. $10.00
000850 WW2 RCAF Leg Mounted Dead Reckoning Computer, Model G
WW2 RCAF Navigator's Leg mounted Dead Reckoning computer Model G. Made in Toronto. These came from ex US Army 8th Air Force storage in England. Excellent Condition... $65.00
000684 WW2 British Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes, Military Issue, RARE
WW2 British Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes. Military issue. Mint, Rare. Also widely smoked by all GIs stationed in England. $45.00
000662 WW1 British Army, Young's .303 Woolfat Jelly, Very Scarce
WW1 British Army Young's .303 Woolfat Jelly for use with Enfield Rifle display. Great for WW1 Arms display. Very Scarce. $20.00
000502 WW2 British Army Casualty Bag, Unissued

WW2 British Army Casualty Bag for transporting remains of soldier. Unissued. Interesting piece for Normandy display. $85.00

000348 WW2 Army Issue Whistle Lanyard/Braid

WW2 British Army issue Whistle Lanyard, subdued color combination seen on some Armored Forces Battle Dress Tunics. Excellent Condition, $10.00

000311 WW2 British/Australian Shell Dressing

WW2 British Commonwealth large "Shell Dress" for Combat Medic, Excellent Condition. $20.00

000310 WW2 British Army Issue Small Dressing Packet

WW2 British Army issue small dressing packet, Excellent Condition. $9.00

000219 WW2 British Invasion Floatation Belt w/ Straps

WW2 British Invasion Flotation Waist belt with straps. Excellent Condition. Marked. Great find for the British Normandy Invasion display. $79.00

000190 WW2 British Camouflage Scarf

WW2 British Camouflage Scarf used to cover over head and face, Very Good Condition. $15.00

000178 WW2 British Sea Dye Marker

British 1938 dated one pound can of Sea Dye Marker as issued to British airmen. Excellent Condition. $29.00

000149 WW1 British S.R.D. Crockery Jug

British WW1 S.R.D. Crockery one Gallon Jug. S.R.D. stood for Soldier's Rum Depot but to the soldiers it meant "Seldom Reaches Destination" or "Soon Runs Dry." One of the perks of the British Tommy was his daily ration of rum. Rare. Wonderful piece for the WW1 Collection. Excellent Condition. $249.00

000131 WW2 British MG Oil Can w/ Brush

WW2 British Oil Can with brush for Mg, Mint Condition. $20.00

000130 WW2 British MG Oil Can w/ Spout

WW2 British MG Oil Can with spout, Mint Condition. $20.00

000104 British Flashlight

British Black Enameled Flashlight. Crown ER marked. Excellent Condition. $42.00

000064 WW2 British Issue Toiletry Roll

WW2 British Army issue Soldiers Personal toilet roll. Mint Condition. $10.00

000022 British Army Nested Mess Tins

WW2 British Army nested Mess tins as issued to each individual soldier. Very Good Condition. $20.00

000021 British Army Mark III Eye Shields

WW2 British Army Mark III Anti-Gas Eye shields. Excellent condition. $10.00