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WW2 US Army Enlisted Visor Cap, Excellent

WW2 US Army Enlisted visor Cap. Excellent Condition. $50.00


WW2 US Army Officer's Visor Cap, Made By Ross Bros., Size 7-1/8

WW2 US Army officer's Visor cap. Made by Ross Bros. Size 7 1/8. Excellent Condition. $100.00


WW2 M1 Rigger Modified Paratrooper Helmet Liner, Original

WW2 M1 Rigger Modified Paratrooper Helmet Liner. Original. $395.00


WW2 M1 Rigger Modified Paratrooper Helmet Liner, Original

WW2 M1 Rigger Modified Paratrooper Helmet Liner. Original. $395.00


WW2 US Swivel Bail, M1 Helmet w/ Mine Safety Appliance Liner, Both w/ Original Applied, Lieutenant's Bar Insignia

WW2 US Swivel Bail M1 Helmet with Mine Safety appliance Liner. both pieces have original Lieut. Bar insignia on helmet and liner. The set $390.00

003900 WW2 US Army Officer's, Vistor Cap, Sussex Brand

WW2 US Army Officer Vistor Cap. Marked Sussex Brand. Exc Condition. Complete. Approx. size 7.  Wool Felt. Beautiful cond. $145.00

003872 US Army Artillery Officer's Full Dress Shoulder Strap, Used w/ the Full Dress Sabertasche Box

Rare US Army Artillery Officer's Full dress shoulder strap for the Full Dress Sabertasche Box.  Exc cond. $145.00 (or if you have the Sabertasche box on the loose I would purchase it to go with the strap. Please let me hear).

003860 WW2 M1, Front Seam, Swivel Bail, Helmet w/ Original OD #7 Chinstrap w/ Fittings
WW2 M1 helmet with front seam and swivel bail loops on side. Original OD#7 chinstrap with fittings. Westinghouse liner with later sweatband and nape strap.  Very good overall condition. The set, $195.00
003847 WW2 US Army, Medical Piped Enlisted Man's Over-sea's Cap

WW2 US Army Medical piped enlisted manís over-sea's cap. Nice cond. $20.00

003724 WW2 Sage Green, US Army, M1941 HBT Jacket, Size 42-Large

WW2 Sage Green US Army M1941 HBT jacket in Size 42-Large. Minty Condition. Rare in this size and condition. $200.00

003704 Early-WW2 US Army Enlisted Russet Brown Leather Garrison Belt

WW2 US Army enlisted Russet Brown leather Garrison Belt with brass buckle as issued early in WW2. Exc. $45.00


WW2 M43 Field Jacket, Dated Nov. 29, 1944, Size 38R

WW2 M43 Field Jacket Dated Nov. 29, 1944. Excellent Condition. Size 38R. $72.50


WW2 US Army Enlisted Wool Felt Cap w/ Cover & Insignia

WW2 US Army Enlisted Wool Felt  cap with cover and Insignia.  Size approx. 6 3/4. $65.00


WW2 US M1 Helmet, Fixed Loops & Mine Safety Appliance Liner

WW2 US M1 Helmet with fixed loops and liner. Used Cond. Liner made by Mine Safety appliance. $225.00


WW2 US Army Wool Gas Hood

WW2 US Army Wool Gas Hood. Exc Condition. $35.00


WW2 WAC Wool Scarf

WW2 WAC Wool Scarf. Very good condition. $19.00


WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper Liner, Rigger Attached A-Frame Straps, Firestone

WW2 US Airborne Paratrooper Liner, Has some edge damage, Rigger attached A-frame straps on Side. Firestone liner. $225.00


WW2 US Army Rain Coat, Tagged, Small Size

WW2 US Army Rain coat, Small Size, Exc+ condition. soft and pliable. Tagged. $75.00


WW2 US Army Poncho, 1945 Dated, Rare

WW2 US Army Poncho. 1945 dated. Exc Plus condition. Soft pliable condition. Rare to find anymore, $100.00


M1941 HBT Shirt/Jacket, Dated 1942, Size 46R, Rare Large Size

M1941 HBT Shirt/Jacket dated 1942. Size 46R. Unissued condition. Rare in this size. $150.00


WW2 US Army Tanker's Jacket, Size 38/40

WW2 US Army Tanker's Jacket. Size 38/40. Excellent Condition. Wear on each cuff as pictured. Nice clean condition otherwise with excellent knitted waist band and zipper. $600.00


WW2 US Army 2nd Pattern US Armoured Forces Tanker's Bib Pants

WW2 US Army 2nd pattern US Armoured Forces Tanker's bib wool lined pants. Med. Size, Mint condition. $100.00


US Army WW2 HBT Shirt Jacket, Size 34R

US Army WW2 HBT Shirt Jacket. Size 34R. Excellent condition. (spots in photos are dust). $45.00


WW2 US Army Officer's Camel Hair Overcoat, Short Type

WW2 US Army officer's Camel hair overcoat. Short type. Medium Size. Mint. Beautiful cloth. (spots in photos are dust). $100.00


WW2 US Army ETO Made Officer's Camel Hair Overcoat

WW2 US Army ETO made Officer's Camel hair Overcoat.  Medium Size. Mint. Beautiful cloth. (spots in photos are dust).$100.00


WW2 US Army Herringbone Jacket, Size 42R

WW2 US Army Herringbone Jacket, Size 42R.  Excellent Condition. $125.00


WW2 US Army Wind & Waterproof Poplin Hood

WW2 US Army Wind and waterproof Poplin Hood. $20.00


WW2 WAC Overseas Wool Cap

WW2 WAC Overseas Wool Cap, Size 21 1/2. Excellent Condition overall. $45.00


WW2 WAC Overseas Cotton Cap

WW2 WAC Overseas Cotton Cap. Size 22. Excellent condition overall. $45.00


Early WW2 US M1917A1 Steel Helmet w/ Russet Liner & Web Chinstrap

US M1917A1 Steel Helmet with Russet liner and Web Chinstrap. Type worn in the opening of WW2 in the Pacific. Getting hard to find. Very good condition. $150.00


WW2 US Army Air Force Type A-3 Mechanics HBT Cap, 1942 Contract Tag

US Army Air Force Type A-3 Mechanic's Cap. HBT Cloth with makers' tag dated 1942. Size 7 1/8. Mint condition with logo bill. Unissued. Very classic type cap for WW2 8th Air Force display, etc. $125.00


WW2 M1938 US Army Artillery Officer's Dress Visor Cap, Bullion Eagle

WW2 US Army M1938 Artillery Officer's Dress Visor Cap. Direct embroidered Eagle on front. Very good overall condition with Seattle label in crown. $125.00


WW2 M1938 US Army Senior Infantry Officer's Full Dress Visor Cap

WW2  M1938 US Army Infantry Officer's Full Dress visor Cap for Major or higher (Senior). Nice Condition. $125.00

002763 WW2 US Army M1941 WAC Field Jacket, Mint

WW2 US Army M1941 WAC Field Jacket. Mint Condition. Size 10. Scarce  to find Woman's Army Corps items of WW2 and in Mint Condition. Beautiful. $95.00

002593 WW2 US Army, Normandy, Gas Detection Brassard

WW2 US Army Normandy Gas Detection Brassard. Exact Reproduction. Widely issued to Paratroopers, Rangers, 29th Division members, etc, etc. A must for WW2 Displays. $25.00

002492 WW2 US Army Signal Corps Uniform Grouping

WW2 US Army Signal Corps Uniform set: Pants size 30X33, Shirt 14-1/2 X 33, Jacket Size 35XLG, and flat Hats and Caps Size 6 7/8. All issued to one soldier. All in Excellent Condition. The set, $150.00

002483 WW2 US Army Fireman's Helmet, Complete

WW2 US Army Fireman's helmet. Very Good Condition. Complete with liner and chin strap. Missing from most US WW2 helmet Collections. Nice piece. $150.00

002459 WW2 US Army Leather & Rubber Shoe Packs, Size 12, Unissued

WW2 US Army Leather and Rubber Shoe Packs. Size 12. Unissued Condition with the felt liners and original laces just as they came out of an original crate of these we found a few years ago. These were issued to the FSSF, 10th Mountain Division, and US Infantry units in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe in the Ardennes. Wonderful. Have three pair, $149.50/ea. pr.

002409 Early WW2 M1938 US Cavalry Boots, Size 7D

WW2 M1938 US Cavalry Boots Size 7D. Dated 1940. Brand new original unissued condition and complete with laces. These have never been worn. Choice condition. Very Rare. $400.00

002170 WW2 US Army, Horseshoe Buckle Cloth & Rubber Overshoes

WW2 US Army 1944 Dated horseshoe buckle cloth and Rubber overshoes. Unissued Condition. Size 9. Great find for the WW2 Battle of the Bulge display. $50.00

001950 WW2 US Army Trouser Belt, Khaki w/ Buckle, Large Size

WW2 US Army WW2 Trouser Belt, Khaki with buckle. Condition and color is better than picture appears. Large Size and will fit up 45 inch Waist. Excellent Condition. $45.00

001615 WW2 US Army M1938 Tanker's Helmet
WW2 US Army M1938 Tanker's helmet. Very Good original Condition throughout Made by Sears Saddlery Co. Size 7.  Helmet $249.00

(Goggles Shown for display purposes, sold separately for $47.50 Item#001579)

001612 WW2 Corcoran Jump Boots, Size 10 1/2-D
WW2 Reproduction Corcoran Jump Boots. Size 10 1/2 D. Excellent Condition. $150.00
001493 US Army M1931 Helmet w/ Liner & Chinstrap
US Army M1931 helmet with liner and chin strap. Liner shows some wear but overall in good complete condition. $125.00
001254 WW2 Brown Knit Replacement Cuffs for A-2 Flight Jackets, 1-Pair
WW2 Brown Knitted Replacement Cuffs as used on A-2 Flight jackets. Excellent Condition. The Pair... $30.00
001092 WW2 WAC Sun Tan Cotton Hobby Cap w/ Eagle Badge, Rare
WW2 WAC's Sun Tan Cotton Hobby Cap with Eagle badge, and complete with chin strap and side buttons. 1942 QM Tag and size 21. Mint Condition. Rare. $100.00
001082 WW2 US, WAC Sun Tan Cotton Side Cap
WW2 WAC Sun Tan Cotton Side Cap with the WAC yellow and Green braid. Unissued condition. $42.50
000939 WW2 US Army M1937 Arctic Winter Cap
WW2 US Army M1937 Arctic Winter Cap with bill and buckled ear flaps. Excellent Condition... $42.50
000845 WW2 US Army Waist Belt for M1938 Overcoat
WW2 US Army cotton and wool Waist Belt for use with M1938 Overcoat. Excellent Condition...$10.00
000770 WW2 US Army Women's Army Corp Leather Gloves
WW2 Us Army WAC--Women's Army Corps--Leather gloves. No size choice. Sold for display. Like new Condition. $42.50
000654 WW2 US Army Soldier's HBT Money Belt

WW2 US Army Soldier's Personal HBT Cloth Valuables or Money Belt for wear under uniform. Great find for the personal display. Unused Condition... $24.50

000645 WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders

WW2 US Army Clear Plastic Dog Tag Holders with attaching rings. Mint Condition, $10.00 Each.

000595 WW2 US M1 Helmet Liner w/ Medical Decal

WW2 US M1 Helmet Liner w/ Original Leather Sweatband. Medical Corps Cadet Decal on front. Does not include Nape Strap. Very Good Condition, for the set $125.00

000559 WW2 US Ski Mittens w/ Leather Palms, Metal Buckles

WW2 US Ski Mittens with Leather Palms. Excellent Condition. Metal Adjustment buckles. The pair, $25.00

000558 WW2 US Ski Mittens w/ Leather Palms, Plastic Buckles

WW2 US Ski Mittens with leather Palms. Excellent Condition. Plastic adjustment buckles, the pair, $25.00

000548 WW2 Brass Belt Plate for Garrison Belt

WW2 Brass Belt plate for Leather Garrison Belt. Mint Condition. $9.50

000515 WW2 US HBT Daisey Mae Hat

WW2 US HBT Daisey Mae Hat. Light OD Shade. Size 6 5/8. 1941 Dated. Mint Condition, $20.00

000496 WW2 Army Air Force, Type A-9 Flight Cap

WW2 U.S. Army Air Force Type A-9 Flight Cap, Excellent Condition, $89.00

000442 WW2 US Army Elastic Cotton Suspenders

WW2 US Army Elastic Cotton Suspenders for Uniform Trousers. Excellent Condition. $12.50

000409 WW2 US AAF AN-H-15 Summer Flying Helmet

WW2 US AAF Spec. AN-H-15 Summer Flying Helmet, Khaki, Nice Condition. $69.50

000329 WW2 US Winter Wool Gloves
WW2 US Winter 5-Finger Wool Gloves, Very Good Condition, The Pair, $20.00
000326 WW2 Brown Dress Shoe Laces

WW2 Laces for Brown Dress shoes, Mint Condition, The pair, $3.50

000269 WW2, US Plastic Cover for EM's & Officer's Caps

WW2 US Plastic Cover with wrapper for US Enlisted and/or Officer's Cap. $20.00

000246 US Foul Weather Mae West Hat w/ Chinstrap

WW2 US Foul Weather Mae West hat w/ chin strap. Very Good Condition. $15.00

000020 WW2 M1943 Field Jacket Hood

WW2 M1943 Field Jacket Hood. Excellent Unissued Condition. One was issued with each WW2 M1943 Field Jacket. $9.50

000006 US Army Waxed 40-Inch Boot Laces

WW2 US Army Waxed 40-inch boot laces as used with all 3/4 high rough-out and smooth leather shoes, and the two buckle US Army combat boots. Mint condition. $3.50 per pair or two pair for $5.00 or 10 pair for $20.00