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1998 "Saving Private Ryan" Movie Book

1998 "Saving Private Ryan:" Movie book. Mint condition. Large size. Beautiful $20.00


WW2 1945 Dated, History of 1st Cavalry Division in US Admiralties Campaign

WW2 1945 dated 1st Cavalry division history of their combat actions in the US Admiralties Campaign. $10.00

002668 "A History of America's Oldest Arsenal-- Watervliet Arsenal 1813 to 2009"

A History of America's Oldest Arsenal---Watervliet Arsenal 1813 to 2009 by John Swantek. 600 pages with pictures. New Condition. $25.00

002663 103rd Infantry Division History Book, Original

Original 103rd Infantry Division History. Titled:  Report After Action, The story of the 103rd Infantry Division. hardbound. 166 pages with photos. Book is Excellent. original dust jacket shows age. $75.00

002530 Classic Confederate Carbines and Muskettoons, by Dr. John Murphy

Classic Confederate Carbines and Muskettoons Book by Dr. John Murphy.  Hardbound with paper wraps. 310 pages with clear and concise pictures of every Confederate Carbine and historical data on production, etc. A must have reference in the library of any Confederate and Civil War and American Arms collectors. These original published at over $100 each, I have just a very small lot available while they last. New cond. 2nd printing with up to date information. Bargain.  $45.00

002257 Reference Book: "The US Krag Bayonets-History, Variations and Modifications"

New book: The US Krag Bayonets--History, Variations and Modifications.  Hardbound with dust jacket. 311 pages and a very studious and deeply researched book on all US Krag Bayonets from 1892 to the end of the production and covering details and production information on the Krag Bowie, The Krag Bolo, and the two variations of the M1909 Krag Bolo Bayonet, all the scabbards, etc. Superb book. $110.00

001870 "Uniforms of the Army of the United States" Lithographs 1908

"Uniforms of the Army of the United States" October lst 1908. Compiled and published by the authority of the Secretary of War under the supervision of Brigadier General J. B. Aleshire, Quartermaster General of the US Army. Consists of 143 colored lithograph plates. Gorgeous and tremendous find for the early US Army Uniform collector. $800.00

001105 "Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles", by Paul S. Scarlata
Book: Collecting Classic Bolt Action Military Rifles by Paul S. Scarlata. 278 pages. Again, A must have book for the WW1 and WW2 Collector. $39.95
001103 "United States Combat Shotguns", by Bruce Canfield
Book: United States Combat Shotguns by Bruce Canfield. covers all US Military Shotguns from the 1881 Springfield Forager through the Vietnam War. 184 pages. Serial Number Ranges, accessories, ammunition, etc, etc. Superb reference. $39.95
001102 "Winchester in Service", by Bruce N. Canfield
Book: Winchester in Service by Bruce N. Canfield. 185 pages. Covers all the US Military Winchesters arms from the 6mm Lee, 1895 Winchesters, BAR, M1917 Enfield, M1897 and M12 Trench Shotguns, M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, etc, etc. Accessories, bayonets, ammunition, etc, etc. $39.95
001047 "US Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889", as published by USQMC
Book: US Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889 as Original published by the US Army Quarter Master Department. Heavily Illustrated. 375 pages. Shows everything manufactured and/or contracted by the US Quartermaster Department as of 1889. Headgear, insignia, uniforms, chairs, furniture, beds, blankets, shovels, tents, blankets, etc, etc. A must have book for the Indian War and Spanish American War Collector. Out of print. Scarce $35.00
001026 "The Adventures of Moccasin Joe", by Susan C. Reneau
Book: The Adventures of Moccasin Joe by Susan C. Reneau. Forward by Jerome Greene. An interesting book written from the surviving paperwork on a US Infantry Soldier that volunteered as a Union Drummer Boy at age 11 and served in the US Army in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska. 205 pages. A good read. Out of print. $15.00
000908 "United States Airborne Forces 1940 to 1986", by Leroy Thompson
United States Airborne Forces 1940 to 1986 by Leroy Thompson. 228 pages. heavily photo illustrated. $15.00
000907 "Rebel & Yankee Fighting Men of the Civil War", by William Davis
Rebel & Yankee Fighting Men of the Civil War by William Davis. hardbound. 256 pages. Superb book for the Collector and Historian of the CW. Superb full color photographs of Civil War Arms, equipment, etc, etc. Most highly recommended. $34.50
000906 "US Infantry Weapons of the First World War", by Bruce Canfield
US Infantry Weapons of the First World War by Bruce Canfield. hardbound. 293 pages. Heavily photo illustrated on all weapons of the WW1 US Infantryman. All small arms, grenades, bayonets, trench knives, handguns, holsters, Trench rifles, Trench Shotguns, machineguns and accessories, 37mm l pounder Gun, etc, etc. Superb book, and most highly recommended. Full Index. $40.00
000905 "Lafayette Escadrille Pilot Biographies", by Dennis Gordon
Lafayette Escadrille Pilot Biographies by Dennis Gordon. 271 pages with index and photos. Superbly written biographies of all 38 members of these elite WW1 Pilots. Informative and most interesting. Highly recommended. Out of print. $35.00 
000903 "Winsome Warriors", by Alywn Coates
Winsome Warriors by Alywn Coates. A light hearted selection of military Uniforms since the 17th Century Photographed on Playboy bunnies! $20.00
000902 "Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the US Army 1946 t0 1989", by Richard W. Smith
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the US Army 1946 to 1989 by Richard W. Smith. Photo illustrations of all patches and extensive text on them. Superb reference for the patch collector. 62 pages. $24.00
000901 "Scalp Dance", by George M. Clark
Scalp Dance by George M. Clark. Compilation of General Edgerly papers relating to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. 96 pages with text and illustrations. Excellent. $20.00
000900 "Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces", QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944
Quartermaster Equipment for Special Forces, QMC Historical Study No. 5 Feb. 1944. 166 pages. Illustrated. Superb source reference on Arctic Equipment, Mountain Equipment, Desert Equipment, Jungle Equipment, Airborne Equipment, Amphibian Equipment, and Cold Climate Equipment for the Air Forces and Armoured Commands. A must have book for First Special Service Force and 10th Mountain Division collectors, etc. $39.00
000899 "Civil War Cartridge Boxes of the Union Infantryman", by Paul Johnson
Civil War Cartridge Boxes of the Union Infantryman by Paul Johnson. Hardbound. 351 pages, heavily illustrated. A must have book for the Civil War Collector and Historian. $45.00
000897 "The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide" by Lee Hadaway
The Confederate Bowie Knife Guide by Lee Hadaway. 86 pages. A valuable reference for the Bowie Knife Collector. $20.00
000895 "US Infantry Weapons of WW2", by Bruce Canfield
US Infantry Weapons of WW2 by Bruce Canfield. Hardbound. Superb reference on all WW2 Infantry small Arms. rifles, carbines, shotguns, handguns, bazookas, hand grenades, machineguns, recoilless rifles, variations, production numbers, etc, etc. Hard Bound, Heavily photo illustrated, 303 pages w/index. $49.00
000883 "The Development of the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt 1877-1922"
Reprint: The Development of the Mills Woven Cartridge Belt 1877-1922. 69 pages. Illustrated. Very informative and interesting Mill's Equipment company History. $15.00
000879 Army & Navy Store Co. 1918 Catalog
Reprint: Army & Navy Store Co 1918 Catalog. large Military and Naval Outfitters to Officer and Enlisted Men. Heavily illustrated, 32 pages. Covers Uniforms, Insignia, Chevrons, headgear, Wings, Belts, equipment, swords, sword knots, etc, etc. Very interesting. $10.00
000878 The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog
Reprint: The M. C. Lilley & Co. Uniform and Equipment Catalog. 48 pages illustrated. Cover's Officer and enlisted uniforms, insignia, headgear, swords, belts, pocket and wrist watches, Flags, chevrons, camp equipment, etc. Very informative period reference for Mexican Border through WW1 period. $10.00
000877 1895 Raymold Military Uniforms and Equipment Sales Catalog
Reprint: 1895 Raymold Military Uniforms and Equipment Sales Catalog. 34 pages. Illustrated. Covers Officers and Enlisted Men's uniforms, headgear, Swords, Chevrons, belts, Saddles, Epaulettes, Shoulder straps, etc, etc. Excellent sources of period information for Spanish American War. $10.00
000876 "Rewards for Service United States Army Insignia", 1919
Reprint: Rewards for Service United States Army Insignia and Other Information. 1919. 26 pages. Illustrated. Covers medals, insignia, collar discs and patches. Period information. Interesting. $5.00
000872 1944 Pattern, Vargas Calendar
Repro 1944 Vargas Calendar. perfect for the WW2 Den/display. $20.00
000868 WW1 Poster of Flanders Field Poem, by Lt. Col. John McCrae
Super WW1 Poster of the Flanders Field Poem by Lt. Col. John McCrae.  Approximately 20X30 inch Size. Super for WW1 Exhibit. $10.00
000830 "The United States Marine Corps in WW1" by Maj. Edwin McClellan
Reprint: The United States Marine Corps in the World War by Maj. Edwin McClellan. Washington Government Printing Office 1920. 108 pages. Accurate USMC History of the Marines during the First World War, and where various regiments stationed, battle history, etc, etc. A must for the Marine WW1 Historian and Collector. $20.00
000829 "Uniforms & Insignia of the US Marine Corps" by Co. Dion Williams
Reprint: Uniforms & Insignia of the US Marine Corps 1918 by Col Dion Williams, USMC. 40 pages illustrated on Officer's and Enlisted uniforms. $20.00
000828 1918 Mills Woven Military Equipment Catalog, Reprint
Reprint: 1918 Mills Woven Military Equipments Catalog. 24 pages and illustrated with all Mills woven equipment offered by the Mills Company at that date. Excellent Reference. $10.00
000827 1914 Mills Woven Military Equipment Catalog, Reprint
Reprint: 1914 Mills Woven Military Equipments Catalog. 32 pages and illustrated with all Mills Equipment offered by the Company at that date. Excellent Reference. $10.00
000766 "At The Point Of No Return", by Michel De Trez
Book: At the Point of No Return by Michel DeTrez. The heavily illustrated, pictorial history of the American Paratroopers in the Invasion of Normandy. 200 pages. A must have book for the WW2 Normandy and/or Paratrooper historian and collector. Out of Print, $50.00
000765 "American Women at War in World War 2", WAC's, WASP's, Etc.
Book: American Women At War in World War 2. Covers the clothing, insignia, and equipment of the US Army WACS and Nurses, American Red Cross, USO, WASPs, Civil Defense, and all other WW2 women's related organizations. 156 pages. $39.00
000763 "Uniforms, Arms, and Equipment of the Rough Riders", J.C. Stewart
Book: Uniforms, Arms, and Equipment of the Rough Riders by J.C. Stewart. Cowboys in Uniform, is an excellent photo illustrated reference for the Spanish American War Cavalry and Rough Rider Collector. 75 pages. Highly recommended. $35.00
000754 "The Collar Disc Story 1907 to 1999", by Albert Scipio
The Collar Disc Story 1907 to 1999 by Albert Scipio. This excellent hardbound 296 page book covers the complete history and illustrates 99% of all the collar discs used by the US Army from 1907 to date. Covers the history, adoption, orders, etc.
A must for the WW1, WW2 and post WW2 insignia and uniform collector. Long out of print, $65.00
000714 "The Eagle, Globe and Anchor 1868 to 1968", Illustrated.
The Eagle, Globe and Anchor 1868 to 1968. Reprint for the 164 page Marine Corps Historical Study on the Eagle, Globe and Anchor Insignia. Heavily illustrated. $39.00
000712 WW2 QMC Historical Study No. 6, "The Development of the Special Rations for the Army"
WW2 QMC Historical Study No 6 The Development of Special Rations for the Army. 170 pages illustrated. Covers the D Ration, The type C Ration, The Type K Ration, The Mountain Ration, The five in one ration, Jungle Rations, The ten in one Ration, etc. A must for the WW2 Collector. $39.00
000710 "WW2 A Wardrobe for the Women of the Army", By Erma Risch
WW2 A Wardrobe for the Women of the Army by Erma Risch. reprint of this rare book covering the uniforms, headgear, purses, shoes, overcoats, etc, etc of the Army Nurse Corps, Woman's Army corps, Women's Air Service Pilots, etc, etc.. This is QMC Historical Study No. 12. 156 pages w/photos. $39.00
000709 WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined
WW1 Collectors Handbooks Vol. 1 and 2 Combined. 110 pages with hundreds of WW1 items clearly photographed and identified. Considered as the bible on WW1. Covers all US Doughboy equipment, uniforms, aviation, Marine, navy, Cavalry equipment, Wings, North Russia, Siberia, and charts that break down Divisional Information, Collar Disc numbers for Division, correct bars for Victory medals and much, much more.
Autographed by the author Hayes Otoupalik to you. Dealers write for discount. $24.50
000702 US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Six Ton Tank 1 hour DVD
US Model 1917 and/or French FT-17 Two Man Six Ton tank one hour DVD of Hayes Otoupalik's original and operational WW1 Tank and its live firing 37mm Cannon being taken through its paces in a WW1 reenacting scene! Incredible! $24.50