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When Ordering please include both the Item Number, and the Item Name with your order, thank you.

All firearms are sold strictly as Collectors Items, Not intended for Firing.  As such, the responsibility of shooting safety rest solely with the buyer as is the standard in the trade.  I encourage buyers to have their firearms inspected by a competent gunsmith before attempting to shoot them.  Modern firearms can only be shipped to FFL or C&R  license holders. If you wish to purchase a modern firearm and do not hold one of these licenses, please contact your nearest FFL licensed dealer for their assistance.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Cannons, Line Guns & Related


M1861 US 3" Inch Pattern Ordnance Rifle on Carriage

M1861 US 3" Inch Pattern Ordnance rifle. The wheels and axle are original. This cannon was built by Rudy Marek of Banks, Oregon.  The barrel was made from a 3 inch Navy Barrel which is rifled with thread cascabel, and trunnions, etc. Master machinist made barrel to exact specifications of the original and on a superb reproduction Carriage made again to the Ordnance Specifications. Piece is Excellent condition and has never been stored outside and the wood is perfect condition and tight throughout. This would make an excellent and accurate shooter, superb piece for parades and Civil War re-enactments or just a great piece to have in the collection to roll out on the front lawn for 4th of July, and other historical events and days. Life is too short not to have your own personal full scale Civil War field gun around the house. Will consider part trade. (and if I didn't already have a M1861 3" ordnance rifle in my personal collection, this piece would never see the light of day).  The M1861 3" ordnance rifle was the standard US Light Artillery field piece of the US Army until they were replaced in the late 1880s and 1890s with the 3.2 cannon. Great find for either Civil War or Indian War collection. $14,500.00 FOB Missoula, Montana.


US Navy, Lyle Line Throwing Cannon, Brass Powder Can w/ Lid, Rare

Original Brass Powder Can for US Navy Lyle Line Throwing Cannon with lid. Excellent condition. Rare. $395.00

002366 USN Lyle Pattern, Muzzle Loading Line Throwing Cannon, on Original Mounts

USN Lyle Pattern  Muzzle Loading Line Throwing Cannon on original mount. Very Good Condition. These were used by the US Navy and the US Life Saving Service to launch a line to a ship for rescuing personnel. Scarce. Shipped crated FOB Missoula Montana $4950.00

000372 WW2 US Army Artillery Cannon Lanyard

WW2 US Army Artillery Cannon Lanyard. Mint Condition, $12.00


American Firearms & Related Equipment, All Periods
003916 WW1 Hollifield Dotter 1903 & 1917 Rifle Training Device, Rare & Complete

Rare WW1 Hollifield Dotter 1903 and 1917 Rifle Training device. Has rods and special Hollifield dotter cartridges for target practice in the barracks. Complete in the original wooden case with label, extra targets, both rods for 1903 and 1917 rifles and special Hollifield dotter cartridges with special spring-loaded bullets which launch a spring retained rod that pierces the target, Rare to find complete. $495.00

003842 WW2, NOS, US Army Elk Hide Thongs for Holsters & Scabbards

WW2 New Old Stock US Army Elk Hide Thongs for M1916 Leather Holsters and others and all WW2 Knife Scabbards and Bayonet Scabbards like M6 Scabbards, M8 Scabbards, etc. Mint Cond. Soft and supple. Have a few, While they last, Each $10.00

003825 Colt .22 Conversion Unit for M1911A1, As Shown In Photos

Colt 22 Conversion Unit for M1911A1 as shown in the photos. No magazine. Not sure if 100% complete. Exc Cond. $300.00

003804 Span-Am War US Canvas Springfield Krag Carbine/Rifle Beech Cover

Spanish American War US Canvas Breech Cover for Springfield Krag Carbine or Rifle. Exc Cond. Rare. $129.00

003692 WW2 US Army Rubber Recoil Pad, used w/ M1 Garand or '03 Springfield

WW2 US Army Rubber Recoil Pad as used with M1 Garand or 03 Springfield. Nice cond. Original. $65.00

003673 Early-WW2 M1928 Thompson, Detachable Buttstock w/ all Blued Iron Hardware

Original early WW2 Thompson M1928 Detachable Buttstock with all blue iron hardware. Nice condition. Great find to complete your Thompson. Complete with oiler in butt-stock Cavity. The set, $225.00


1st Model LeMat Revolver w/ Matching Serial No. 306 Throughout, Rare Original Early Civil War Confederate Handgun, Delivered Prior to 1862

Rare Original lst Model LeMat Revolver with matching serial No. 306 throughout. Brown patina with some cleaning to metal. Sharp checkering to grips. All markings present on the revolver and nice mechanical condition.  All of the First Model LeMat Revolvers with serial number up through 450 had the loading lever on the right side of barrel, spur trigger guard, and lanyard ring on butt, and half round half octagon barrel. Additionally, these first 450 First Model LeMats were all delivered to the Confederacy  by the Summer of 1862. A Classic Confederate handgun.  Has the L and M script letters within circle on side of barrel  by serial number and barrel markings "Col. LeMat's Patent"…These Revolvers are referenced in all the Confederate Handgun books. They were all made in  Liege, Belgium and delivered to the Confederacy. A superb addition to the Confederate and Civil War Arms collection. Doctor and later Colonel LeMat's novel design of the big 42 caliber 9 shot cylinder revolving around a center mounted Shotgun barrel with pivoting hammer nose was and remains one of the most classic arms of  the War and in the history of firearms.  Would consider taking other Civil War arms in Trade.  $30,000.


WW2 Thompson M1928A1 .45 Cal SMG, w/ Cutts Compensator & Sling

WW2 Thompson M1928A1 .45 Caliber SMG. This is a Top of the line non gun on steel frame, and all parts have matching parkerized finish, Cutts Compensator, and original sling. Butt stock slides off. This piece is identical to the original but no paperwork required and displays like a million dollar bill. None better. $1650.00


WW2 Thompson M1/M1A1 SMG w/ Original Sling, Parkerized Finish

WW2 Thompson M1/M1A1 Thompson SMG with original Sling. This is a very professionally made new condition parts kit on non-gun Steel Frame. All parts have matching parkerized finish, and Original sling. Displays just like an Original Gun. Superb Quality. None better. displays like a $15,000 Original and for the fraction of the price. $1350.00

000557 WW2 US Rubber Recoil Pad, used w/ Grenade Launcher

WW2 US Rubber Recoil Pad for use with Grenade launchers on M1 Garand and 1903 Springfield rifles, etc. Very Good Condition. $45.00.


Foreign Firearms & Related Equipment, All Periods


Imperial German M1871/84 Bolt Action Tubular Fed Magazine Rifle

Imperial German M71/84 Bolt Action Tubular fed Magazine  rifle. This was another rifle that also served with the German Army and others up through the First world War. Getting hard to fine. Very good condition. $595.00


WW1 Portuguese M1886/98 Kropatchek Rifle w/ Sling

WW1 Portuguese Kropatchek Rifle M886/98 with Sling. Very good condition. $630.00


WW1 Portuguese M1886/98 Kropatchek Rifle w/ Tubular Magazine

WW1 Portuguese Kropatchek  Rifle. In Very good overall original Condition.  These M1886/98 Tubular fed Rifles used through the end of the Great War and in Portuguese Colonies for years to follow. The French Also adopted the Kropatchek in 1878.  $595.00


Grenade Launchers, Receivers & Actions, Etc.


M7A3 Grenade Launcher for M1 Garand

Rare M1 Garand Grenade launcher M7A3 as made by ACME 7266167 Part number. Exc cond. $225.00

002675 WW2 M7 Grenade Launcher for M1903 Rifle, Rare

Rare WW2 M7 M1 Garand Grenade Launcher which as been converted for use with the M1903 rifle. M1 Stamped out with two X''s and 03 stamped below. Missing simple spring. Rare. $100.00

002679 WW2 Japanese Type 38 Rifle Action w/ Mum

WW2 Japanese Type 38 Rifle Action WITH MUM. 98XXX range. Excellent Complete action. $150.00

000989 WW2 US Army M7 Grenade Launcher

WW2 US Army M1 Garand M7 Grenade Launcher. Nice Condition. $75.00 Each.


Firearms Related Items, Scopes, Slings, Bipods & Tripods, Etc.


WW1 Springfield .45-70 and/or Krag .30/40, Rock Island Arsenal Marked Sling

WW1 Springfield .45-70 and/or Krag .30/40 Rifle Sling. marked Rock Island Arsenal. Nice condition. $195.00

002665 US Army, M8 .50 Caliber Spotting Rifle Magazine

US Army M8 .50 Caliber Spotting Rifle Magazine. New in the sealed Wrapper. This example was opened for display of the magazine. Mint $350.00

002594 WW2 M1918A2 BAR Bipod

WW2 M1918A2 BAR Bipod. Excellent condition... $200.00

002543 WW2 FP-45 OSS Liberator Single Shot Stamped .45 Pistol, Instruction Sheet

Reproduction WW2 FP-45  OSS Liberator Single Shot Stamp .45 caliber Pistol Instruction sheet that was issued with each pistol. Exc. $5.00

002179 US M16 Bipod, Vietnam War

Vietnam War US M16 Bipod. Excellent Condition. $25.00

Shown w/ Item #002180, being the corresponding Belt Case, sold separately.

001485 WW1 1903 Springfield 20 Round Extension Magazine
WW1 1903 Springfield 20 Round Extension magazine in original carton. Complete with long follower spring with follower and cover for magazine. Excellent Condition.

Classic and rare 1903 Springfield accessory for giving extended fire power to the 03 Air Service rifle and/or the 1903 rifle in the Trench. Will display like a million dollar bill on your 1903 Rifle. $1100.00

000875 Rubber Eye Cup, Warner Swasey 1903 Springfield Sniper Scope

Model 1908 and/or Model 1913 Rubber Eye Cup for the Warner Swasey 1903 Springfield Sniper Scope. Invariably missing or broken. Exact replacement. $85.00

000273 WW1 US M1917 Pistol Lanyard

WW1 US M1917 Pistol Lanyard, Excellent Condition, Original. $60.00

000088 WW2 M1907 Leather Sling Slides

WW2 M1907 leather Sling SLIDES. Original. Mint Condition, multiple examples shown to illustrate condition. Two required with each rifle Sling. Price for one pair $5.00